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Buckle Up

Buckle  Up

1: “Its midnight! Where the hell were you?”
2: “Pack your shit and go. Get the fuck out of my sight!”

This was a normal routine recently. Him disappearing in the evening and wouldn’t make it until in middle of the night, when his lovers head would already be resting on his side of the bed. Snuggled up in one of his overly sized plain shirts. Lace panties, a noiseless signal of what could have happened the night if he had just shown up.

Hair done just the way she knew he adores, clipped and sprayed in place.  With a bare face, because she finally felt at peace with the fact he loves her without it. Because him constantly assuring her that he loves her without anything, had finally jammed through the crakes in between her skull to her brain.

And yet he was a no show, even after the countless texts sent his way to remind him of the special day, the special day that she had organized to the last nano second. Dinner, followed by a movie she knew he loved- even tho she could count a hundred and three other things to do then watch it- with wine trailing behind, which would only of course lead to them together in their shared room.  

She even texted Chris, to make sure Chris knew of their plans and wouldn’t bombarded them with surprise plans- she knew Sebastian couldn’t decline an offer from one of his brothers he only got to see on rare occasions. She was always his second choice, probably always would be…

Her soft hiccups echoed throughout the four walls, it wasn’t her fault they had drifted apart. Work, work just got in the way. It wasn’t her fault Sebastian had to take Elizabeth to the banquet as his date and not his girlfriend, because work had kept her three hours extra. It wasn’t her fault Sebastian had decided that praising some other women’s cooking then her owns, she never had that much time to cook for him, not that she should be forced… it wasn’t her fault.

She turned around, sleeping on her back. Her pupils drifted from one figure on the wall to the next, she needed a distraction.  Something to take her mind off of him.

She stood up, walking with a pitter patter rhythm to the master bathroom.

Washing her face, she dried it with the paper towels perched up in its place, before walking out to the kitchen. She at least needed to get something in-

She froze in place, all the blood in her body going raw. Sebastian was opening the lock. Not knowing how to confront him, she bolted it back to their bed room, but it was too late. Sebastian had already opened the door.

“Hey beautiful.” He whispered, probably because the next door neighbors had filed the second noise complaint. “What are you still doing up?” He asked, carelessly taking his combat boots off, then his coat followed suite. He ran his fingers through his hair when he turned around meeting his lovers eyes.

“Hey,” She croaked, she didn’t know what to do. He had basically stood her up and didn’t seem quite bothered by it.

“I’m so thirsty.” He complained walking into the open kitchen, coming to a slow stop once he saw the dinner table transformed into a five star restaurant. The table was covered in red cloth, the decorative design looked like it was hand picked, as the edges were half circles with a red candle melted half way through, two plates that were filled to the brim with food now half eaten, as well as forks and dull knifes sat parallel to each other- albeit had some food particles decorating the silverware. Wine glass and half drunk bottle nestled into a woven basket. “What’s this?” He asked, turning around pointing to the set table.

“Anthony came over and we just… yah.” She lied, her words strained and forced. “He was loads of fun.” She continued, memories of her stress eating the food came flooding her mind.

“You cooked for Anthony?” Was the only thing to come out from between his chapped lips. As he turned around. A glass of water forgotten. “You’ve never cooked anything for me-”

“Why are you-?” She choked, her voice weary.

“What else happened,” Rubbing his hand over his face, Sebastian moved closer to (Y/N) her warm brown chocolate orbs stared right back into his dusty royal blue ones.

“Nothing.” She answered curtly.

“Nothing?” Sebastian scoffed, giving her a one over, his white plain shirt giving him perfect view of her red lace bra and panties, “Nothing?” He repeated, more aggressively. “Nothing?” He chanted, grabbing his shirt and pulling it up harshley to take a glimpse of her panties- just in case his mind was playing tricks on him. “Nothing?” He questioned, letting her shirt go, she stepped back in fear. He was a big man, wide and muscular, anything he did when he was angry had always sparked fear under her heart.

“I said nothing Sebastian!” She hollered back, pushing him away from her as he advanced to get closer to her.

“Nothing? That half eaten bread says something happened!” He pointed to where he would only assume Anthony had sat and eaten, “Those half filled wine glasses sure say something happened.” He laughed bitterly, running his hand through his hair walking back and forth trying to adjust to the news. “Hey, come back here I’m not done talking to you!” Sebastian wolfed, walking past his retreating girlfriend. “I said-”

“Its midnight! Where the hell were you?” Sporting an angry voice didn’t only seem fit for Sebastian. She whipped around, her voice and breathing raised an octave.  


“Its midnight! Where the hell were you?” She repeated, he stood star struck, why was she angry with him? His girlfriend just had dinner in his apartment without his knowledge- and god knows what they did together alone.

“I was out with Elizabeth-”

“Of course you were.”

“The hell are you complaining about, you had dinner with one of my friends-”

“Your an eye sore.” She complained, “Pack your shit and go. Get the fuck out of my sight!” Like that the young brunet walked faster to their shared apartment, going strait into their closet and pulling a change of cloths for him. “Come back tomorrow for the rest.”

“You do realize that this is MY apartment…” Sebastian barked, pushing his spare cloths back on the ground from her hands.

“Fine then I’ll leave.” She answered. Pushing his large frame away from her. If anything, the man before her gave her an unsettling feeling at the moment. She had never felt unsettled around Sebba. As a matter of fact, she always found refuge in between his open arms, and solace when their lips molded together.

Pulling her back, Sebastian glared into her eye, “The hell happened with Anthony?” Seb roared while shaking her shoulders with each of his words.

“Nothing you idiot!” She slapped him away from her, shoving him to the side, “Because I lied. Anthony was never here! That dinner table was set for your sorry ass, but no, Sebastian Stan was way two busy hitting it off with Elizabeth Olson.” She grabbed her phone and wallet from table beside the door. Quickly shutting it once she grabbed her slippers and ran down the stairs. Sebastian hot on her trails.

“(Y/N)!” Sebastian chocked, as he tried to run after her. “It’s not what you think,” he whispered, watching as her retrieving figure disappear into the shadows of his apartment complex.

“-What about your relationship, how’s (Y/N), I believe that’s her name right?”  The press never had proof that she was real, that she really was dating the Sebastian Stan. They only knew her when Sebba would accidentally let a few words slip without having much time to think about them.

“She’s doing fine,” He rubbed his thighs before looking back at the reporter.

“Is she watching you right now?”

“I doubt it.” Stan laughed, thinking of other things you could possibly be doing by now.

“How would your cast describe your relationship?” The reported pressed, leaning the mike to Elizabeth who was practically giving it away that she knew something.

“Just last week he bought her a promise ring!”

“Elizabeth, please don’t-”

 "She wouldn’t mind,“ Olson assured shushing Sebastian up. "He bought her this infinity blue gem promise ring, we had to spend days together to just find the right one.”

“Wow, your really serious.” The male reported chuckled. Looking back at Olson, as she nodded her head like crazy.

“You wouldn’t even believe it.” She continued on, “We’ve been ring shopping for almost two months now!” Elizabeth giggled, “I’m surprised she didn’t think something happened.” Olson nudged Sebastian to the side, “Don’t  you want to say something to her?”

“Uh…” He broke under pressure. Especially if one of them was a lie he kept from all his crew members. It’s almost been a week since she disappeared on him. No trace no nothing. He texted about a hundred times a day, left voice mails endlessly. Even tried to call her mother, but apparently she didn’t pick up. As if matters couldn’t be worse, when he drove the eight hour road to go to her moms place, the new owner of the home said the former people who lived here had moved out a month ago prier to this day. “Call me,”

“Well, this is all we have for you, up next Chris Evan-” The TV went dead silent, a small mist of a rainbow left as the residue of colorful screen turned off. She looked behind her, her mother bringing a cup of coffee.

“So, how’s Sebastian?” Her mama asked, sipping her tea. “I’m really sad he couldn’t make it.” Her mom grumbled. “Was really looking to see him again, such a sweetheart.”

“Yeah,” The young lady sighed. Grabbing her phone and going to one of the many missed phone calls he had left. “He’ll be here soon.”

“Oh I hope, dear.”


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Morning Bliss. {Elriel}

Waning: Smut ahead. Inspired by my recent Azriel headcanon, because writing about how Azriel sleeps nude is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Ask, and you shall receive…

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Since getting my own house in Velaris nearly five hundred years ago, I’ve liked the feeling of my bare skin against the sheets. Elain was appalled when we first began dating, from the first time she slept with me in my bed, at my old, ratty, cotton sheets that had been on my bed for decades.

“What?” I had said, genuinely curious what the big deal was. “I wash them.”

“You’ve washed them so much, they’re falling apart,” she had laughed, and I couldn’t help but join her. “I’m buying you new sheets.”

“Will it make you happy?” I had asked, then followed it up with, “please don’t get floral ones.”

She didn’t get floral ones. She got royal blue, silk ones instead.

At first, I laughed. Me? Sleeping on silk sheets? But, after one night, I never complained again.

Now, I could hear her walking up the stairs as my eyelids fluttered open. The sunlight was pouring through my floor length window, the curtain doing a terrible job keeping the light at bay.

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It Spikes and It Dips

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where she’s afraid that he won’t like her body the first time they’re intimate because she’s curvy. I’ve done this once or twice before, but I decided to try at it again, from a different standpoint. No smut at all, just a lot of panic between the reader and her friend and an eventual talk with Spencer. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


“Oh my god, man, I’m freaking out,” you said, standing in front of the mirror in the dressing room, your bestie standing right outside the door. As you contemplated your first intimate moment with Spencer, which you felt was on the horizon fairly soon, you smoothed out the wrinkles in the dress you were trying on. It was a cute light green, almost vintage sundress with small white stripes going across the waist and skirt. You looked awful. Not the dress. You pulled it off immediately without even showing Tina.

She huffed as she saw you discard the green dress, bitching that she hadn’t even been able to see it. “It was not flattering on me, T.”

“I could’ve told you if it was if you would’ve let me see it,” she replied. You could practically hear the eye roll. “And why are you freaking out?”

You’d been over this so many times already and she just didn’t get it. Tina was naturally very thin. You were healthy, you ate well, and exercised whenever you could, but your body always held onto weight much more easily and you carried it much differently than her. “I’m freaking out because my boyfriend is ridiculously thin and he’s only had one other girlfriend in his life and she was crazy thin. And I mean, I’m healthy, but I don’t look like the type of women that throw themselves at him. What if I take my clothes off and he’s repulsed and he runs away?”

Peaking your head out of the dressing room, you were met with Tina grabbing your cheeks. “One, if he did something like that he wouldn’t be worth your time anyway.”

“True,” you replied. “But the thought and/or the act would still hurt like a bitch.”

“Two, you are gorgeous. I thought you were getting better with that?”

You were. But struggling with self-confidence was a day-to-day thing, especially when you’d struggled with it as long as you had. As a kid, you were the “big” one of your friends, so you always felt like the ‘odd man out.’ “I am, but it depends on the day. When I’m at home and dancing half-naked around my apartment, I’m like ‘yea, I feel good, I’m awesome and I look damn good,’ but then I go out in the world and I see magazines with the beautiful women that I wished I looked like and I know I never will and you see these guys fawning over them and you’re like they’ll never fawn over me like that. I’m the friend, not the lover. You feel me?”

In a panic, you ducked back into the dressing room and tried on dress after dress, not liking the way any of them fit. Finally, you found another one (you’d already picked out one you didn’t hate) that you were willing to show Tina. “How about this one?” you asked, stepping out fully and looking down at the flowy material. The dress was a deep green with random white dots. You wouldn’t describe it as polka dot, because the pattern was a little less consistent, but it was pretty nonetheless and you didn’t hate the way you looked in it. 

“Oh my god, it’s gorgeous,” she said, taking your hands and twirling you around outside the dressing room. Another client in the store commented on how she liked the dress on you, which made you feel better about it. You decided to try on the royal blue one you liked one more time. 

As you stepped into the dressing room again you thought about the compliment from the random stranger. It felt good. Why did you take a compliment better from a stranger than a friend? You guessed it was because you assumed a friend had to be nice to you because they were your friend, while a stranger held no loyalties, but it still pissed you off that you always rejected compliments from friends. “So blue or green?” Tina asked, just as you were about to step out from the room again.

“I don’t know,” you whined. The royal blue was plain and patternless, but there were pleats in the front, which in your mind, disguised the stomach you had. 

Tina playfully smacked the side of your face. “Focus and answer immediately. No thought,” she said. “Forget what anyone thinks. Which one do you feel more comfortable in?”

“Blue. Oh!”

“There you are. Blue it is. Now go get changed. We’ll check out, and I can walk you through your panic.”

What would you do without her? She really was a constant for you. You really shouldn’t have expected anything less from your best friend for life though. Together since grade school, she’d stuck by your side through thick and thin.

After checking out, you got into the car and started driving back to your apartment. Spencer was supposed to be picking you up in a few hours and you still needed time to get ready. It wasn’t as if you were planning on having sex tonight, but you’d been going out for a few months and felt like it was naturally going to happen fairly soon. “Now, you still have a few hours, so I want you to get into some pajamas that make you feel good and dance around the apartment. Then when you change into the dress you’ll be feeling good. If you sit around in the dress, you’ll panic.”

She knew you too well. You’d start picking things apart and freaking out even more. “Have you shaved?” she asked as you put on a random t-shirt and boy-shorts. 


“Legs and bikini?”

“Thanks, Tina! Now my neighbors know I have a freshly shaven bikini area, yea I’m good!”

“Okay good,” she laughed. She told you to sit down in front of her while she fixed your makeup and for the next couple of hours she distracted you with random crap so you didn’t focus on how nervous you were.

By the time you got changed into the dress you bought, it was only 15 minutes until Spencer was supposed to pick you up. Tina made her way out, telling you not to freak out, you were going to be fine, and if Spencer didn’t appreciate your body for exactly what it was then he sucked ass anyway. All true. Still nervous. But whatever, you couldn’t change a damn thing right now. 

At last, there was a knock on the door. “Hey, Spence,” you said, opening the door to see that he was also wearing blue. God, he looked good in every color, it was stupid. “How was work?”

“Just got back from a case and we were able to return the boy to his family, so all in all it was a good case. If there is such a thing.” As he stepped into your apartment, he gathered you close to him and took your lips in a searing kiss. “I’ve missed you though.”

“I’ve missed you, too.” He ran his hands down your back, pulling you closer and running his eyes down the length of your dress. It was rare that you could see it yourself, but you could see that he thought you looked good, his eyes lingering on your legs and the way the dress hugged your waist. 

“You look beautiful.”

“Thank you,” you said, blushing slightly as you looked down at the floor. 

“What’s wrong?” he asked. “You never blush.”

You heaved an enormous sigh. You hated sharing your insecurities, but part of gaining confidence was being more open about those insecurities, so you decided to just say it. “I’ve been panicking about us having sex for the first time,” you blurted out, enjoying the stunned look on his face.

“Why?” he exclaimed. “I haven’t put pressure on you or anything right? Because if I have, I seriously didn’t realize it…but can I ask why?” He was so confused.

You closed the door behind him, pulling him into the kitchen as you grabbed a glass of water. “Well, you remember me telling you about how I’ve struggled with my looks?” He nodded, recalling the conversation you’d had shortly after you started dating. “I still struggle with it. Most days I’m good now, because I’ve really been working on it, but other days I see the pictures of women who are admired that I’ll never look like and I fear that people won’t like me because of it. Stupid? Probably. But my brain can’t help it. It spikes and it dips. Plus, you are stick thin and could actually be a goddamn model, and your only other girlfriend was thin and beautiful, so I panic thinking that you’ll see me naked and wanna run away.”

Spencer chuckled under his breath, stepping into the kitchen and gathering his arms around your waist. There were a few tears in your eyes. You were emotional and freaked out, but you weren’t going to cry. “It’s not stupid. Unfortunately, that’s the way a lot of people are age grew up, thinking that if you didn’t look a certain way you weren’t deserving of love. But I think you’re beautiful for a number of reasons, including how you look. I would be the king of assholes if I ran away at the sight of you.”

“True,” you laughed. “But I’ve been with assholes who’ve told me I needed to lose weight.” You’d never admitted that to him before. His mouth dropped open in astonishment.

“Seriously? Fucking assholes.”

You snorted as his exclamation. Spencer wasn’t one to curse. That was your territory. “Yea, but sometimes I still freak, you know? I’m getting better with feeling good in my own skin, but it’s still hard, and I’ve got a super hot boyfriend that could get any woman he wants.”

I think you’re wrong there,” he snickered. “But the point is, I want you. We don’t have to do anything until you’re ready, but whenever you are, I can tell you I’ll be waiting expectantly. To be honest, I have a thing for your butt.”

“Really?” you asked, turning around and patting your hands over your ass. You actually didn’t hate it. Again…that was growth. “Well, maybe you’ll get to see this butt one of these days.”

“Yessss,” he hissed, pumping his hands in the air like a high-school jock that just scored a touchdown. “My girlfriend has a great butt and a heart of gold.”

Forgotten Dinner and Forgiveness

Word Count: 804
Pairing: Sherlock x Reader
Warnings: None just fluff
Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by deliciousdeathexperts

I sat at the table for two alone. My almost empty champagne glass sits next to a full one. There are so many people around me. But no sits alone like me. There are a few couples. They sit across from each other gazing into each others eyes. They laugh and look happy. Some are young couples, others are older probably married and then there’s the occasional couple who sit in old age. Still they are all together and happy. A few of them look at me. I’ve been sitting here alone with no food for almost twenty minutes.   The waiter comes by again for the third-no fourth time.
“Miss, are you ready to order yet?” he asks again, sympathy in his eyes. I’m sure he’s seen plenty of people stood up.
“No just five more minutes. I’m sure he’ll be here.” I say. But I’m not so sure of my words. He turns to leave. “Wait.” I grab his arm before he walks off. “You know what? Here.” I hand him a twenty and he runs off to get my coat. Upon returning he gives me a sad smile. I return it. “Thanks anyway.” and I walk off, tears threatening to spill. The same couples stare at me as I walk past them. Their eyes linger. “I can’t believe he stood me up.” I thinkI got into my car and headed home. When I arrived I could see Sherlock in the window playing his violin. He didn’t seem to notice me. As I head up the stairs I am stopped by Mrs. Hudson.
“Oh dear how was dinner?” she asked smiling. The sound of the violin got louder. Her face fell. “He forgot didn’t he?” She asked. I just nodded. “Oh dear its ok, I’m sorry.” She embraced me in a tight hug. She said a few more reassuring words, then let go. I turned away and walked up the stairs. The violin stopped as I entered. He didn’t look over at me he just continued playing.
“You know you missed the arrest today, did I tell you how I solved it? It was a bit difficult but still it was easy to figure out.” He proceeded to explain the case while I stood there in disbelief. There were times when he was especially rude but we always worked it out. But this? This was a little too much for me. Finally he looked at me. “Why are you all dressed up?“ he asked confused. I looked down at my outfit. He had bought me this dress. It was the royal blue one he liked. I scoffed. I was so hurt.
“Really? And YOU were the one who made the reservations in the first place.” His face fell as he realized what I meant. He stepped toward me but I pushed passed him to the room we shared. He followed close behind.
“Darling please, I’m sorry.” I slammed the door in face and locked it. After I was changed I plopped down onto the bed and cried. “Please Y/N let me in.” he begged. “Go away!” I yelled. He became silent. I heard the lock begin to click and jiggle. A second later the door swung open. Of course he picked the lock. I was on my side with my back facing him. The bed dipped as he lay on the bed beside me. He didn’t touch me or anything. He knew when I didn’t want to be touched.  Instead he spoke softly using the tone I loved, the tone that calmed me.  "I’m so sorry. It’s just that I was so caught up in a case that it completely slipped my mind. Still it’s no excuse.“ I flipped over to face him. Gently he wiped away my tears with his thumb. "Please don’t be mad.” he whispers.
“I’m not. I enjoy the cases just as much as you do, but sometimes i just wish we could take a tiny little break and just spend time together without the pressure of solving the case on our shoulders. And I just wish that you would make some time for me. Even if its only a few minutes.” I say, sniffling a bit.
“I know darling, I know. God I’m not good at these things. I love you so much. I need you to know that. Please forgive me.” This is one of those rare moments where he is not the rude, annoying detective that everyone thinks he is. This is one of those moments where he is kind and loving. He is my Sherlock the way I know him.
“I couldn’t stay mad at my little sociopath.” I crawl into his arms and he holds me tightly. I breathe in his scent. He smells of tea and chemicals, probably from an experiment.
“I love you.” he said. I smile. “I love you too.” He reaches over and shuts off the light. “You are my everything.” He whispers before I fall asleep. And I knew he was mine, and I, his.

Until it stops Chapter 3

Genre: Fantasy, King!Jinyoung, King!Jackson, Princess!AU
Length: 1980

Teaser | Part 1 | Part 2

You felt trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.

“My lady…” A young boy, one of the bellboys from earlier, was looking at you with soft eyes. 

He seemed a bit younger then you, and had soft brown hair and big eyes. “Are … you alright?” You swallow, trying to push back your tears as deeply as possible, and nod at him with a forced smile. “Yes. Thank you.” “His Highness asked me to escort ou to your room, My Lady. If you’ll allow me.” He holds out his hand and you grab it gently. While walking through the halls, you held on to his hand for dear life, your knees still weak. “Are you sure you are alright, My Lady?” He looked down at you with eyes of worry. 

“If I would tell you, you wouldn’t understand.” You blurt out, quickly pushing your hand across your mouth. You were so taken aback by your own confession that you didn’t even notice the bellboy’s nod. How could you be so rude to one of the only people in the castle that seemed to care about your wellbeing? Then again, a Queen must never show her troubles to anyone. What if rumors started going around the castle about you now. You look back up at the bellboy. Somehow, he didn’t seem offended. 

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Cress and Thorne sketch from Chapter 55 in “Cress” (The Lunar Chronicles)

I just love the scene where Cress and Thorne are on the rooftop, where she’s guiding his arms and he’s completely trusting her non-verbal commands and they both won’t go down without a fight. 

Send the Pain Below - Part 13

Word Count: 3016

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Language, Drug use, PTSD, mild suicidal thoughts, gore, violence, stalking, kidnapping, character death(s), medical situations. 

A/N: I’m sorry guys….I’m so so sorry.

Send the Pain Below Masterlist

Two weeks after Burbank you found yourself right back where you started. You were barely eating, you couldn’t sleep and when you did it was often fitful and full of nightmares. You’d become incredibly jumpy, to the point where people announced their presence to you before opening your door or walking in a room when you had your back turned. Everyone seemed to be walking on eggshells around you and you hated it. You hated being the reason that everyone’s lives were turned upside down. You hated being the reason that everyone was in danger. But the thing you hated the most was that you started using again as soon as you came home from Burbank, the stress of the situation becoming too much.

You were lying to everyone; your therapist, your rehab counselor, your friends, your family, but worst of all you were lying to Jensen. You figured out just how much of everything you could take so your high wasn’t noticeable. You’d also stopped all the medications your therapist had put you on, pretending to take them every morning but secretly throwing them down the drain. You wanted to tell him, you’d started to so many times, but something in your brain wouldn’t let you.

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