royal blue jeans


“I just wish that time would stand still. I want to savour this moment for all of time. I want to be able to store it away, the sound of your beautiful beating heart.”

Recently, I’ve been getting back into Vocaloid and joining my girlfriend in her efforts to make a comeback with it - so what better way than to make some cute closplays for our favourite ship? 

I kept Miku’s look simple with a grey tank and black skater skirt. Instead of knee-high boots, I mimicked the look with knee-high socks and black lace-up wedges. For Kaito, I used a basic royal blue tank, black jeans, and a white leather jacket for his long coat. I brought in Miku’s signature colour in the statement necklace and matching bow purse. We couldn’t leave out Kaito’s signature scarf and we tossed in a yellow-gold bracelet to match his coat’s designs. Finally, I completed both looks with nods to their musical backgrounds: note earrings for both and a special music note clutch for Kaito.

{Look like Miku + Kaito!} {Listen to Cendrillion!}

ananbeth  asked:

okay hi i'm here to request some birthday headcanons :3 and i'm highly unoriginal so i was wondering what you could do with percabeth the subway broke down for three hours and we're the only ones in this carriage au? okay no pressure, thank you sweets xx

yay! I was hoping you would send me something. Anything for you! I wish you the happiest of (belated) birthdays, my love!! xxx

  • “Don’t you kids worry, we’ll have you out of here in no time!”
  • that’s what the maintenance worker had said fifteen minutes into the subway being stuck
  • they were currently approaching their second hour with no end in sight
  • Annabeth sat on one end of the car, battery life on her phone dwindling as she tried to distract herself with kicking her brother Malcolm’s ass at Trivia Crack
  • she looked up, surveying the subway car which she found was empty save for one person who sat at the opposite end of the car
  • he had black hair and was wearing a simple royal blue hoodie and jeans with black vans
  • Annabeth looked back down at her phone to see a message from Malcolm my touch screen sabotaged me on that last question! 
  • she smiled smugly to herself and put her phone back in her pocket
  • she looked up again just in time to make eye contact with the stranger, who looked right back down and Annabeth was pretty sure she could see a light blush painting his cheeks
  • he looked at his phone and almost immediately shoved it back into his pocket
  • “Your phone dying too?” she asked
  • he looked up, surprised that she was talking to him, “Already dead, actually.”
  • “Bummer,” she said with a sympathetic pout
  • they sat in silence for another few minutes and before Annabeth can stop herself she’s sitting across from the cute stranger
  • “I’m Annabeth,” she said, reaching out a hand
  • He returns her gesture in kind, shaking her hand and introducing himself, “Percy. It’s nice to meet you.”
  • Annabeth is surprised at how easy it is to talk to Percy but his beautiful green eyes fascinate her and his warm smile makes her feel at ease
  • she tells him about her parent’s divorce and her uncle Chiron and brother Malcolm who she loves more than anything and her dreams of adding buildings to the New York skyline 
  • he tells her about his dad dying when he was 6 and his superhero mom and how he originally wanted to be starting pitcher for the Mets but after that didn’t pan out he became one of New York’s finest firefighters 
  • they are so wrapped up in their conversation that neither of them notices when the train starts moving again
  • it isn’t until they get to Percy’s stop that they realize that they’ve been talking for over two hours
  • “Well, it was really nice talking to you Annabeth.”
  • “It was nice talking to you too, Percy.”
  • “See you around?”
  • “Definitely,” she didn’t try to hide her smile
  • and with that he exited the subway car
  • Annabeth sunk down, leaning her head back against the window, cursing herself for not getting his last name at least
  • the train started moving and she clenched her eyes shut
  • “Gods, you’re such an idiot”
  • “Who’s an idiot?”
  • her eyes shot open and she found a breathless Percy sitting next to her
  • she straightened up and turned towards him, “What are you doing here? I saw you get off the train” 
  • “Well what you missed was me almost losing my leg as I heroically jumped back onto the train to get the cute girl’s number.”
  • “Heroic, was it?”
  • “Oh, very, but I’m a firefighter so technically everything I do is heroic,” he insisted
  • the laugh he let out made Annabeth’s heart flutter 
  • they continue their conversation for another two stops, and Percy asks if it’s okay that he walks her home 
  • she gladly accepts the offer and in another ten minutes they are standing outside of Annabeth’s building 
  • “Well, thanks for walking me home.” 
  • “Thanks for letting me. My mom would kill me if she found out I didn’t make sure you made it home okay.”
  • “Does that mean you’re gonna tell your mom about me?” 
  • “What? No! I… no, I meant that… I just-”
  • “Yeah?” she said, a mischievous smile playing at her lips
  • “You’re laughing at me!” 
  • “Am not!” 
  • “You are not making this easy on me, you know that?” 
  • “I’m not the kind of girl who will make anything easy on you,” she assured him
  • Percy closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “canIpleasehaveyournumber?” 
  • Annabeth grabbed a pen out of her purse and took Percy’s hand in her own, writing her name and number across his palm and trying not to focus on how surprisingly soft his hand was 
  • he looked down at his hand with a huge smile on his face, “Awesome.” 
  • she nodded in agreement and slowly walked backwards towards her door
  • Percy gave her a small wave and started walking down the street 
  • before she walked in the door, something occurred to Annabeth 
  • “Percy!” 
  • he stopped in his tracks and turned back to look at her, “Yeah?” 
  • “What’s your last name?” 
  • “Jackson! Yours?” 
  • “Chase!” 
  • “It was great meeting you, Annabeth Chase.” 
  • “Likewise, Percy Jackson.” 
  • thirty minutes later, Annabeth is sitting on the counter of her kitchen eating some left overs and day dreaming about Percy’s sea green eyes when she hears a ping from her phone 
  • she anxiously slides her finger across the screen to open the message from an unfamiliar number which reads: so tell me do you think an aquarium is an appropriate location for a first date? 

Hey, everyone! I just got this text from my friend’s aunt this morning, so if you’re in the Oakland/Bay Area please be on the lookout!

“Peace everyone,
My 15 year old niece Shanell is missing. She left the house today Monday 4/11/16 without telling anyone where she was going around 4:30pm. She was last seen wearing Royal blue jeans, a white and blue striped shirt, pink addias hoodie and black beanie. If you have seen her please contact me directly at or officer Brian Quon at”

Please please please reblog this! I’m really worried and even if you aren’t from the area someone who is may see it and it could help find her!