royal blue floor length dress

Yule Ball - Fred Weasley Version

The beginning of Y/N Black’s sixth year at Hogwarts started with excitement. Y/N sat in between her best friend Poppy Lupin and her long time boyfriend of three years Fred Weasley at the Gryffindor table. The Tri Wizard tournament was announced. When the Durmstrang students came into the great hall Poppy and Y/N giggled at array of new men. Fred and George rolled their eyes. When the Beauxbatons students walked in all the boys in the school’s eyes were locked on the pretty French girls in blue uniforms. Poppy and Y/N rolled their eyes seeing Fred and George’s Pathetic attempts not to stare. “ I’m going to enter and win that money for the joke shop.” Fred whispered to Y/N. She didn’t want him to enter. It sounded dangerous and she didn’t want anything to happen to him.The age to enter was announced causing Fred and George to boo loudly at the decision. Y/N shushed Fred pulling him down on the bench. “ You’re causing a scene Freddie.” She felt relief knowing that he wouldn’t be able to enter and hurt himself.She tried not to giggle as she saw him pout.

Fred and George were determined to enter their names into the goblet of fire. “ They honestly think they are going to outwit Headmaster Dumbledore?” Poppy said as she watched Fred and George hype up all the students in the grand hall. “ Ya, they said they made an aging potion.” Y/N said watching from the sidelines. “ I know they want to open the shop but, this is ridiculous.” Poppy said shaking her head. Y/N yelled at the boys. “ This is a bad idea you two!” Fred theatrically gasped and gripped his robes over his heart. “ Our own girlfriends don’t believe in us George!” George shook his head. “Tsk tsk tsk ladies, Have more faith in the marvellous ideas of the Weasley Twins will ya?!” Fred and George cheers there potions towards the girls who rolled their eyes. They jumped over the barrier surrounding the goblet of fire. They began to cheer. Their hopes were quickly dashed however, when the barrier thrust them out flat on their behinds. The two twins had aged more the intended one year. They were now sporting long white beards still in their Uniform robes. Y/N and Poppy burst out into laughter causing all the rest of the students to join in with the,. The twins couldn’t help but laugh as well. “How are ya liking your future Y/N?!” Fred yelled strutting around like a model showing himself from every angle. Y/N wiped the tears of laughter with her robe’s sleeve. “ You are quite the silver fox Mr Weasley.” Fred grinned. “ I think i’ll keep the beard.” “ Not gonna happen.” Y/N said giggling. “ Let me dream would ya?”

The news of the Yule Ball spread throughout the school like wildfire. All the girls dreaming of their dresses and how their dates would ask them to the Ball. Y/N knew she would be going with Fred of course it wasn’t even a question. Fred still wanted to ask Y/N properly like all his other friends. He understood it was important to all the girls. He didn’t want her to miss out on that experience. He decided to ask her when the two of them were alone together. One night, in the empty common room Fred and Y/N were finally alone. Fred took a deep breath.“ Love, can I ask ya something?” Y/N looked up from her transfiguration textbook. “ Yes Dear?” She looked at his nervous expression. “ is something wrong?” He pulled out a red rose his face flush. “ Will you please go to the ball with me?” Y/N’s E/C eyes lit up. She wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug. Fred sighed in relief.“ Of course Freddie! What? Did you think I would say no?” Fred shrugged. “ I don’t know maybe it wouldn’t be romantic enough for you.” She placed her hands on his. “ As long its from you, it’s perfect.” The two kissed in front of the faint light of the fireplace happy to be together.

The week before the ball an owl came for Y/N. Two packages one big while one was small. A letter was attached to them both. She recognized the handwriting as her father Sirius Black’s. She smiled and took the packages upstairs to the Gryffindor girl’s dormitory. Y/N sat at the end of her bed and hastily opened the letter.

My dearest Y/N,
I hope you are enjoying this year at Hogwarts. I know it’s a crazy year. Promise me you’ll be safe? Your mother and I are sending you a dress we think you will love. I wish I could see you in it. You will look stunning. Your mother and I decided to send you her pin as it matched with the dress perfectly. Your mother was wearing this pin the first time I met and fell in love with her. That is why she has the nickname Rosie. She wore it on our wedding day and I hope you will enjoy wearing it. Consider it a piece of us with you at all times. I love you more than anything. Have fun! Hugs and kisses

Love, Dad
P.S this is Dad, if Fred doesn’t treat you right or puts a hand on you, I will gladly go back to Azkaban. Don’t tell your mother!
P.S.S This is Mum. Don’t listen to your father he’s all talk. He’s coming to terms with your growing up. Love you!

Y/N giggled at the letter picturing her father writing the letter and her mother finding it. She opened the small package revealing the pin. It was ruby red sparkle gilded rose pin. She remembered her mother telling her stories about it when she was little. Her mother had gotten it from her brother Lucius on her 15th birthday. Her mother wore it on special occasions to remind herself of the love she had for her husband who wasn’t with her.Y/n held the pin close to her chest and felt like both her parents were close to her heart.

The night of the ball Poppy came to the Gryffindor dorms from the Ravenclaw tower to get ready with Y/N. She looked quite comical to Y/N as Poppy had curlers in her hair helping Y/N do her hair. “ I want a braid tied up into a nice bun. I want my hair out of my way.” Y/N said as Poppy brushed through her H/C hair. “ I’m going to need a lot of bobby pins but, it’s doable.” The hour long process of perfectly perfecting her hairstyle was painstakingly long but, she felt worth it in the end. Two French braids connected into a bun topped with her mother’s pin. “ It’s perfect Poppy!” Poppy began to put on her dress.“ Can you help me into my dress?” Poppy said. Her dress was a floor length royal blue dress with silver gem belt and silver details,jewelry and sparkling silver heels. “ No problem.” Y/N sipped up her dress. “ Do I look okay?” Poppy said sheepishly. Her hair curled and up into a bun. Giving her sandy blonde hair a whimsical look. It was almost as if her hair was a bouquet of roses. Poppy’s eye makeup was shades of light nudes. She had chosen a beautiful dark red lipstick.Her bright blue eyes looked nervous. “ You look perfect. George will have to fight off men left and right. Now help me with my dress.” Y/N’s dress was ruby red. Sparkles catching the light as she moved. It fit her like a glove perfectly fitting the curves of her body. She slipped on her golden heels. She wore the gold locket Fred had gotten her last year for their second anniversary. She decided to go all out. If she was going to wear a dress and makeup instead of her usual quidditch uniform she might as well. Gold and brown eye shadows framed her E/C eyes like a frame of a picture. She wore a dark rose matte lipstick.Her long black lashes flirty. She felt beautiful. She was ready.

Y/N and Poppy giggled locking arms together leaving the Gryffindor common room. Excited for the night’s festivities. The boys were to meet the two, by the staircase leading to the grand hall. Fred nervously fidgeted with his cuffs. He would be lying to say he wasn’t nervous. How did that blasted dance go again? Does he go left first or right first? He heard his brother gasp. He quickly turned his attention to the top of the staircase. His eyes narrowed on Y/N. She was all he could see. “ Oh Merlin’s beard.” Was all he could articulate. Y/N made it to the bottom of the stairs. She smiled at Fred. “ I can clean up good eh?” She spun in her dress giggling in excitement.Y/N ‘S excitement made Fred smile even larger. “ I fell in love all over again.” Fred said outloud more to himself then to Y/N. Her face turned as red as her dress. Fred now realized she heard him. He became flustered with his cheeks fiery red. “ I said that outloud didn’t I?” She nodded. Fred coughed putting his arm out for her. “ L-Let’s go the ball has started.” Y/N giggled and took his arm.

The grand hall was an enchanted winter wonderland. Y/N looked around at the students all in their beautiful chosen outfits. Classical music rang throughout the hall. “ May I have this waltz beautiful?” Fred said in a posh accent bowing. “ Oh why yes I would be honoured kind sir.” She curtsied towards him taking his hand. The two danced laughing with one another joking about the balls and its participants. “ I didn’t think it was possible for Malfoy to look more posh.” Fred whispered as they danced next to Malfoy and Pansy. “ Ya even the stick up his ass is gold.” They both tried to stifle their laughter. After the song was finished the couple went over onto the sidelines. “ I’ll get us some punch. Stay here so I can find you.” Y/N nodded as Fred disappeared into the crowd. “ Y/N Black is that you?” A familiar cocky voice said behind her. She turned around to see Cormac McLaggen with a smirk on his face. Y/N couldn’t stand him. He gave all Gryffindor’s a bad reputation. He had once said he liked her feisty attitude and sarcastic humour. Cormac was jealous of Y/N’s position of chaser on the Gryffindor team for years. She decided to try to be the bigger person and be polite. “ Yes it is. Hello Cormac, how are you?” He moved closer. “ Much better now. I didn’t know a tomboy could look so good in a dress.” He looked at her up and down. She shuddered hoping the conversation was over. “ Why don’t you dance with me?” Y/N smiled. “ Oh i’m just waiting for Fred. He’ll be right back.” Cormac placed an unwelcome hand on her waist. “ It’ll be just fine. Freddie wouldn’t mind.”

Fred finally was able to wiggle his way through the crowd. He ran into Lee Jordan. “ Oh hey Lee!” Lee turned around from his position in front the punch bowl. “ Hi Fred, where’s Y/N?” Fred poured the punch carefully. “ She’s waiting for me to get punch.” Lee raised an eyebrow. “ Well it looks like she’s with McLaggen.” Fred shot his head in the direction Lee was looking. Sure enough McLaggen had his hands on Y/N. His Y/N. “ Hold my punch and save some Galleons for my appeal because I’m going to kill him!” Fred weaved his way quickly through the crowd.

Y/N stepped back from Cormac. “ I’m good. Thank you though.” “ Oh don’t be a tease. It’s just a dance.” He touched her arm this hit a raw nerve. Fred was only a foot away. He was about to let all hell break loose. Y/N stomped with her golden heels on Cormac’s foot with all her might causing him to yelp. “ Don’t touch me! You egotistical misogynistic dickhead!” She gripped the terrified boy by his stiff collar. “The only man who can touch me is Fred! If I ever catch you touching me or any other girl like this again, getting on the quidditch team will be the last thing on your mind! Understand McLaggen?!” Cormac nodded stumbling away from Y/N. She brushed her dress off as the other woman Cormac had hit on aggressively thanked her. She turned to see Fred standing with his mouth wide open. “ Oh hi Freddie…You saw that didn’t you?” He nodded and started to grin. “ That was brilliant. I guess you don’t need my help.” Y/N put her hands on her hips. “ Don’t let the dress fool you Love. I’m not a princess.”

The last dance of the evening arrived. Y/N had fun dancing the night away with Fred. The last dance they slowly danced together. “ You’re the most beautiful woman you know?” Y/N laid her head on Fred’s chest. “ And you the most handsome man.” Fred sighed. “ I didn’t know you could get more beautiful. Well that’s a lie i knew you would when you wore a wedding dress.” Y/N stopped dancing. “ That’s only if you ever wanted to get married! I mean there’s no law saying you have to!” Fred said blubbering like an idiot. Y/N looked up at Fred. “ If it’s with you Fred i’d love to.” Fred kissed her softly.” Good, cause you’re stuck with me.” She giggled. Fred was right the only time he saw Y/N even more beautiful was when she wore her wedding dress.