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Oh Are request open again!? If they are could I request RFA+V and Unkown on how they would react to MC in a Bikini while they are at the beach. Seriously love your writing!

Aw thank you ^-^. And yes requests are open! I wrote this with the idea in mind that the RFA is having a nice day at the beach. Just as a note, I went about this differently than I usually would. I pretty much wrote it the same except for V and Unknown where they’re not together just have the feels for each other.


  • it was the first time in a while since Yoosung went to the beach!
  • and he was not only glad he could go with the RFA, but you as well
    • he even brought a blanket to lay on with you
    • and lunch for just you two
    • and one for Seven because he asked
  • while you were changing into your bathing suit, Yoosung was with Seven out in the ocean looking for seashells
  • it was a few minutes when you had came out seeing your nugget preoccupied with finding shells on the shore
  • Zen was the first to notice you and your red bikini with white polka dots and frills
    • ☆⌒(≧▽ ° )
  • so you talk to him for a bit
  • then you suddenly feel an arm around your shoulder
  • and Yoosung is just giving Zen this look like hahaha stop looking at her or I’ll pluck out those pretty eyes of yours (⊙ ‿ ⊙)
  • when Zen backs off and leaves you two alone
  • Yoosung is proud of himself for a second but IMMEDIATELY takes his arm off of you 
  • when you look at him all confused his face is red as a tomato
  • “I-I’m sorry MC for touching you! I-I di-didn’t realize it until after he left. You just–”
  • boy is a big bag of sweetness
  • precious bean
  • after managing to calm down a bit he just holds your hand and silently gives you compliments
  • when no one was looking he kisses your shoulder  (°ㅂ°* )


  • this gelato had a lot of work to do before the trip so she planned everything out
  • both of you didn’t have anytime changing before hand so you decided to change at the beach
  • she didn’t get a chance to see the swimsuit you packed
    • even though she wanted to see it ;^;
  • once Jaehee was done changing, she came out of the bathroom in a blue and white long sleeve and blue shorts
    • she preferred more modest swimwear
  • you were having difficulties getting yours on and insisted you would be fine
  • so she waited outside for you because she is sweet and amazing Jaehee
  • to pass the time she was on her phone to answer a few messages from the rest of the RFA
  • “Alright, how do I look?”
  • Jaehee looks away from her phone and sees you in her high-waisted black shorts and red top
  • w(°o°)w
  • it kind of startled her a bit, almost dropped her phone
  • “You look cute.”
  • (ノ*°▽°*) you just got butterflies in your stomach when she said that
  • the rest of the day you can’t stop smiling and she can’t stop smiling when she looks at you


  • when you heard you were going on a beach trip you were all hype
  • the only exception was your swimwear
  • unfortunately, you ruined your favorite bikini bottom with the sunflowers on it after your period came early that month
  • now you were shopping for a new bikini 
    • that marshmallow wanted to help you but you were insistent it would be a surprise ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ)
  • then came the day of the trip
  • he didn’t get to see it the morning you two left because you slipped on a hoodie and shorts
  • after getting there, setting up your blanket and parasol (because Zen’s precious porcelain skin must be protected at all costs)
  • you finally took off your hoodie and shorts when got too hot
  • and holy shit Zen couldn’t take his eyes off of the orange wrap bikini you wore
  • you kept teasing him the more you caught him staring at you
    • obviously not ashamed to flirt with you in front of the RFA
  • he gets conflicted because he wants everyone to see you and be amazed by your beauty and majesty
    • but at the same time he doesn’t want anyone to look at you because you’re HIS boo
  • gets testy when he sees anyone even GLANCE towards you
    • dogs Jumin no matter what
    • Z: “Stop looking at her you beast!”
    • J: “I’m not even looking at her, I’m reading this book.”
    • “That’s what they ALL SAY!”


  • this donut was looking for swimwear for you the instant an RFA beach trip was planned
  • but you were insistent you had one and it was your favorite
  • “Do I get to see it?”
  • “Of course…later.” 
  • ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ) you cheeky thing you
  • unfortunately, when you went to go pull it out you forgot the last time at the beach when the strap broke and your boob almost popped out
  • so you decided to go for your backup swimsuit
    • over it, you wore a zip up jacket with some shorts
  • Jumin has asked about it in the car again
  • and at that point, you were getting a little anxious being in your swimsuit so you just smiled and hoped for the best
  • you stayed in your jacket and shorts for a while, even though it was getting hot
  • you reached your breaking point and when the donut left to go to the bathroom you took off your jacket and shorts and hot damn did that feel better
  • he approached you but froze when he saw you in your black one piece with cat face on it
    • and it was strapless!!! where’s all the support go!?
  • when you see he’s there you just get embarrassed and all red
  • But he just sat next to you with a smile and said “It was worth the wait”
  • (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) oh boy it got hotter in here
  • if anyone even looks your way, he just shoots them this death glare
  • this donut just hangs around you the rest of the day looking at you so adoringly ^^


  • this jellybean knew what you were going to wear because both of you chose matching swimsuits
    • sky blue with pink flamingos on it ^^
    • perfect for the oddballs you two are
  • it was practically all you two talked about on the messenger
  • Saeren had to mute his damn phone
  • when you two got there he was sure floored by how stunning you looked in it
    • wooooooooooo~
  • would put his hand or arm on you any chance he got
    • “Oh no MC you have some sand on your shoulder, let me get that for you”
  • while you were sitting in the sand chatting with Yoosung and Jaehee, he was trying to toss sea shells into your top
    • and after much trial and error, he managed to get one in
    • you were annoyed at first but damn he got it straight in there, you had to give him credit for that
  • he didn’t really care that much when other guys were looking at you
  • because he knew he was your number one everything 
  • but let’s not talk about that
  • let’s talk about how you reacted when you saw Seven because it was the first time you saw him shirtless and YOU were floored with how ripped he was
  • he eats like 20 bags HB chips a day, where does it all go???


  • a great way to spend your day was with the people you care about at a beach
  • besides, SOMEONE had to take the pictures
  • not everyone was there yet ;-;
  • you had informed the chat that you were going to be running a bit late
    • he was just a bit disappointed but he’s a sweetheart and understands that you’re human and has a schedule of your own
  • either way, V was taking pics of the RFA enjoying their time or just stills of the ocean or the sky
  • you finally arrived at the beach
    • finding a guy with ice blue hair was easy to spot
  • but he looked kind of busy taking a picture so you quietly approached and sat down on the blanket next to him
  • after he took a picture he heard you ask what he was taking a picture of
  • he got spook a bit 
  • but when he looked your way he could see through his good eye your high-waisted royal blue bikini with images of white flowers and lace accents
    • (//ω//)
  • this sweetheart tries to play it cool and chat with you
  • but you can see he has a light blush across his cheeks
    • from the heat or the conversation???
  • doesn’t want to be creepy so he makes sure to only take pictures of you if you were with one or more people
  • after hanging out in the ocean, you went back to V’s blanket where you took a nap
  • didn’t realize he had a crush on you until you were laying there beside him ^^


  • doesn’t want to go to the stupid RFA beach thing
    • would rather be at home napping
  • but when he hears you’re going, he SUDDENLY has a change of heart
    • S: “The beach is stupid. Why would I go just to see my skin burn to a crisp?”
    • 7: “There’s going to be ice cream!”
    • “I can have ice cream here.”
    • “MC is going to be there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
    • “…do you have an extra pair of swim trunks…?”
  • ice cream AND you???
  • that sounds like a dream!
  • when the twins show up at the beach, the RFA greets him
  • why do you got to be all cute in your pink floral dress???
    • why are you even wearing a dress to a damn beach???
  • he tries to be normal by hanging in the ocean or looking for seashells with Yoosung and Seven
  • he gets tired and sits down under the umbrella with you
  • eventually you bring him back ice cream
  • while you two were enjoying your treats, he notices some ice cream got on your dress!
  • when he points it out you just kind of shrugged it off 
    • luckily you had your bathing suit underneath
  • you ask him to hold onto your ice cream then you start to take off your dress!!!
    • gumdrop is screaming internally
    • w-what is she doing omg  (* ゚ ii ゚ )
  • doesn’t calm down when now all you’re wearing is your peach bikini top and shorts
  • you take your ice cream back and continue to eat it
  • boy is having an existential crisis holy shit
    • meanwhile you were screaming inside because you never expected to do something so bold
  • you’re killing this gumdrop slowly
  • finally he kind of just mutters, “Y-you look pretty…”
  • no chance you didn’t hear that perfectly so you just say, “Thanks…you look cute today”
  • omg this got out of hand but both of you were just blushing beans the rest of the day
Ballet Boy

category: fluff, angst-ish

tw: none (if i forgot one or wasn’t aware of one pls tell me)

word count: 8,796

When Dan was little he used to spend his Friday afternoons in the corner of the local gym, watching his older sister do pirouette after pirouette with the other girls of her ballet class. He would wonder how she didn’t get dizzy from all the spinning, because he couldn’t even walk straight after only three turns, let alone do a cartwheel or one of those amazing jumps.

Ellen was three years older than him, which was why their parents had told her to look after Dan when they came home late on Fridays. Of course, she never would miss a lesson just to look after her brother. Oh no. With the permission of her teacher she took Dan with her, sat him down in the corner with his brand new game boy, telling him to play one of those weird Pokémon games.

The first time he had come with her he had quickly discarded his video game in order to watch her dance. Dan loved watching her dance. She always looked so happy whenever she did something correctly. The other girls were really nice as well. They all were between five and ten years old. Older girls had class on another day in a different group. The advanced group. Dan had seen them dance once at a show of his sister. He knew Ellen wanted to train a lot so she could join them when she turned eleven.

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Every Nancy Drew game suspect ranked from worst to best.

Methodology: All rankings are personal taste. I only included characters that both had character models and were presented as suspects during the course of the narrative. Obviously, spoilers for every game.

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The Royal Navy of Farrun often send expeditions far from the borders of their kingdom to secure the sea lanes that are so vital to the port city’s continued prosperity. To this day, their sails still proudly display the blue-and-white Frost Sigil of Farrun’s royal house, who claim descent from the ancient warlords who drove the last Orcs out of their territory in the late Second Era and founded the modern Kingdom of Farrun. In recent years, however, they have begun to display another symbol on the flags atop their mainmasts - the red-and-black Fist and Crown-of-Thorns that is the symbol of the Eltheric League. A potent symbol to all who look upon Farrun’s Navy that an attack on them is also an attack on their northern Breton allies in Northpoint and Jehanna.

Models by Iliac Bay’s 3d Artist, Deviant Kaled.

the truth we didn't know

pairing: junkook x reader

genre ft. au’s: angst + royal au + hanahaki au

word count: 8.176

authors note: just wanted to say a quick thank you to my wonderful friend @taexquila for being so kind and for beta reading this mess you are so amazing i cri

summary: “Grant me strength to endure this torture, grant the prince strength to endure this agony.” And grant, God did not. Since the higher upper had so many more plans in mind.

The atmosphere was almost chilling as Prince Jungkook lazily trudged through the thick mass of the pearl white snow in nothing more than a silk black frock coat made with the finest of silk moths, a pair of suit trousers which was already starting to cling around his ankles and beige ankle boots. Lifting his head up, he aimlessly watched the tree’s lean and whisper, with a thin sheen of snow adorning them they looked like regal figures entwined in an intricate dance. Although there was a thick canopy of of gelid leaves bordering the woods, the snow still fell in slow, unretiring movements onto the uneven ground.

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Title: Goodnight

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1975

Warnings: none, fluff-ish

Summary: Dean Winchester has been accused of a murder he claims to have not committed in a seemingly obvious case. As his lawyer, can you prove him innocent, despite this being your very first case ever?

A/N: (DISCLAIMER) This was loosely based off of HBO’s miniseries ‘The Night Of’ (of which I borrowed some lines of dialogue from too) which was absolutely fabulous and thrilling and tackled racial matters, so credits to them and the creators.

This was also a part of @whispersandwhiskerburn‘s Much Ado About SPN challenge! I had the Shakespearean quote “Strong reasons make strong actions” (King John III.4), with included associations with Uriel, Uniforms, and Underdog. Enjoy! :)


It was such an open-shut case. And somehow, he was a free man.

Dean Winchester was the only one in Lisa Braeden’s apartment when she was stabbed to death in her bed. Despite being in the kitchen when he woke up with no memory, he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol earlier on the night of October 25th. He ran when he discovered the body, and when the alleged murder weapon was found on him, he resisted arrest.

It had to be him. Who else could it be?

You had only started working at Rowena’s law firm for a month when she asked you to assist her on the famous Winchester case.

Her plan for him was to take the deal of a plea bargain, pleading guilty to manslaughter for fifteen years instead of a lifetime sentence. It was a damn good deal.

The first time you met him, you forgot that you were walking into a small shabby cell to see a prisoner.  For a moment, it was like being entranced by a handsome stranger in a coffee shop, as bizarre as it sounded.

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“you come to my room at 4am, to cuddle?” But Raven is the visitor.

Anything for senpai~

Originally posted by windwaver

One would think that entering a relationship of a romantic nature with Raven would come with a few alterations. For example, perhaps becoming more privy to an intimate side of the empath that she would rarely, if ever, display to any other individual. Or maybe, some subtle affection, terms of endearment, a discreet touching of hands, fingers entwining under the table. Hopefully, a chaste kiss or two, or, if Garfield could be so lucky, something more…

At the end of the day, all Beast Boy wanted was any opportunity to get to know his girlfriend better, physically, or otherwise. He wanted to spend time with her, as much as possible. He wanted to talk to her, to listen, to go on adventures and share various experiences with her right beside him. All the cliché things that happened in the movies, or the sappy love stories that filled the romance section in the bookstore; he wanted to build those memories with her, regardless of how cheesy or lame they normally seemed.

Suddenly, every romantic notion had an appeal, like a pink, hazy border clouding his vision and his mind, whenever he thought about Raven. He often pondered what they’d be like with her. Something as ludicrous as a trip to the mall, or a date at a bar, maybe a lazy trip to the beach, just the two of them. Long walks in the park in the summer time, where her feet would get sore, so he’d carry her shoes while she walked in the grass barefoot. Perhaps they’d venture out late at night, so that way, it would be just the two of them, and she’d loosen up a bit without the social stresses she faced every day among the crowds.

Unfortunately, it was often that Beast Boy felt like he was riding the train of love all alone, as Raven remained rather indifferent to him even though they were dating.  

Although most of the romantic excursions did occur, it was about the only change Raven implemented once their relationship had taken on a new meaning. She’d never turn him down whenever he’d request they hang out, and he did manage to get her to open up to him bit by bit the more time that passed, however, much to Beast Boy’s great disappointment, Raven took no other initiatives.

At first, it hardly seemed a big deal; he figured she’d come around sooner than later, and he’d rather not force anything that she might not be ready for. After all, she had been the one who had pursued him back when all this had started. So, when they’d gone on their first, second, third date, and he had really, really wanted to hold her hand, he’d clench his jaw instead, and tell himself that if she wanted to make contact, she would do so of her own volition. His hand was always very evidently right there, perfectly ready to be held if she so desired. He’d even purposely brush his arm against hers, or make sure their shoulders touched, as a hint.

Either Raven was entirely dense, a very unlikely reason, or she simply refused to touch him. Of the two, the latter hurt far more, and it was only a matter of time before Beast Boy was burdened with insecurities in what was supposed to be his new, thrilling relationship.

Eventually, he stopped trying altogether, and it embittered him.

He wanted to tell her, knew he should have voiced his concerns, but he remained fearful of overstepping a boundary, as he had often done with her in the past. The last thing he wanted was to take two steps back for every step forward he’d taken in their new, blooming romance.

So, instead, he procrastinated, choosing to wallow in his own miserable thoughts, and self-imposed exile.

Until the one night that an emboldened Raven had decided to show up on his doorstep, unannounced.

[More under the cut, because this got too long]

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Seventeen Color Schemes
  • Woozi : Pastel pink + White
  • DK : Van Gogh Yellow + Navy blue
  • Seungkwan : Forrest Green + Deep Brown
  • Jeonghan : Royal Violet + Off White
  • Joshua : Grey + Light blue
  • Hoshi : Neon Green + Black
  • Jun : Teal + Chocolate Brown
  • The8 : Red + Dark Gold
  • Dino : Firey Orange + Pink
  • S.Coups : Ocean Blue + Pitch Black
  • Mingyu : Carrot Orange + Dirty Yellow
  • Wonwoo : Black + Bright Yellow
  • Vernon : Firetruck red + Navy blue

GW2 Fashion Week - Day 4 - Lillith Totenlied


  • Magnus’s Right Eye Patch / Royal Blue & Steel
  • Dark Templar Pauldrons /  Royal Blue & Steel
  • Ascalonian Protector Breastplate / White Gold, Royal Blue & Steel
  • Protector’s Gauntlets /  Royal Blue & Steel
  • Triumphant Legplates /  White Gold, Royal Blue & Steel
  • Paws of Koda /  White Gold, Royal Blue & Steel


  • Light of Dwayna


  • Sunrise
  • Astralarie & The Flameseeker Prophecies
  • Fractal Rifle
In Love With The Idea of Her Part 2

Okay, guys here’s part two.

The next morning…

As you prepared for the day, all you found on your mind was Prince Lin and your interactions from the night before. Your maid was working on your hair. “My Lady, the prince seems quite nice, doesn’t he?”

The smile on your face grew a fraction bigger. “Yes, he does.” Your hand comes to rest on the charm hanging from your neck.

Once you’re ready, your maid leaves you at your command. You wanted a moment alone to gather your thoughts before heading to the dining hall for breakfast.

Prince Lin took to walking the corridors to clear his mind. You had him up all night, consuming his thoughts and when he did sleep, his dreams were filled with you. Before he knew it, he had made his way to your chamber door. His hand just inches away from the door….

You wanted to be able to give something to Prince Lin, just as he had given you the necklace. You paced your chamber, trying to come up with something. You had made it back into the sitting room area. The next thing you knew, you had tripped on a wrinkle in the rug and fell wrong on your ankle. You cry out in pain.

“Y/N!! Are you alright?” Lin’s voice rings from the other side of the door.

“Lin! Please come help me.” You call as you try to pull yourself up onto your feet. You almost make it, but as you go to put weight on the ankle you landed on, you cry out in pain once more and fall against the table you had grabbed onto for leverage.

“Darling, what happened?” Lin’s face was etched with worry as he reached your side. You are, once again, on the floor, clasping your ankle. He sits beside you. You grimace as pain lances through your foot and ankle.

“I tripped on the rug and landed on my ankle wrong. I can’t put any weight on it.” You sigh, placing your face in your hands, willing the tears to go away. To your surprise, Lin gently pulls the injured ankle into his lap. He quickly and carefully discards the high heeled shoe so he can inspect the injury. His soft touch glides over the now throbbing joint. You wince when he hits the most painful spot.

He frowned as he continued to check your injured ankle, as you continue to make noises of discomfort. “This tobillo doesn’t look good, cariña.” This is the first time he had used some of his native language in front of you.

“I’m sorry?” you ask, as you watch him look for something. “I didn’t understand what you just said. Was it in Spanish?”

He walks back over to you, “Yes, I said, your ankle doesn’t look good.”

“What was that other word you said?” You try your best to say the other Spanish word he had said, but fail miserably.

Lin chuckles under his breath. “I called you cariña. It means sweetheart.” He rubs the back of his neck nervously.

You smile up at him. “I like that.” He visibly relaxes and his smile returns momentarily.

He quickly lifts you. “Lin, what are you doing?”

“I’m taking my cariña to the doctor. She is in pain and that is something that I cannot stand.” He quickly made his way to the infirmary.

“Where is Y/N?” The queen asks your maid when you are now 30 minutes late for breakfast. She is about to say something when a guard opens the double doors that lead into the hall.

“Forgive us, your majesties, for our tardiness.” Lin’s voice rang throughout the hall as he carried you in. “The princess fell and injured her ankle. I was close by when she called out and I took her to get the medical attention she needed.” The servants scrambled to make you comfortable as Lin sat you down in your chair, before taking his own at your side.

“Darling, are you alright?” Your mother implored.

“Yes, Mama. I’ll be fine in a few days. The doctor said that I didn’t break it, just sprained. I don’t know what I would have done if Lin wasn’t nearby.” You grab his hand and lightly squeeze it.

“Oh, dearest! What about your party? You won’t be able to dance.” She frowned.

You smile. “It’s okay. There’s only one that I want to dance with and he’s not going anywhere.” You grin at Lin and he mirrors your smile.

“It’s lovely to see that the two of you are getting along.” Your father comments.

The rest of breakfast went smoothly and slowly transitioned into a wedding planning session.

A servant walked into the kitchen, bringing back dishes from the dining hall. “There is no way.” He mumbled under his breath. The cook heard him.

“What are you grumbling about this time?”

“Cookie, I think that the engagement between the prince and princess isn’t a love match. I think it’s an arranged marriage.”

She gasps. “You hush your mouth!!  I won’t have you spreading nasty rumors in my kitchen!” With that, Cookie slapped his hand and sent him on his way, a scowl on his face.

After spending the day beginning to plan the wedding, an idea that you previously had been dreading, was now quite enjoyable. Lin stayed by your side the whole day, catering to your every need. He was also very involved with the decision-making. When presented with a choice, he would offer his input and would help find compromises when needed.

“I don’t know what flowers to choose.” You had already begun to look to Lin for help.

“Well, my mother’s favorite is the lily and your favorite color is blue, so…” Lin grabbed the pink and white lilies and combined them with the royal blue bluebells and presented them to you.

You gasp. “Lin, they’re beautiful. Yes, the stargazer lilies with the bluebells. And I want the pink in the lilies and the blue of the bluebells to be our wedding colors.” You turn to look at Lin. “Darling, are you wearing your uniform for the wedding or a tuxedo?”

Your mother chimed in before Lin had a chance to speak. “Oh, his dress blues will look wonderful with the color scheme you’ve pick out, dear.”

Lin grinned down at you. “I’ll wear whatever you want me to.”

You smile as you look around the room. So much had been decided in the past few hours.

A deep double tap of the herald’s staff got everyone’s attention. “The caterer had arrived.”
All of a sudden, the table was cleared of all the fabrics and flowers and was set up for a tasting that would double as lunch.

Lin leaned over to whisper in your ear. “How’s the tobillo, mi cariña? Any pain?” His use of the words he had introduced you to earlier made you smile.

“A little, my prince. The doctor’s recommendations has helped tremendously.” Your foot had been elevated while alternating between warm compresses and ice packs to slow the swelling, but the painkillers that you had been given had begun to wear off. You blush as you let him know that you might need some of the painkillers because the pain was beginning to grow.

A servant was passing by when Lin signaled for him to come back. “Could you, please, go to the doctor and fetch some painkillers for the princess’ ankle?”

The servant bowed. “Of course, your highness. Right away.” With that, he had rapidly left the hall.

You had expected Lin to stay in his chair beside you, but he got up and looked as if he was going to leave. What you didn’t see coming was your fiancé, moving to where your ankle was resting. With a gentle touch, he lifted the affected appendage and placed it in his lap. He began to lightly massage the tender area and you felt calmed and soothed. “Is this okay?” He asked, while surrounding your foot and ankle with a soothing caress.

You smile, “Wonderful, thank you.”

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