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Here they are! All 9 of my PlayChoices mc bios. It’s a little obvious I’ve thought about some backgrounds more than others, I also try not to get too specific since we could get more details about characters in the future. But anyway, these are my children and I love them ^_^ 

Mystery Maiden

ARTIST’S NOTE: My entry for Round Two of the @playchoices giveaway. The drawing features one of my favorite characters, my The Royal Romance M/C, Freya Maricus. I love how she’s headstrong, always rising to the occasion and putting down those that try to take her out. Even after that torrent of final events, I’m confident that she’ll get back with her head held high, more determined than ever as she shows them that she’s not backing down quite that easily.

Character Bios, Pt 1.: The Royal Romance MC 

Name: Eleanor Christine Sloane
Birthday: April 25th
Age: 24
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Favorite Colors: Black and Red
Education: Bachelors in History & Political Science
Parents: Michael Sloane and Jennifer Stevens-Sloane
Siblings: None
Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut

Eleanor is the only child of Michael and Jennifer Sloane. Her father was a banker, her mother a pharmacist. Eleanor grew up financially comfortable, attending private schools and participating in various extracurriculars—basketball was her favorite and she was the star of the girls basketball team in high school.  

After high school, Eleanor double majored in history and political science, with the intention of getting her Masters degree when she was finished. But the sudden, traumatic death of her parents during her senior year of college, derailed her plans.

Eleanor forced herself to focus on her studies and managed to still graduate on time. But she decided against grad school as she knew she wasn’t in the right place emotionally. She turned down an offer from her aunt and uncle to go live with them in San Francisco and decided to just take some time to heal.

Her parents had left her financially comfortable, so she didn’t have an immediate need to find a job, and she decided to go to New York with her cousin Evie for a while.

But Eleanor was not the type to be idle, so she decided to take a waitressing job until she could figure out what to do with the rest of her life. That way she wouldn’t have to worry about burning through her inheritance and it’s also a good distraction. Eleanor chose to work as a waitress because she likes the parade of new faces, hearing people’s stories and learning a little about them and it helped distract her from sad thoughts.

While she dated, Eleanor was selective about who she went out with and has never found anyone she wanted to be serious about. Eleanor a romantic at heart and even though she knows it’s silly, she believes in soulmates and love at first sight and none of the guys she’s dated have ever been more than ‘nice’.

Then a certain prince walked into her bar and her whole life changed forever…

Royal Bio: Princess Sofia of Sweden

◆ Sofia Kristina Hellqvist

◆ born December 6, 1984 in Täby

◆ wife of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden

◆ daughter of Erik and Marie Hellqvist

◆ Duchess of Värmland

◆ has two sisters, Lina and Sara

◆ fully styled and titled as Her Royal Highness Princess Sofia, Duchess of Värmland

◆ christened on May 26, 1985 at Tibble Church

◆ raised in Älvdalen, Dalarna

◆ attended the New York Institute of English and Business, specializing in accounting and business development, and Stockholm University, where she took courses in global ethics and children’s rights

◆ former waitress and glamour model

◆ won the 2004 Miss Slitz competition

◆ participated in the Swedish reality television show Paradise Hotel in 2005

◆ a certified yoga instructor

◆ started a yoga business in Manhattan

◆ began dating Carl Philip in 2010

◆ began living with Carl Philip at a private villa in Djurgården in 2011

◆ became engaged on June 27, 2014

◆ wears a brilliant-cut diamond halo engagement ring, partially designed by Prince Carl Philip

◆ married on June 13, 2015 in Stockholm

◆ wore a custom gown designed by Ida Sjöstedt and a new diamond and emerald tiara gifted to her by the king and queen

◆ first child, Prince Alexander, born on April 19, 2016

◆ resides at Drottningholm Palace

◆ volunteered in Ghana during September and October 2009 by visiting an orphanage and helping to build a women’s center

◆ president of Project Playground, a South African based nonprofit organization she founded in 2010

◆ has attended several major royal events, such as Princess Madeleine’s wedding, the christenings of princesses Estelle and Leonore, the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, the opening of Parliament, and Victoriadagen

◆ holds two domestic honors:

  ◇ Member of the Royal Order of the Seraphi
  ◇ Member of the Royal Family Order of King Carl XVI Gustaf, 2nd Clas

◆ upholds a strict vegetarian diet

◆ announced second pregnancy on March 23, 2017

        “Every man, every King, should have some kind of skill”

Full name: Francis II de Valois
Years of age: 21
Title / Rank: King of France, King consort of Scotland
Nationality: French
Face claim: Toby Regbo { Negotiable }
Availability: Taken


Francis was the firstborn of Queen Catherine de’ Medici and King Henry II de Valois. He was born eleven years after his parents’ wedding. He was named after his grandfather, King Francis I de Valois. He was betrothed to Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, at the age of four, and that was the beginning of the alliance between Scotland and France. Once the marriage agreement was formally ratified, Francis got to meet Mary when she arrived at court, being two years older than him. They got along from the very first day they met; Francis and Mary played together as if they had known each other for a long time. Despite Mary’s presence at the French court, Francis education was the main care of his mother. His governor was a Greek scholar originally from Naples. He was educated in many fields and he also learned dancing and fencing. Francis grew into a fine young man with ravishing looks, he was quite the ladies-man and slightly cheeky. His half-brother was his best friend and his mother his guardian, always seeking the best for him. It was always apparent to him that his father favored his older half-brother, Sebastian de Poitiers, over him, but that was never a reason for the two brothers to argue over. As it was expected of him, Francis became a great archer and he taught himself skills to match his modern people, such as the art of making knives and swords. He had many affairs and his family, and especially his older brother, always teased him about being over so many girls and chasing after them. Even well after his betrothed arrived at court at an older age to seal the betrothal with a wedding, he still continued having affairs. However, these stopped when he decided to give his betrothal to Mary a chance, given he also found her very attractive.

Francis became his father’s successor to the throne before he could wed to his betrothal. He became focused into ruling his country, being a just and honorable King, but his reign was damned from the beginning. The first years of his reign, people doubt for he seemed to have little care for France and its people, was seen flirting with a foreign Princess numerous times, and there were even reports of him visiting her chambers. With Queen Mary away to reassure her people about the alliance with France, Francis was unruly. Things became even worse when it became knows that the assassin of King Henry II was left unpunished. The country fell into a spiral of downfall, and when Francis tried to make things better, the plague came. There was a rough couple of years for France and people feared for their lives, the nation in despair. The King blamed himself for being a bad ruler for his people and once the fear of the plague was pass, he had hopes of making a strong nation. However, once again France was in danger when the upcoming Queen of England, Elizabeth Tudor, and her supporters threatened the borders of France, and the nation lived with the fear of war. The King’s army managed very well and Francis was for once praised by the people. He traveled to England and managed to sign a peace treaty with the newly crowned Queen. Right after his return, he married Queen Mary in a private ceremony, first, and then they had a grand wedding and celebration. Things have been looking promising for the King and Francis remains focused on his beloved wife and politics, using his skills to be the King he was meant to be, loved by his people and praised by all.

♔Flaws & Virtues
  • noble, just, loyal
  • insecure, doubtful, strong-willed

Mary Stuart — His has knows Mary every since he was a little boy and they have been together through tough times. Good and bad times. Francis loves her and would die for her. Their marriage was not only for duty but of love too, which makes their bond even stronger. 
Catherine de’ Medici  He has a loving bond with his mother and he loves her despite what they have been together due to her disliking for his once betrothed and now wife. He tries to converse with her and rush into judgement, knowing that what she does she does for the Valois House and she has her children’s best interest at heart.
Sebastian de Poitiers, Claude de Valois, Charles IX de Valois  Francis gets along with all of his siblings, though he does have a stronger, closer bond with his older brother, Sebastian. He tries to provide some kind of guidance for his younger siblings, but it becomes especially hard with Charles, who he finds is more interested in the ladies at court rather than politics. He is protective over all of his siblings, but even more of his only sister, Claude.
Marie de Valois His aunt had been away for many years and Francis hardly remembers her. However, he is aware that she is a smart woman with connection and he wishes to get to know her again, often seeks her views and opinion regarding both personal matters and political ones.
Damien Oyre, Nicholas Richerd, Leonardo d’ Este, Joseph Cote dit Lefrise  His council members and men he trusts with not only to guide him with the best interest at heart, not only keep France safe and its people, but also himself, too, given his position and the enemies he has made through the years. He has personally chosen every person most suitable for each position and therefore trusts and respects these men’s work and opinions. 

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Jeremy Petrov || 17 || Prince Of Bulgaria || Steven McQueen

                          He was quiet. The youngest of three and the first in line for the Bulgarian throne meant that Jeremy Petrov almost always had eyes on him. He learned not to speak, in fear of someone finding issue in what he was saying. There were downsides to his instincts, of course- the pang of fear whenever he had to speak up, the way his tutors had taught him to when grooming him for the throne.
                          Taking the throne was not something he planned to do because he wanted it- Jeremy didn’t want much of anything, so the duty he was born to overtake seemed like a simple enough answer. His future was bleak, as far as he was concerned. Without much of any ambition for his future beyond the obligation of leading his country, he didn’t find much to look forward to. One day Jeremy was expected to find a wife, and after that he was expected to provide heirs ( or maybe expected to expect his wife to provide heirs would be a more accurate answer ), but even those things only filled him with an odd sort of oppressive obligation rather than any sort of pleasure.
                          But that was the way their world worked.


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royalinstituterp  asked:

Hello Apple! We’re a skeleton/bio rp that has been up and running for over 2 years (since 2012) and now we’re back stronger than ever! We’d LOVE to recruit more members, may we please get a shoutout? We’re a simple plot that revolves around high school/college boarding school students, royal students. Future Kings and Queens from around the world all stuffed in the gates of a school castle is anything but simple in fact, possibly even worse than you could imagine. Thank you!

even though this is set in the 19th century, this lowkey made me think of the princess diaries 2 and that the party mia had with all of the princesses. LIT. everyone go check them out!


An Annotated Guide to Napoleon’s Apartment

Back before the decision was made to keep the heros of UNCLE deliberately mysterious, the early development notes (parts of which you can see here and here) actually had quite a lot to say about their apartments and home lives. One scene set in Napoleon’s apartment was even shot for the pilot episode, though it didn’t make the TV cut, probably trimmed out for time. Nonetheless, the full scene did appear in the film length cut, To Trap A Spy, and the original colour pilot (included as a DVD box set extra), and so survives to this day.

Whether you count the scene as ‘canon’ is really up to you, but if you’re looking for a semi-official model for what Napoleon’s lounge room might have looked like, here’s a version you could actually have caught in cinemas during the original run of the show.

Screencaps above cover just about everything we see as they move around the room, with a few notes of my own on notable features.

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Royal Bio: Prince George of Cambridge

◆ George Alexander Louis

◆ born July 22, 2013 at 4:24 PM local time at St. Mary’s Hospital in London

◆ oldest child and only son of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

◆ 3rd in line to the British throne

◆ expected to follow his father and grandfather as king one day

◆ will likely reign as George VII

◆ the name George may be a nod to his paternal great-grandfather George VI, Louis is one of his father’s middle names

◆ fully styled and titled as a prince of the United Kingdom, HRH Prince George of Cambridge in accordance with letters patent signed by the queen in 2012

◆ first grandchild of The Prince of Wales and fourth great-grandchild of HM The Queen

◆ christened on October 23, 2013 in the Royal Chapel of St. James Palace in London

◆ godparents include Zara Phillips Tindall (his father’s first cousin), William van Cutsem, The Honourable Julia Samuel, Hugh Grosvenor, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Emilia Jardine-Paterson, and Oliver Baker (all family friends)

◆ went on a three week tour of Australia and New Zealand with his parents in April 2014

◆ made a balcony appearance at Trooping the Colour in June 2015

◆ attended his sister’s christening in July 2015

Royal Bio: Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

◆ Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

◆ born May 2, 2015 at 8:34 AM local time at St. Mary’s Hospital in London

◆ second child and only daughter of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

◆ 4th in line to the British throne

◆ first British princess born whom cannot be displaced by anyone, due to recent equal-primogeniture law changes

Charlotte is the french feminine version of her paternal grandfather’s name, Charles

◆ named Elizabeth in honor of her paternal great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and Diana in memory of her paternal grandmother the late Diana, Princess of Wales

◆ fully styled and titled as a princess of the United Kingdom, HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

◆ second grandchild of The Prince of Wales and fifth great-grandchild of HM The Queen

◆ christened on July 5, 2015 at St. Mary Magdalene Church at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, where her late grandmother was also christened

◆ godparents include The Honourable Laura Fellowes (her father’s first cousin), Adam Middleton (her mother’s first cousin), Sophie Carter, James Meade, and Thomas van Straubenzee (all family friends)

◆ likely to be titled as The Princess Royal at some point in the future when her father sits the throne

◆ accompanied her parents and brother on an official visit to Canada in September 2016

Royal Bio: Prince Oscar of Sweden

◆ Oscar Carl Olof

◆ born March 2, 2016 at 20:28 CET in Solna, Sweden

◆ second child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

◆ Duke of Skåne, a title last held by Gustaf VI Adolf

◆ 3rd in line to the Swedish throne, replacing his uncle Prince Carl Philip

◆ Sweden’s first male prince that could not displace an elder sister to become heir at birth, due to equal inheritance laws

◆ The only way he could assume the throne is if his elder sister, Princess Estelle, voluntarily abdicates or predeceases him

◆ Oscar is a traditional Bernadotte royal name and has been held by two Swedish kings (Oscar I & Oscar II) 

◆ Carl presumably honors his maternal grandfather and maternal uncle

◆ Olof honors the first name of Prince Daniel, whom was born Olof Daniel Westling

◆ christened on May 27, 2016 at the Royal Chapel of Stockholm Palace

◆ godson of Princess Madeleine of Sweden (maternal aunt), Crown Prince Frederik of DenmarkCrown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, Oscar Magnuson (maternal cousin once removed), and Hans Åström (paternal cousin once removed)

◆ appointed as a knight of the Royal Order of the Seraphim upon birth

◆ also appointed as a knight of the Order of Charles XIII upon birth

Royal Bio: Prince Nicolas of Sweden
(photo by Princess Madeleine)

◆ Nicolas Paul Gustaf

◆ born June 15, 2015 at 1:45 PM at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm

◆ second child of Princess Madeleine and Christopher O’Neill

◆ third grandchild and first grandson of Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia

◆ made Duke of Ångermanland upon birth

◆ 8th in line to the Swedish throne

◆ must be raised in Sweden in order to be eligible for ascension, per the Swedish constitution

◆ named Nicolas because it was originally supposed to be his father Christopher’s birth name

◆ named Paul for his father (and paternal grandfather) and Gustaf most closely for his maternal grandfather Carl Gustaf, although the Swedish Royal Family’s history is littered with the name Gustaf

◆ fully styled and titled as His Royal Highness Prince Nicolas of Sweden, Duke of Ångermanland

◆ Carl XVI Gustaf decreed prior to Leonore’s birth that any children born to Princess Madeleine would be titled, styled as HRH, and given a place in the line of succession

◆ his titles and succession inclusion are somewhat of a break with tradition as he is matrilineally royal (his father declined a title) and is apparently being raised outside of Sweden

◆ christened at Drottningholm Palace on October 11, 2015

◆ godson of Prince Carl Philip (maternal uncle), Natascha Abensberg und Traun (paternal aunt), Henry d'Abo (paternal uncle), Gustaf Magnuson (maternal cousin once removed), Katarina von Horn (family friend) and Marco Wajselfisz, (family friend)

◆ resides in London

◆ presented with the honor of Knight of the Royal Order of the Seraphim at christening (bestowed at birth)

◆ Knight of the Order of Charles XIII upon birth

◆ member of the Church of Sweden