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Sources tell me that the Duchess of Cambridge is now ‘highly unlikely’ to be well enough to drop #PrinceGeogre off to school tomorrow. I’m told that while a final decision will be made in the morning, Kate hasn’t been well at all this week.She’s desperate to be there, though.
I’m told that while pregnant Kate desperately wanted to be with Prince George on his first day at Thomas’s Battersea, she’s been really sick.
Don’t forget #PrinceGeorge will still have his daddy, Prince William, with him when he starts big school.
—  Rebecca English on Twitter

Right. Let’s get this out of the way. Kate is less than 12 weeks. 85% of miscarriages happen in the first 12 weeks and 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Any woman who announces a pregnancy before that mark knows that she is risking a great deal. She knows that if she has a miscarriage she will then have to tell people there won’t be a baby. Miscarriage of a wanted child is devastating. Most of you will have no idea how much it hurts, physically and emotionally, but I do. Now to have to announce that not just to family and friends but to the entire world would be a pain I would never wish on anyone. Think of the ache you felt when Zara miscarried and had to publicly announce it. Kate knows the publicity around her pregnancy will be more intense and far less sympathetic. No woman would announce a pregnancy before 12 weeks to get out of shaking hands for 90 minutes. No woman would announce a pregnancy before 12 weeks to overshadow her brother in law (which she would have done anyway with her engagement) who she has never said a bad word about and who has never said a bad word about her that was confirmed by a named source. And Kate would certainly not be so desperate to skip work or overshadow Harry if it meant she might miss out on her son’s first day of school. She is not a sociopath. She’s just a pregnant lady. The conspiracy theories are insane and ignorant of real people with real feelings, who risk a lot with this announcement.


Hello everyone,

It’s been a good two years since I last posted here, I think.

Today, the announcement of the third baby Cambridge made me want to come here. I have given deep thought on everything I wrote about the Cambridges, Harry’s girlfriends, Harry himself, of the past 6 years of blog. I came back here and read some of the comments I had answered years ago, and couldn’t help but notice how judgemental I was. 

Judgemental of people I don’t know. Judgemental on how they should live their lives. I judged people based on my own idea and perspective of what was right or wrong. But who says I’m right when I say someone else’s choice of dress, girlfriend or charity is right or wrong? That’s just a matter of opinion. And I have worn my opinion on my finger tips as if it was the absolute truth and splashed away all sorts of unkind, not-understanding and mean comments. For that, I am embarrassed.

Coming back here made me realise how much I’ve grown up since I first started this blog. I was a teenager when I first posted a picture of Harry, whilst completely infatuated with the Royal Wedding in 2011. Harry caught my eyes wearing that Princely uniform, and soon I fell for the kind and caring human being that he is. That’s why I decided to start this blog. 

Somehow and somewhere over the years I lost focus. I got carried away and commented on Harry’s personal life, fiercely judged his ex/girfriends, his family (specially his brother and sister in law). I was probably influenced by other people who followed the Royals a lot longer than me, and I shouldn’t have done. But that, is my own fault.

I am here today to end a journey and I couldn’t end it properly without apologising. I know that the people affected by my mean comments will probably never read this, or even know that I exist, but I need to let it out of my chest.

I am really sorry for having intruded Harry’s personal life by looking for and looking through his private social media accounts. I am sorry for having judged every single decision he made in his love life, specially because that is none of my business. I am sorry for having spread meanness instead of kindness. I am sorry for not understanding then, that Royals and royal relatives are human beings and for writing such harsh words when I judged they’d wronged.

My days of being a royal watcher and follow their every move are over. I will always have the great admiration I’ve always had, for William and Kate. Yes, Kate. I admire her patience and her strength to fight for something and someone she really loved. The result of her perseverance… three gracious children and a beautiful family. And I am happy to be here, not caring about what other bloggers or anonymous commenters are going to think about me expressing my admiration of Kate. 

And Harry. Well, I’ll always love him. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for him. I think, more than ever, that he is a great role model. Even though I might not always agree with the steps he takes in life, now I know and respect that those, are private decisions that don’t concern me. To him, I have to always be grateful. He opened my eyes and showed me that you can do good and bring happiness wherever you are and wherever you go.

I hope Harry, his family and every single person I’ve wrongly judged on this blog have a nice, happy and fulfilled life. 

Lots of love.



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child 👶💞. But Catherine is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum as with her previous two pregnancies. I hope she will feel better very soon 💕💜 -September 4th 2017.
OMG 😱😭❤. Congratulations to them 👏💞😍.
Photo : Prince William , Duke of Cambridge , Prince George of Cambridge , Catherine , Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge view helicopter models H145 and H135 before departing from Hamburg airport on the last day of their official visit to Poland and Germany in Hamburg , Germany 󾓨 -July 21st 2017.
They will be soon five 🙌💜💕.

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My God I can't believe it. *someone* is already saying that the baby is just an excuse for W&K to avoid working more... Smh. Can't they just be happy for them ?

Honestly you can tell these people have never been pregnant if they think that it’s a good way to avoid work. I don’t consider vomiting constantly and giving up control of my own body because I’m GROWING A DAMN HUMAN that I will eventually push out of my tiny vagina to be exactly a holiday. Kate and William obviously wanted a third baby, and it’s their human right to choose to have one. The option is to do it now when they’ve only just become full time and are still building their way up or in a couple of years when they’re completely full time and kate will be giving up hundreds of engagements for maternity leave instead of the dozens she’ll give up now. Long term, this is the better option but these people are obviously sad, sexist and desperate for attention so no matter when kate got pregnant it would be the wrong time


jill’s infinite list of favorite royal outfits (daytime looks) ⤀ catherine, the duchess of cambridge visits baker street station to celebrate 150 years of the tube wearing a by malene birger teal embellished coat and a whiteley hat & co. beret style hat with coordinating accessories on march 20th, 2013.