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Milestones in Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia’s life since their engagement (2014 - present) 

The couple have just announced they are expecting their second child, due in September 2017. Congratulations to Carl Philip, Sofia and little Alexander on the newest addition to their family!

Kensington Palace has announced that Prince William , Duke of Cambridge and Catherine , Duchess of Cambridge’s third child will be born in April 2018 “The Duke and Duchess are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in April 2018” 👶💕 -October 17th 2017.
I am so happy for them 😍💞🍼.
Photo : Catherine , Duchess of Cambridge attends the Charities Forum Event at Paddington Station in London , England 🚂 -October 16th 2017.
Her cute baby bump and they look so happy 💟👶💑.


“Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are delighted to announce they have become the proud parents of their second child: a little boy . The baby was born today on March 2 at 8:28 pm.Both mother and child are doing well.”- Swedish Royal Court 

Congratulations to Victoria, Daniel and Estelle on the newest addition to their family!


First and second born:

1. The birth of Prince William to parents The Prince and Princess of Wales (June 21, 1982)

2. Prince George’s birth to parents The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (July 22, 2013)

3. The birth of Prince Harry to parents The Prince and Princess of Wales (September 15, 1984)

4. Princess Charlotte’s birth to parents The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (May 2, 2015)

Bleach characters react to the royal baby's birth

As requested by starrkdani. :)

Bleach characters, the royal baby has been born! Your thoughts?

Ichigo: Oh my goodness…

Ichigo: T-the Soul King had a baby??

Sasakibe: Um

Ishida: The Soul King cannot have a baby, Kurosaki.

Ichigo: Unless the Soul King is a secret woman!

Ichigo: That happens a lot, you know.

Ichigo: A lot.

Sasakibe: Um guys?

Sentoki: Um I think we in Squad 0 would know if the Soul King had a baby.

Sentoki: And he didn’t.

Sasakibe: Guys this isn’t…

Soi Fon: Yeah ‘cause you Squad 0 guys are SO perfect!


Sasakibe: ON EARTH



Ichigo: Oh!

Soi Fon: Well this is pointless then.

Soi Fon: Why would we soul reapers care if some human world leaders had a baby?

Ukitake: Oh my goodness! Look at him! Look at the baby!

Ukitake: He is so wiggly!

Ukitake: Wiggle wiggle wiggle!

Soi Fon: Other than Ukitake I mean.

Ulquiorra: This human baby is royal progeny?

Ulquiorra: What sort of powers does he have?

Gin: None, I’m afraid. He’s just an average baby.

Ukitake: A WIGGLY baby!

Gin: An average wiggly baby.

Ulquiorra: Then I agree with the female soul reaper. There is little reason for us to care.

Yamamoto: Especially since that baby will probably never be king. The queen is still young and fit.

Chad: Actually she is a little old.

Chad: [looks at Yamamoto]

Chad: Never mind.

Byakuya: I do not buy that this baby is royal.

Byakuya: Where is his scarf of royalty? Where are his hair pieces?

Sasakibe: The baby is British.

Byakuya: …

Byakuya: Do they not have scarves in Britain?

Grimmjow: Why are we even still talking about this? Babies are pointless and dull!

Sasakibe: Y-you people need to stop ruining this!

Sasakibe: SOME of us think it’s exciting! SOME of us are interested in what happens to the royal family! SOME of us maybe want to enjoy and appreciate the news!



Sasakibe: Only Ukitake is allowed to watch the news with me from now on.

UNITED KINGDOM, London : Town crier Tony Appleton makes an announment of the birth of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William’s second child, a daughter, outside the Lindo wing at St Mary’s hospital in central London, on May 2, 2015. The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a daughter weighing 8lbs 3oz, Kensington Palace announced. AFP PHOTO / BEN STANSALL