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Prince Aladdin

i just rewatched aladdin with the roommates and it got me thinking

aladdin wishes to be made a prince, but all genie does is get him a lot of stuff and money. that’s not what a prince is. a prince is the son of the king, someone in line for the throne. someone with a lot of money is just - rich. so what i think is:

genie goes okay, that’s a big one - and i can do it! but not on my own, not if you want to do it right. not if you truly want a chance to marry your princess for real, as a prince. and aladdin is a foolish, moral, kind boy - and he agrees. he’s fallen in love with jasmine, an innocent all encompassing love, and he’ll do anything for this sweet, clever girl he only knew for a few hours. so genie takes him across the desert, far from agrabah, and plops right in the middle of a skirmish and is like okay, good luck! and aladdin is like ?????

but there’s assholes with swords attacking a young girl, and aladdin doesn’t even have to think about that, just like when he stood in front of the whip for those little kids. there are three men against him, but he’s fast and clever and has been against a dozen trained palace guards. so it’s not easy to get out of there alive, especially with the little girl to protect, but he manages it with only a thin slice on his upper arm, and he’s endured worse for less. so he picks up the little girl and says “i think we should get out of here, hmm?” and she’s in a pretty red silk getup with tiny jewels encrusted on her like stars against sunset. and she nods and throws her arms around his neck. she won’t talk, only points in the direction of home, but aladdin’s okay with that, he’s used to quiet, scared kids. so he keeps up a steady stream of stories of agrabah, which seems almost like this other desert land. but there are more men with swords and aladdin is like what the fuck is going on, but he hides the girl in a corner and fights them too. and that’s how it goes all the way home. there’s no one on the streets really, and they all scatter when the men attack, and they keep on attacking, he fights his way all the way through the city with the girl on his hip or hidden away.

and he should have known, of course, but he was tired and bruised and bleeding by the time he realized the little girl is silently guiding him to the palace and he’s like why can’t you princesses stay inside??? but he walks up and the guards get one look at the child in his arms and whisk him through and multiple people try to take the girl away but she won’t budge from him, a stubborn pout to her lips as her hands remained locked behind his neck. and he’s finally tossed into a throne room where a tall old man is sitting in agony and two young men pace in front of him, each at least a decade older than aladdin. “they’ve taken our sister!” one of the younger men hiss, “i don’t care about their power or their connections, they’ve taken esfir, and we must go get her!”

“uh,” he clears his throat, “hi?”

and all three men whirl on him and the old man stumble-runs to him. esfir finally lets go of aladdin to picked up and twirled around by her father. the two men are rahim and shapur and they look in wonder at this dirty boy of fifteen who’s returned the girl to them, and he speaks with an accent and clearly is not from here and they get the story from him - he’s traveled across the desert because those in his own country want him dead. “you know,” rahim says as the king clutches at esfir in desperate relief, “you could have held her for ransom. you almost died saving her, and we would have paid handsomely to have her returned safely.”

and aladdin gives him a flat disapproving look, appearing in this moment four times his age, and says “people are not objects or bargaining chips. especially not lost little girls.” and rahim and shapur share an impressed conspiring look and they each grab one of his arms and lead him away. “hey! what are you -”

“do be quiet little brother,” shapur says cheerfully, “we really have to get you out of your rags.”

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“So you see,” said the Royal Advisor, wringing his hands, “the curse states the princess will die on the night before her twenty-fifth birthday–”

“Hang on,” said the princess, “‘ON the night before’–”

The Advisor nodded grimly.

“So what you’re saying is that, until that one specific date, I am effectively immortal?”

“Technically yes, but then–” the King stammered.

“Wow,” said the princess, who was sixteen and did not possess amazing impulse control. “I’m gonna go teach myself how to juggle chainsaws while hang gliding over shark-infested waters, catch you chuckleheads later.”

Voltron Frozen!AU


-Ice Queen Allura

-Her younger (and lonely) brother, Lance

-Coran, the faithful royal advisor and caretaker 

-The charming Prince Lotor of the Galra Kingdom

-Ice boy Keith and his reindeer, Red

-Hunk loves warm hugs don’t fight me on this

-Lance ofc falls for Lotor bc Lotor is nice and sweet and makes him feel worthwhile (like a lot of Lancelot hcs)

-Then he has to deal with Keith, who talks to his reindeer and is rude (and possibly a little crazy wt the boulder thing)


-Hunk is ready to melt for Lance and also this sunshine boy needs some sun

-Fuck yeah Lance punches Lotor in the face

-L a n g s t

-White haired! Altean Lance bc that happens too in this story

-N then theres Shiro with the white streak

-where did it come from?

-another snow wielder?

-who knows

-find out in the sequel

EDIT: For those asking about Pidge, I’m not really sure but I think she/they would come in like Shiro-after the original plot. Feel free to add your own ideas if you’d like

I get why a lot of people hate the whole princess culture aimed at little girls. There’s a hell of a lot of toxic bullshit in there.

But when I was a tiny princess, my dad used to be my royal advisor. He would come to me, and over tea we would discuss the problems of the kingdom. He would tell me that new people wanted to move to the kingdom, and ask me what we should do. Or he would tell me that the teddybears and the dolls were fighting over the enchanted forest, and ask me what to do. Basically, he took the trappings of the princess culture, and used it as a tool to teach me about leadership, civic responsibility, and compassion. 

So if you have a little princess around, consider helping her figure out how to run her kingdom. There’s no sense in telling a kid they can’t be a leader, or that they can’t wear sparkles while they do it. 

hey!! so a lot of you were asking about the day and night universe and how stuff works there and i tried to think of something less half-assed and seriously thought this through. and i would like to warn you if you were expecting some kind of science related explanation or something cries i deeply apologize

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Beauty and the Beasts

Originally posted by lokiandbooks

Summary: Fairy Tale AU. Reader is the child of Steven Rogers, the King of a poor land about to be attacked by a dragon. They call upon the Trickster, Loki, for protection. But is the price of his help too high for him to pay?

Pairing: Loki x reader

Warnings: None really, might be light swears, I don’t remember. 

A/N: Uh… so this might be a series if people like it… In the title Beasts is correct, it’s plural for a reason, but it’s not revealed in this chapter. So yeah… Oh and it is kinda supposed to be a Once Upon a Time ish story. 


It was a sound like thunder from the north. The outskirts of the kingdom were ablaze and the king had called council with his best knights and advisors. His daughter sat quietly on a throne next to her mother. The young girl glanced around at the knights.

There was the Sir Thor, known as the Knight of the Storm. He came from somewhere unknown. There was Lady Romanoff, she was strong and had a quick wit. She may have even been the very best of the guard. Romanoff was often seen with the archer, Clint Barton. He never missed a shot and had the sharpest eye of all the knights. Lastly there was Y/n’s betrothed, Anthony Stark.

Stark was cocky, but smart. He was was inventive and could work his way out of any problem. Of course he was handsome, but Y/n did not love him. Unfortunately Sir Stark seemed to fancy the idea of trying to win her affections with flirting and daring acts of foolish bravery. Neither of them had a say on the matter of marriage, King Steven had planned their betrothal the day his daughter was born.

“Your Highness, why do you not send forth your knights?” Anthony Stark asked irritably from his seat.

“You may be a great swordsman, Stark, but none of you are a match for the dragon.” The king replied.

“What will you have us do?” Asked Lady Romanoff. “Sit and watch as the innocent die?” The King sighed and one of the advisors cleared his throat.

“May I make a suggestion your Highness?” Bruce Banner was the foremost royal advisor, as well as the royal family’s doctor. The king nodded for Bruce to continue. “Sir Thor… Your adopted brother is a sorcerer, is he not?”

The council was in immediate uproar once the question left Banner’s lips. Thor did indeed have an adopted brother, but he was full of black magic and evil illusions.

“How dare you even think to ask The Dark One for assistance.” Said Sir Barton. “You know magic always comes with a price.”

“The Trickster cannot be trusted. He would take what he wanted and leave us to die.” Said Stark. While the Knights argued with Bruce, the King said nothing. Sir Thor took notice.

“Your Majesty, your mind seems to be elsewhere.” He said. Steve looked around the table of knights and advisors.

“I agree with Banner.” He said. They began to protest, but he silenced them. “He is the best option we have if we want to save our people.”

“Right you are King Rogers.” Declared a new voice. He stood in the doorway, Loki, The Dark One. The Beast, the Trickster. Tony rose to his feet and drew his sword, thrusting the tip toward Loki’s chest.

Before the blade could even reach him, Stark was surrounded in what appeared to be a blue cloud that froze him in place. With a roll of his icy eyes he stepped out from in front of Stark’s frozen form and snapped his fingers. Tony was set back into motion and the follow through of his sword only struck the air where Loki had once stood. Confused, he looked around only to find Loki’s smirking figure completely unscathed. There was a brief moment where he thought about striking again, but he lowered his blade instead, keeping a watchful eye on the sorcerer. Seeing that Tony had - mostly - given up, Loki turned toward the King.

“I’ve seen your kingdom’s distress, your Highness.” The way he said the word ‘highness’ was not out of respect, it was a mocking tone. “ And I am indeed willing to help you.” Thor stood from his spot at the table to stand between the King and his brother.

“What would you plan on doing to help us? How would you defeat the dragon?” Thor questioned. Loki gave a lopsided smirk in reply.

“Lovely to see you too, brother.” He said, Thor scowled. “I see there are no time for pleasantries.” Thor frowned sadly. Y/N frowned too, she knew how upsetting it was for Thor to see his brother so absorbed in black magic. “My plan is simple. Very few things can pierce the hide of a dragon, magic is one of these things. It just so happens, that in my collection, I have an arrow.” Loki moved his hand in an upward motion and a flick of his wrist, in a puff of blue smoke an arrow appeared in his hand. “I’ve been told Sir Barton never misses a shot, if he aims for the head with this arrow the dragon will die.”

There was a small amount of awe from the council, even the King was intrigued. Thor was still frowning at his brother, he knew there was more to this bargain than any of the others knew. Though he had said nothing when Banner suggested the idea of asking Loki for help, Thor did not agree with him, for he knew that it would not come to a bargain that any of them would like.

“You’re help always comes with a price,” Thor began. “So what is it you want? You know our kingdom is poor, what could we possibly have that you would offer us this safety so willingly?” King Steven spoke from behind Thor.

“We are poor, but we could come up with a way of paying you back in small amounts on a timed schedule.” Steven suggested. “Or-”

“I don’t want money. I can get enough of that on my own.” Loki said.

“Than what do you want?” Asked the King. Loki’s eyes darkened as his smirk widened into a malicious grin and he gave a deep chuckle.

“Her.” It was a single, vague word, but he pointed at the prize he demanded. His cold gaze landed on her, Y/N Rogers. She shivered when she met his gaze. King Steven rose to his feet and Tony had his blade raised again.

“No! This is nonsense!” Steven shouted. “What could you possibly want my daughter for, and watch your tongue when answering this question.” Steven said threateningly, placing his hand on the sword hung and sheathed on his hip. Loki shrugged, as though innocent.

“Well you see, I had to dispose of my last servant a few months ago.” He said. “Unfortunately, I don’t have time to clean my home myself.” He said striding closer into the grand hall. “It could use what you call, a woman’s touch.”

“You will not have her.” declared Stark. Loki chuckled again.

“Well then this,” he waved the arrow in front of Tony. “Will just have to go back to my collection and you can all burn in a fiery rage from Hell.” Chaos erupted in the council again, they shouted and argued about what to do. Despite the words of many, King Steven refused to give in to Loki’s offer. While all this happened, Loki watched as Y/N sat quietly, with a thoughtful expression.

“STOP IT!” She shouted as she rose to her feet. The council fell silent and Loki grinned.

“The Lady does speak.” He mocked. She delivered a strong glare before she turned to a look of seriousness.

“If I choose to go with you, you will make sure my kingdom and my family survives?” She questioned. Tony stepped forward.

“Lady Y/N, you cannot-”

“I can do as I decide Sir Stark.” She said coldly, cutting him off. Loki sent a smirk in Tony’s direction. “Can you promise me these things, Dark One?” She returned her gaze to Loki.

“As long as Sir Barton hits the beast, I can guarantee safety from the dragon.” He said. “So what is your decision, Princess?” She frowned and turned to her father with doleful eyes. The King appeared to be near the edge of tears. She turned back to Loki again.

“I will go with you.” She declared and Loki’s smirk grew larger still. He placed a hand on her waist and pulled her closer to him. Out of surprise Lady Y/N’s hands landed on his chest, her face only centimeters from his.

“Then let us seal the deal.” He leaned in toward her, but she did not move. His lips met hers with slight harshness, she made no move to return his kiss but did not resist. As he pulled away from her he tossed the arrow to Sir Barton and in a puff of smoke everything around them disappeared.

They were no longer in the Castle of King Rogers, but instead were in a much darker grand hall in a new castle. Once they were there Y/N pushed herself away from Loki angrily. He gave her a rather dull expression, as though now that the deal was made he didn’t care about anything that happened.

“You didn’t even let me say goodbye!” She exclaimed. Her eyes glimmered with tears, but she held them back, refusing to cry in front of him. He rolled his eyes and strolled over to the table in the middle of the room.

“Goodbyes are tedious, Small One.” Loki said picking up a tray with an empty teapot on it. “You can start your duties as a servant by going and making a fresh pot of tea. You’ll find the kitchen at the bottom of the second stairwell down the hall.” he handed her the tray and she scowled, but followed his instructions nonetheless.

Lady Y/N found the kitchens with ease, and learned that the layout of the Dark One’s Castle was not much different from her own, except this place was much darker and dustier. Once she reached the kitchens she set the water to boil and lit the stove. She stood watching the water bubble while she thought about what was happening. Surely, she thought, I must be dreaming. After delivering a quick pinch to her arm, she realized she was in fact awake and she finally let a tear slip down her cheek.

That was three months ago. 

FFXV Medieval AU

Since you guys really seem to enjoy my AU headcanons, I have decided to throw the boys in to my favorite type of AU: Medieval AU. Yaaaas. 

If you guys like this AU, I will elaborate on the female characters! <3 Lemme know what you think!!  <3

Hahahah whoops I accidentally turned Ignis’s in a novel. I regret nothing.

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Noctis Lucis Caelum | Prince | Heir to the Throne | 

Born into the Royal Family of Lucis, Noctis has very little worry about. He grew up carefree and educated. He knew how to read, write, and was taught many various languages used around Eos. He was the perfect Prince.

Outside of the castle, however, Noctis is widely disliked along with the rest of the royal family.  While commoners often found themselves starving and ill, the Royal Family sat in the comfort of their palace, indulging themselves in delicacies. 

Noctis deeply hates the Royal Family’s reputation throughout the kingdom. It causes him deep, destructive, conflicting feels. He falls depressed. He avoids court at all costs. He begins to yearn to escape the royal bloodline. 

He confides in his friend, and Royal Advisor, Ignis Scientia. As Noctis expected, Ignis does not support his wishes. He reminds Noctis of his duties as Prince. He mustn’t fret over what those outside the palace think. Everything the royal family does is for the best.

When it is announced that Noctis will be apart of an arranged marriage to a young Princess who lives from a land distant from Lucis, he has had enough of the royal life. He takes his leave from the palace and begins a life as a farm boy, hoping that no one will recognize him.

Prompto Argentum | Farm Boy | Commoner |

Prompto Argentum is a low born, orphan. He has no knowledge of his real parents, nor does he know if they are alive. A single questions haunts him everyday, why did they give him up?

He was raised by a farmer in the village of Lucis. The man was unmarried, with no children of his own. He was mean, but he gave Prompto daily meals and a roof over his head. How could the blonde boy complain?

Prompto’s days began at the crack of dawn and ended when the sun was long gone from the sky. He did many tasks on the farm he called home. Harvesting, taking care of livestock, shoveling wastes, milking cows… menial labor. It wasn’t anything glamorous, but he often found himself enjoying it. 

He loves animals. He gave names to each of the animals that took residence on the farm. They each were his best friends and he cared for them deeply.

One morning, during his daily routine, Prompto came across a young man asleep on a haystack. He looked about that same age as the farm boy. His clothes were regal, but torn… dirt caked the young mans face. He slept soundly. 

The Prince? Prompto recognized the man easily. What was the Prince doing here?

Gladiolus Amicitia | Knight | King’s Guard |

The Amicitia line has been protecting the KIng’s of Lucis for centuries. Gladiolus is no exception. 

He takes pride in his work as a knight and first line of protection for the royal family. He has been sent out on numerous quests to eliminate those who attempt to invade or cause harm onto Lucis and any of it’s citizens. 

Gladiolus and his family are hailed as Heroes throughout the country and he is greatly adored. His strength and charm make him very popular with the young ladies that live throughout Eos.

When Prince Noctis goes missing, the King sets Gladio out to find him. Their first guess as to where to find the Prince is Lucis’s well known enemy; Niflheim. Perhaps they captured him for leverage purposes.

Even if that were a false hypothesis, Gladio was determined to find his Prince and friend. He soon began his quest, searching throughout all of Eos in attempts to bring home the Prince unharmed.

Ignis Stupeo Scientia | Royal Advisor | Member of Court |

Ignis Scientia is in closest relations to the Royal Family. The Scientia family has served them for countless years. Though still very young, Ignis was assigned to be the Prince’s right hand man and Royal Advisor. He is a member of Lucis’s court and is very well respected throughout. His elegant and gentlemanly demeanor made him well liked with diplomats of varying ages. 

Though he is very different from Prince Noctis, he hold a great respect for the young Prince. Still, however, Ignis finds himself cleaning up after his highness more times than once, yet he does not complain.

He understands Noctis’s worries about the Royal Family’s reputation, but strongly advises him that ignoring the reputation and rumors are for the best. Noctis follows his advisor’s suggestion until his engagement to Princess Lunafreya of the country Tenebrae is announced.

Ignis soon sees that Noctis is unprepared and unwilling to follow through with his princely duties. As much as it pains him, Ignis begins to support Noctis’s desires to run away. 

One quiet night before Princess Lunafreya’s arrival, Ignis rouses the Prince from his bed and urges him to flee the castle. Though Noctis is surprised by the gesture, he agrees. Ignis informs him on where to go; a local farm only a few miles away from the palace. Noctis graciously thanks his friend, and runs off to his solitude.

When the Prince is discovered as missing Ignis kept his mouth shut. He pretended as if he hand’t had a single clue about Noctis’s whereabouts. Eventually, Ignis teams up with Sir Gladiolus of the King’s Guard to return Noctis home from safety… all the while he leads the knight further and further away from the Prince…

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Omg omg omg omg jealous Noctis drabble would be 10/10 I have a mighty need 😂😂😂💛💛

OMG YAAASSSS! I’m keeping it SFW because, quite frankly, I had this idea stewing in my head for a bit~ it’s super cute and innocent and I feel like Noctis would go about this (addressing his jealousy while everyone in the vicinity low-key knows he’s jealous) in such a round-about way <3

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You’re Really Cool, But… (Noctis x Reader SFW)

Noctis quickly discovered that you were a natural flirt. Especially around Ignis- his studious, stern, and dry-witted royal advisor. The young prince was sure that Prompto had already noticed his foul mood and had subsequently decided to go on a little nature stroll with his camera before dinner was served at camp that night. Prompto had always been attuned to Noctis’ moods like that- that was why the blond sharp-shooter was Noctis’ best friend.

Noctis had been crushing on you since he’d first met you in the Crownsguard training area at the Citadel, where you were practicing your hand-to-hand combat. He admired your strength and effortless beauty, and he’d been overly curious about you ever since. He’d been over the moon when his father had announced that you would be tagging along with his personal Crownsguard, just in case weapons failed and the team needed some man-power to pummel enemies to the ground. However, Noctis made sure that he didn’t let on about his crush on you- he didn’t want things to get awkward within the group. Especially given that he was off on a trip to Altissia to marry Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

But truth be told… Noctis really couldn’t take seeing you flirt with Ignis anymore. It tugged at his heart the wrong way. It hurt terribly.

“How are you so good at cooking, Iggy? Honestly, any girl would be lucky to have you as her husband!” Noctis watched you gush giddily as you moved to peer over Ignis’s shoulder at what he was making on the portable gas stove-top. The prince heard his advisor chuckle, clearly amused by your antics. Noctis’ gloved fist clenched above his knee as Ignis glanced over his shoulder at you with a twinkle in his intelligent green eyes.

“Come now, it’s nothing special- someone had to be able to cook to our prince’s tastes, after all.” Ignis quipped lightly, throwing Noctis a pointed look, only to meet gazes with Noctis and reign himself immediately at the clearly upset look on Noctis’ face. Ignis quickly whipped his head in your direction at the sight of Noctis’ apparent glare, and cleared his throat pointedly. “Now, y/n, if you don’t mind- I need to concentrate now. This recipe is quite difficult to concoct-”

“It’s soup, Ignis.” Noctis almost snorted with laughter at your deadpan statement. However, you were still standing much too close to Ignis for comfort. Noctis wanted you to move away from him- immediately.

Ignis seemed to have caught on to Noctis’ apparently interest in you, and shot you a stern look to send you away. “It’s a complex soup. Now go sit with Noct until dinner’s ready.” Ignis instructed, sounding like the mama bear he absolutely denied being.

Noctis watched as your lips turned down into a put-off frown, and immediately averted his gaze from your face to his lap, twiddling his thumbs as you shuffled your way over with a sigh. The raven prince felt your warm presence plop down right next to his leg, and he almost gasped out loud as you leaned your back against his shin.

“He’s such a stiff, honestly… does he ever let loose?” Noctis gulped at your question and made a non-committal sound in the back of his throat. In response, you tilted your head back and rested it on his knee, making Noctis’ heart rate increase significantly at the innocent gesture. “And you- you hardly every talk to me. I’m sorry I crashed your little bachelor party- slash- road trip. But King’s orders, you know?” Noctis listened to you speak, your voice taking on a softer tone that usual.

Sitting up straighter on his folding chair, Noctis shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t mind. I think it’s cool that you’re here. Fighting with your fists… and stuff…” Noctis trailed off, feeling a little juvenile about his comments. Flushing at the cheeks, Noctis turned his head away from yours and mentally berated himself for being incredibly awkward with you. Sure, he was incredibly jealous when you were flirting with the others, but the moment you approached him, he became awkward.

Noctis could have screamed at himself- he wasn’t even giving you an opening! All he could give you… was awkward.

While Noctis was wallowing in his self-pity, he didn’t notice the fond smile that formed on your lips as you mulled over the prince’s unsure words. Noctis barely noticed that you had shifted in your position at his shins until he felt your forearms folded across his knees, leaning on them gently as you stared up at him with amused eyes.

“And I think it’s cool that you can summon countless weapons out of subspace and call on literal Gods to smite all the baddies when we’re in a pickle. You’re really incredible, my prince-”

Noctis choked on air the moment he heard the words ‘my prince’ leave your lips. He really… liked the sound of that. Especially from you. The young prince could have sworn he heard Ignis and Gladio chuckling from the camp stove at his expense, but he ignored it as he took a deep breath and stared into your eyes.

“Um, y/n… I think you’re really cool-”

You smiled kindly up at Noctis, and he could hardly breathe. You were so pretty and perfect and… he wanted you to know that he selfishly wanted you all to himself. And so, that’s exactly what he resolved to do-

“You’ve said that already, Noct.” You grinned.

Noctis nodded, his blush growing darker agains this pale cheeks.

It was now or never.

“Yeah… um, about that: I’d really appreciate it if you could tone down the flirty stuff. With Iggy, that is. It makes me feel uncomfortable…” Noctis trailed off, feeling like an absolute moron. You stared up at him, eyes amused.

“But you don’t mind me laying the flirty stuff on you, right?” You smirked.

Noctis boldly looked you in the eyes, ignoring Gladio’s howls of laughter and Ignis’ chuckles- as well as the newly arrived Prompto’s gasps- as he nodded. A blush still covered his cheeks as he stared down at you with his expressive midnight blue eyes.

“Yeah. I guess.” Noctis said, bashfully turning his head away.

The sweet kiss he got on his cheek from you as a response to his cute jealousy had the prince’s heart beating impossibly fast. Noctis smiled despite his embarrassment- admitting to his jealously, even in a roundabout way, was definitely well worth it if it ended up in a sweet kiss from you.

Ficlet: Purple

@klangst-week Day 3 – Hurt/Comfort

Summary: After Keith’s heritage is revealed to the team, Lance helps Keith comes to grips with his past – and his present.

It didn’t take a tech genius, a warrior princess, a fearless leader, a mechanical gourmand, a headstrong royal advisor, or a daring fighter pilot to find Keith in the Castle of Lions. As soon as the team meeting broke, Keith and Allura both fled the room, and to Lance’s shock, Shiro went after Allura, not Keith. Hunk and Pidge gathered to talk about the upcoming battle strategy, so with a heavy sigh, Lance went after Keith.

He found Keith on the training deck, already slicing his way through the gladiators with an intensity he saved for Shiro, Zarkon himself, and Lance every so often when he pushed the right buttons.

And Lance always pushed the right buttons.

The Blue Paladin crossed the deck and stood next to the bench, waiting for Keith to notice him. It didn’t take long – only seven gladiators or so – before Keith got his ass kicked enough to growl, “What do you want?”

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Can we get scenario or something where maybe Reader is outspoken and forward without really noticing? Like they sometimes blurt out "wow your pretty!" or "I'm blessed to have ended up with you." With Cor and the Chocobro's.

Yup – on it! :D Fluff galore right here Immortal Fam! Also, these are gonna be really short because I unexpectedly ran out of time to write this- my sincerest apologies! :O (it is now almost 1am and I need to be at work early xD)

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Noctis: You and Noctis are out on a fishing run for dinner. Noctis has been standing at the edge of his fishing spot for over forty minutes, a frown on his face and his dark brows furrowed in concentration. You’re fiddling around with the different lures in his tackle box, humming to yourself quietly as you don’t want to be told off for scaring off Noctis’ precious fish. After a few more minutes of idle waiting, Noctis’ shoulders straighten up and he lets out a quiet cry of success. He pulls his line in with a small, adorable smile on his face and you can’t help but coo out loud at his sweet reaction.

“Aww, you’re so adorable Noctis- seriously. You make my heart sing!”

Noctis fumbles the line momentarily and you gasp in suspense before he regains his grip and continues pulling the fish in. It’s a big one. When the fish is finally reeled in and out of the water, Noctis turns to you with a cute, sheepish smile on his lips as he scratches the back of his head. He’s too flattered, and happy about his catch, to even hide his embarrassment at your open endearment towards him.

“Um, thanks. Let’s get back to camp and serve this up, hm?”

Prompto: You and Prompto are sitting side by side after a heart dinner cooked by Ignis. Prompto’s showing you all the pictures he’s taken during the day and you’re leaning forward, looking like you have no idea of what the concept of personal space means. You can hear Gladio and Noctis arguing about who gets to sleep furthest from the tent flap tonight and you sigh quietly before glancing at Prompto’s side profile to complain about their brutish behaviour.

You stop yourself from speaking as you’re absolutely mesmerised by Prompto’s elegant, yet masculine facial profile. He looks innocent, strong, and friendly all at the same time and you’re absolutely gobsmacked.

“Wow… you’re so pretty.” You murmur, a small smile on your face as you continue to stare at your travel companion. Prompto’s head shoots around to stare at you, a red blush immediately staining his beautifully freckled cheeks.

“Um… no. I’m not- seriously, stop playing around y/n!” Prompto complains, his voice a little whiny. You chuckle and shake your head, reaching up with your hand and ruffling Prompto’s hair gently.

“I’m not playing. You’re a really handsome guy. Cindy’s a fool for not being head over heels for you by now!” you chirp. Prompto laughs nervously and shakes his head.

“Nah, that’s not who I want anymore…” he stares at you with his clear blue and happy eyes and you get the hint. You smile up at him and wink before standing up and making your way to the tent to settle Noctis and Gladio’s ongoing dispute about the sleeping arrangements. Meanwhile, Prompto’s a blushing mess.

Gladio: Gladio’s training at camp when you walk past and wolf-whistle appreciatively. “Hot damn, that’s a nice ass!” Ignis shoots you an incredulous look over his mug of Ebony while Noctis and Prompto break into peals of laughter.

Gladio’s stopped his morning exercise routine to stand up and stare at you with his deep amber orbs. You can see a feint blush staining his tan, slightly bearded cheeks and you frown a little at his odd reaction.

You hear Ignis snort, and Noctis and Prompto practically choking on air- that’s how hard they are laughing. You’re now confused- what’s going on here? You turn a curious gaze towards Gladio and he shrugs a little, though he looks like he knows exactly what’s going on, by the way he’s now glaring daggers at Ignis, Noctis and Prompto.

“Guys, shut up!” Gladio growls. The boys all laugh harder. You’re extremely confused.

“Seriously, what’s happening?” you ask. Ignis clears his throat and points at Gladio.

“Ask him. He’s been trying to tell you for a while anyways.” Ignis cryptically offers before making his way into the tent and shutting the flap. You turn towards Gladio and place your hands on your hips.

“What did you do now?” you ask, suspicious.

Gladio shakes his head and steps towards you. “This ‘nice ass’ could be all yours for the taking… if you want it?” Gladio ends up sounding unsure of himself.

You raise an eyebrow at him. “… are you trying to ask me to be your girlfriend?”

Gladio’s silent for a few moments before Noctis and Prompto roar with laughter in the back ground. You barely hear Gladio’s meek “yes” over the ruckus.

Ignis: Ignis looks handsome whenever he’s doing any task, but he’s particularly more handsome when he’s in his element in the kitchen. With his sleeves rolled up to his elbows and his glasses slowly sliding down his slightly crooked nose, you can’t help but admire the royal advisor as he prepares meals for the boys and yourself.

“You’re such a blessing, Specs.” You murmur, walking up around Ignis and placing your hand on his shoulder in a comfortable gesture. Ignis seizes up a little and almost drops the ladle he’s holding into the pot of soup he was preparing. Turning his green orbs towards you, he sighs and raises an eyebrow.

“And you’re a nuisance. Please, take a seat while I prepare dinner.”

You’re almost offended by the way Ignis brushes your compliment off. Almost.

He would have been in serious trouble off you if he wasn’t a blushing mess the moment you called him a ‘blessing’.

Cor: Cor’s a sweating, panting mess- but he still won the spar between yourself and him. Knocked onto your butt after twenty minutes of good sparring, you stare up at your mentor and long-time crush and smile tiredly.

“Wow, you’re not the marshal for nothing, huh? You’re incredible Cor.” You gush, absolutely thrilled by how much you learned during the sparring session. Cor grunts lightly and offers his hand to you to pull you up. You take it and grin up at him, still a full head shorter than him. You throw caution to the air as you step forward and throw your arms around your stoic mentor. “Thanks for everything. You’re the best!”

You pull away and… Cor the Immortal is BLUSHING. He averts his steel blue gaze and shrugs a little. He looks almost… cute?

“It’s no problem. Any time, y/n.”

Ignis in Love Headcannons

Had these thoughts in my head for a good few days now lmao. My bones are aching quite a bit, but I wanted to get something out today.


• He doesn’t realize it at first. He’s getting more personal, more familiar with you. He smiles a little more at you.

• It’s when he brushes a stray hair away and tucks it behind your ear that he freezes, apologizes.

• He goes home that night and collects his thoughts. Him, Ignis Stupeo Scientia, having feelings for someone?! What? Not possible, not plausible, not gonna work, nope. The better he gets over this little infatuation, the better.

• Ignis tries to keep himself busy, busier than usual. You know how hectic his life could get, so you really don’t think much of it. But after a while, Ignis needs human interaction, other than the prince and council.

• You meet up after a while, and when you hug him, all thoughts and feelings of you hit him hard. He’s blown away and he realizes he might not be able to fight this as easily as he thought.

• He pines. He pines so much. It hurts him because of the time spent away from you. The Royal Advisor is not really someone with a social life.

• In moments of weakness, he checks his phone, waiting for your name to pop up on the screen, distract him from his tasks.

• Ignis sometimes thinks of you and ponders on why he’s so enamored. How a single, remarkable human being has his mind in a titzy.

• Gladio is the first one to notice Iggy’s plight and teases him. But he’s telling him to go for it, be romantic and sweep them off their feet!

• “No, I can’t.”

• Ignis feels like you deserve someone that’s better. Someone who will be there for you more often than he can, someone who isn’t chained 24/7 to royalty.

• But Gladio is literally in second hand pain from Ignis’ silent pining and suffering. He can sense Ignis curling up in his chair and thinking of you.

• Gladio has to grab him by the shoulders and talk some sense into Ignis, “When was the last time you allowed yourself to enjoy something like this, huh? When are you gonna let yourself have this? You’re human, you can have emotions.”

• Ignis nods. He sighs and wishes you were there, to talk to, to clear his head.


Will probably add more later on.


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  • for the request for spirit!jinyoung!! i changed it up quite a bit as you can see, so hopefully you like the idea
  • this is also heavily based off goblin, the kdrama, but it doesn’t follow the same storyline, so much as it just uses its definition of the goblin and life consequences of the goblin

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Part one of a bunch of parts I have yet to finish, I wanted at least something to post. Please forgive me for being away and not putting any actual kissing in this. 

Warning: mentions of abuse

“i grew up not knowing i was royal and now i guess i’m heir to a throne and you’re the guy who’s supposed to be teaching me how to be royal bc i suck at it and oops we made out”

Wendy Darling was trying her hardest to fit in. But then that was very much like forcing together a puzzle where none of the pieces matched – she didn’t match, and certainly not when sitting in the presence of the near striking young man in front of her. Like the rest, he looked at her with amusement – an arched eyebrow and a twinkle in his eye, as if she were just the funniest little thing they’d ever laid eyes on – and he made her feel tremendously small and enormously pathetic.

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Headcanons for the older chocobros discovering their s/o are ten years younger then them?

Oooh~ this is an interesting request! Thanks for sending it in! <3

Tagging: @itshaejinju and @blindbae <3 (and @nifwrites because… fluff!!!!). Enjoy the fluffiness my fluffy people :D

Noctis: King Noctis has always known that you are significantly younger than him, what with your adorable ways and your happy-go-lucky attitude, but when he finds out that you’re TEN years younger than him, he gets a little worried. First of all, because he’s been wearing the Ring of the Lucii, he’s aged very quickly. So, he doesn’t look like a man who had just turned thirty- he looks and feels more like a forty year old. He starts to feel self-conscious about his appearance, and you notice that Noctis begins to dress ‘younger’ in his choco-mog t-shirt and his baggy jeans whenever the two of you spend some private time together. After noticing this happening for a few weeks, you call Noctis up on his recent change light-heartedly. However, this begins a small argument which escalates unnecessarily until you’re nearing tears and Noctis is frustrated beyond belief. He mentions breaking up, because he’s under the impression that you’re just with him because you haven’t known or experienced romance with any other man. After all, you’re only twenty years old- just barely an adult. You immediately shake your head, tears falling down your cheeks quicker than previously before. You taste the salt on your lips and you sniffle loudly as you grab Noctis by the collar and haul yourself into his warm chest. You wrap your arms around his torso and press your nose against his defined pectoral muscles before shaking your head repeatedly, desperate to get your adamant refusal across to your older boyfriend.

“I don’t care about your looks- you’re the only man I’ll ever look at. I love you. Only you. Forever, it will always be you.” Noctis leans forward at your words and places a chaste kiss on your temple before nuzzling gently into your soft locks.

“Sorry. Yeah… okay. I love you too, y/n.”

You frown. “You don’t sound so sure about that, your majesty…”

Noctis smirks down at you before planting a passionate kiss on your lips, grunting softly as you pull him in closer to deepen the kiss. You’re both panting by the end of the kiss and you’re both smiling into each other’s eyes, absolutely love struck.

No further words are needed. The love between the two of you is strong- even with the age-gap. After all, age is just a number!

Prompto: Prompto thinks that you’re like him- thirty years old with a twenty year old mentality. He likes the way that you seem to be mature at one moment, and then break into unexplainable giggles the next. He enjoys going on random photo expeditions with you, and he absolutely adores the impromptu photo shoots that you beg him to take you on. Prompto has always thought you were somewhere close to his age. But when he finds out you’re a whole ten years younger than he is, he takes a second to let the fact sink in before approaching you bashfully and confronting you head on about the matter. When he asks you why you hid the fact from him for so long, you merely shrug and deny that you were hiding your age from him. You explain that your age never really came up and you had assumed that he was okay with the age difference. Your voice hitches slightly in your chest, your fragile emotions revealing to Prompto your true age, and he immediately shakes his head in regret and takes you into his warm, loving arms.

“No, no! Don’t cry- I still love you all the same! Age is just a number! And you’re so mature sometimes for a twenty year old- really! When I was twenty, I was fumbling and bumbling all over the place! You’re so amazing, y/n!”

You sniffle and hold onto your older boyfriend tighter, unwilling to let go after the break-up scare you’d just given yourself. “Really?” you ask, your voice coming out as a whimper. Prompto pulls your head up by the chin and places an insistent kiss on your tear-stained lips, licking his own lips as he pulls away and smiles down tenderly at you. His clear blue eyes are filled with adoration, and you know that his words are true.

“Really. I love you, baby.”

You smile up at him, your eyes full of adoration and warmth. You absolutely love this man.

“Thank you, my sunshine, I love you too.”

Gladio: Gladiolus has had his suspicions about your age, but he hasn’t really tried to investigate those suspicions. He was pretty sure you were of legal consenting age, and he didn’t want to make things awkward between the two of you, given that your relationship with Gladio was still pretty fresh. However, when you start to drag him along to meetings and casual hangouts with your same-aged friends, Gladiolus decides to speak up about the age difference.

“Hey, babe?” Gladio asks you, all of sudden. You stop chatting with your friend via text message and shoot your boyfriend a curious glance. You’ve noticed the way Gladio’s shoulders have tensed, as well as the way he’s staring at you so seriously with his warm amber eyes. Something about his demeanour doesn’t sit with you well, and you gulp out of nervousness.


“How old are you?” your jaw drops at Gladio’s question, and Gladio immediately shakes his head, reaching out to hold your clammy hand in his large, warm palm. “Hey, I’m just curious. I feel like I should know how old my baby girl is- I’d be a pretty shitty boyfriend if I didn’t know-”

You shake your head and interject, your voice panicked. “That’s not even, like, important! Like, nothing would even change if I did tell you my age, right? You won’t break up with me if I’m… too young, or too ancient for you or something, right?” your voice wavers, despite the smile you’re trying to wear on your face. Your palms start to sweat profusely and Gladio clasps at you hand, his grip warm and safe.

You didn’t want him to ever let go. But… if he knew your actual age…

Gladio frowned at your hesitance and immediately pulled you towards his chest, murmuring softly into your ear with his gravelly voice- his facial hair ticking your soft skin. “Baby, I’m not trying to break up with you or anything. I just want to know because… I just feel like it’s something that I need to be aware of.”

You stare up at Gladio and find yourself pressing a kiss below his ear before sighing sadly and grasping onto his jacket, feeling hints of his bare skin pressing against your clothed torso. “Twenty four…”

Gladio pulls away, his eyes wide. “Ten years… are you sure you want to be with an old dude like me?” Gladio asks, his tone full of uncertainty. Your eyes tear up at the hesitance in Gladio’s usually confident voice, and you nod your head resolutely. You lean up and place a lingering kiss on your older boyfriend’s lips, smiling slightly through your happy tears as you felt him press his lips tenderly against your own.

“Yes. It has to be you, Gladiolus Amicitia. I love you.”

Ignis: Ignis is troubled by the fact that you always dodge around his questions about your age. Given that his eyesight is pretty much non-existent, he’s not able to gage just how old you are by appearance alone. Although age doesn’t really matter to him, Ignis doesn’t want to be seen gallivanting around with a minor- that would definitely not look good for the royal advisor. So he asks you about your favourite music, your favourite food, your favourite art style, your favourite pop icon- anything that can give him information about your age.

Based on what you have answered so far, he believes that you are a few years younger than he is. But he wants to know for sure. He wants to know for certain just how much younger you are. And so he instigates his plan, late in the evening when only you and he are present in the common room of your apartment complex.

Ignis Scientia purposefully sits close to you, his thigh against yours, and his hand gently resting on your bare knee. You’re wearing sleeping shorts and a thin tank top because of the Lestallum heat. Ever since the light had been restored by King Noctis, the meteor nearby had been letting off a lot of heat. So now, even the nights were terribly humid.

Ignis traces his bare fingers along the tops of your thighs gently as he leans his head against your shoulder and sighs out loud. “I feel terribly worn out, y/n.”

You frown and tilt your head towards Ignis’, plucking his protective glasses off his eyes and smoothing down the healed scarring on his eyes with your fingers. You lean forward and press a soft kiss against his old injuries before nuzzling against the side of his head with your nose.

“How so?” you ask quietly. Ignis shrugs his shoulders and buries his face further into the crook of your neck, inhaling the fruity scent of your favourite soap and shampoo.

“I feel like I cannot keep up with your youth and vitality. I forget my age sometimes, you see. Apparently, I feel that I’ve forgotten yours too. Would you remind me of that small fact once more, dearest?” Ignis takes a small breath, noticing that you have stopped moving… and your breathing is very quiet. Ignis lifts himself off your body and smiles gently over to where he believes you are. “Y/n?”

You’re eyes are wide and your mouth is wide open. You weren’t expecting Ignis to ask about your age. You didn’t want to tell him- someone so amazing, resilient, charming, intelligent and mature would surely break up with you the moment he realised just how young and inexperienced you were. You gulp and grab Ignis’ hand in your own before squeezing gently.

“It’s rude to ask.” You say simply. Ignis sighed and shakes his head, bringing his hand up to his eyes in an uncharacteristically pitiful gesture.

“I know but… I can’t see you, so I can’t even dare to estimate your age. I just want to know because I want to love every little thing about you, dear. Please?” Ignis pleaded with you. You shut your eyes tight at his request before clenching and unclenching your fists.

You don’t know why you’re on Ignis the next moment, but your mouth finds its way onto his, and he grunts in surprise at the sudden onslaught of open mouthed kisses being delivered to his mouth by yours. He reciprocates, timidly at first, before you let out a soft moan of want. This has Ignis taking you into his arms and deepening your kisses, his tongue mingling with yours in a sweet dance. You sigh against his lips and pull apart from him reluctantly, staring at his awestruck face.

“Darling… what was that for?” Ignis asks you, his voice incredibly low and confused.

“I’m twenty three.” You admit, planting a kiss on Ignis’ jaw line. Ignis sighs in contentment and runs his hands through your soft locks.

“You certainly have the energy of a twenty three year old. I am a lucky man.”

You smile, tears filling your eyes in relief of his mellow reaction. “Thank you.” You gasp, pressing your face gently into the crook of your boyfriend’s neck. Ignis smiles against your cheek.

“I love you, dearest.” You sigh in contentment and press a kiss onto Ignis’ lightly freckled skin.

“I love you too, Iggy.”

  • Royal advisor: Ok are you *sure* you want to behead these Mongol emissaries?
  • Shah Muhammad II: Yeah I know what I'm doing see by doing this I'm gonna make this "Genghis Khan" attack us on my terms and it'll be like a trap or something like I can take them. Whats the worst that could happen?
Music Headcanons

(Because I need a break from nanowrimo, and also because I started thinking about this a few days ago.)


  • likes listening to: musicals, he freaking adores musicals, he will sing along to all of them and be embarrassing, do the dances, make funny voices, reenact the entire thing; matt had to put up with so much back at the garrison, that man has Suffered
  • fun fact: knows all the words to Hamilton and was so appalled that keith hadn’t heard of it that he proceeded to sit the punk down and did the entire musical from top to bottom (keith was impressed, intimidated, and really had to pee by the end of that lengthy performance)
  • embarrassing fact: was the one who introduced keith to MCR; he refuses to let lance know because he’ll never hear the end of it, and almost dies of embarrassment when allura finds out (”calm down, allura doesn’t even know what MCR is –” “it’s the principle”)


  • likes listening to: whatever fits his current mood; he’s not very picky about genre but he has to be feelin’ it, so if he’s sad it’s gotta be sad music, if he’s feeling like punching shit it’s gotta be loud, if he’s pining he’s going to listen to so many cheesy lovesongs (shiro stages an intervention because he can only listen to this shit for so long through the castle walls, dammit keith)
  • fun fact: his first time in a mosh pit he got elbowed in the face hard enough to get a black eye and he thought it was awesome
  • embarrassing fact: was trying to be romantic by playing a love song… and unintentionally rickrolled lance (”i can’t believe the person i like?? doesn’t know what rickrolling is????” “wait you like me?!” “UH”)


  • likes listening to: music that has a lot of layers to it, since she enjoys picking through all the sounds and separating them in her head; she actually enjoys ‘classical music’ (”ugh why did that term even stick around, the classical period wasn’t that long” “pidge don’t be pedantic”) a lot, and she has a soft spot for bach’s preludes and fugues 
  • fun fact: knows how to play the piano and was quite good at it, but she had more fun with science so she pursued that instead of music
  • embarrassing fact: started listening to classical music so young that she couldn’t pronounce the composer names, e.g. beethoven rhymed with ‘teeth oven’, chopin was ‘choppin’, mozart sounded like the beginning of ‘mozzarella’


  • likes listening to: literally anything that sounds vaguely catchy, though he tends to enjoy songs with interesting riffs or hooks or rhythms; when he has to focus or sleep, he’ll listen to instrumentals so he doesn’t get distracted thinking about all the words
  • fun fact: has a surprisingly nice singing voice but he’s shy about it, so he always sings in really exaggerated impressions to avoid having people poke fun at his actual voice
  • embarrassing fact: he can’t remember the words to songs for shit, so he just starts yelling what he thinks the words are, and a lot of the time he’s wrong (”you turn the liGHTS off then you – tuuurn them BACK OOooon – shining like it’s a liiIIGHT” “oh my god lance stop” [x])


  • likes listening to: relaxing music that he can just leave as background noise while working, or anything quiet and mellow since it helps to calm his anxiety; listens to slightly more upbeat stuff while cooking or working out because it gets him hyped
  • fun fact: remembers lyrics really well, which is a blessing since it makes him a favourite with lance’s younger siblings because he can sing every disney song to them (he had to ban ‘let it go’ though)
  • embarrassing fact:  remembers lyrics really well, which is a curse because lance plays his music really loudly and hunk knows all of the songs from high school musical, lance why did you do this to me 


  • likes listening to: appreciates all kinds of music because alteans are extremely openminded with the arts, what with all the travelling and diplomacy with different alien societies, and she’s a princess to boot so she’s been exposed to all kinds of cultures; she has a soft spot for dances, since it reminds her of dancing with her father in ballrooms
  • fun fact: on one of the crew’s diplomatic missions, she saved shiro from being stabbed by whacking his would-be-attacker across the room with a ‘space trombone’; the sight was so epic that it apparently inspired somebody present to compose a romantic opera in her honour
  • embarrassing fact: allura is horribly tonedeaf and can’t carry a tune for her life; she tried learning how to play some traditional altean instruments when she was a child and it was a disaster


  • likes listening to: has a really broad music taste because he’s used to hearing all sorts of stuff as an altean royal advisor; really enjoys listening to folk music or music that is very culturally significant to its people, since he likes to learn about different aliens’ histories and cultures
  • fun fact: he once stopped an assassination attempt on an ambassador at a banquet by starting a ‘space rap battle’ to defend a diplomat’s honour and somehow it became a binding peace treaty between two warring planets, nobody is really sure how that happened
  • embarrassing fact: lance keeps tricking coran into thinking ridiculous songs are of great cultural significance to humans (”lance stop pranking him” “look it’s not my fault he now thinks the he-man song is an inspiring story about the human struggle? i can’t ruin his dreams now?”)

bonus headcanon: the space mice secretly start their own tiny band because they know a lot of altean music after being mind-linked with allura; they hold a concert for the whole crew on an important altean holiday, it makes allura and coran super happy