royal rosie

Follows directly after the final chapter.

Prompt: Dragged away from court and publicly disgraced, MC weighs her options and thinks of where she goes from here.

The crying doesn’t start until she watches the mansion fade out of side in the back window of the car the guards had forced her into. She feels like an idiot, sitting in her gaudy blue gown and using taffeta as kleenex.

The driver gives her a sparing glance in the rear view and she’s sure she must look a mess by the look on his face. It’s a mix of pity and something akin to disgust. She straightens her back, sits up in the seat, composes herself. Bertrand’s constant chastising rings in her ears and she exhales, steadies herself.

“Where are you taking me?” She asks, making sure to keep her tone even.

“I was instructed to drop you off at the airport, Miss.” He responds curtly.

They intend to get rid of her immediately then. A clean break from the royal family. Minimize the scandal at all costs. She exhales a shuddering breathe once more.

Surely Maxwell or Drake would know where they were sending her. Her bags had to be sent with her. Her throat grows tight as she attempts to hold off tears.

She presses the heel of her palm to her eyes, hurriedly wipes the tears just as quickly as they fell.

Drake had warned her about this. He had known they’d bring her down somehow. With her teeth grit and a dry sob aching in her throat, she buries her face once more into her skirts.

She should have listened.


Video editors from TRXYEStudios decided to edit a multifandom video in order to show a support to LGBTQIA+ community.  We used song by Troye Sivan “Heaven” because it perfectly describes coming out and other struggles that people from LGBT+ community are facing almost everyday. 

We want to share this video with world, because of Pride Month, a recent tragedy that happened in Orlando and also because there are many more people that are afraid of coming out and being rejected by the others. 


Please share this video as much as you can so we can help other people and show our support for LGBTQIA+ community. 


definitely going to need some eye bleach for that

an extra for (I’ve got) fireflies where my caution should be (nurseydex, rated e)

“All right, I’ve had enough of this bullshit,” Rosie announces, opening Billy’s front door. She would have preferred a more dramatic kick-it-open type scenario, but Jeremy was outside and she didn’t want him to come in to investigate damage to the door if she was going to spend the next forty five minutes cussing out her stupid cousin and his stupid crush.

No one was inside to hear her. This was predictable – Aunt Barb was at book club with her mom, and Uncle John was at the hardware store picking up foam expanding wasp and bee killer for the wasp next that had begun forming on the back of their garage. It would take a while. Which was really goddamn perfect because Rosie is 99% sure Will chickened out like the chicken he is and didn’t admit his squishy, embarrassing feelings to Derek yet.

This royally sucked ass, because Rosie had sunk so much time into this already, even covering for them last night to go on a romantic walk and make out and get their feelings everywhere without accidentally outing themselves to the entire family.

So when Rosie texted Billy later that evening, a demanding “WELL??” and he replied with “we fought” and then disappeared for the rest of the night, ignoring all Rosie’s texts and the two aggressive voicemails she left, Rosie decided that operation eggplant emoji had to get underway. Not that she really wanted to think about any of that where it involved Billy, but maybe if he started getting laid again – with Derek – then he’d cool it with the excessive pining.

Rosie stomped toward the stairs, then turned and ran back to leave her shoes at the door, because she realized they had dirt on them from stomping through the grass to get here. Fate intervened and gifted her a rolled-up newspaper that was sitting on the shoe rack. Perfect to smack Billy over the head and shoulders with if she should need it. Or even just to brandish it menacingly.  

She runs up the stairs, and honestly, the house is suspiciously quiet for this hour of morning. Usually Billy is up by now. But if he and Derek had fought for a while last night, even after Rosie had texted, then they were probably exhausted today. She figures if they’re sleeping in the same room at least that’s something. Derek definitely hadn’t been sleeping in the back of the truck in the garage, or Jeremy would have noticed. And he wasn’t on the couch when she walked in, so that’s off the list. She imagines Derek would have texted her if he was homeless for the night.

It’s a nice thought, actually. Rosie likes Derek a lot. Brady was sweet with Will when they were younger, but sometimes he had made her worry. The way he smiled sometimes made it seem like he and Will were competing, and Will was losing. Which, as far as Rosie is aware, isn’t how good relationships work.

Derek makes Will soft in a way she is frankly quite startled by. It’s not like Will treats Derek like a baby, it’s nothing like the soft he is with Lily. But it’s so gentle and sweet that is ends up bypassing ‘cute’ and skipping straight to ‘nauseating’.

She’s standing outside Will’s door now, and it’s quiet. They’re probably sleeping. She briefly considers going back downstairs to wait until they’re awake of their own volition, but decides that if she’s being forced into this, they’ll take her help as is.

So she twists the knob and flings the door open, shouting “I AM UP TO HERE WITH THIS SHI-” and promptly letting out the most high pitch ‘eep’ she has ever made and staring in horror.  

Rosie drops the newspaper roll.

That is her cousin, in all his naked glory, with Derek sprawled out across him, covering basically nothing, and they are sucking face, and she has never been more horrified in her entire life oh my GOD

Rosie flees.

Halfway down the stairs she realizes she left the door open.

But you know what?

It’s not her fucking problem now.

Jay-Z, photographed rehearsing with Nas, Beyoncé, his orchestral leader Rosie Danvers, and the Hustler Symphony Orchestra at London’s Terminal Studios on September 27, 2006.

Hov and the Orchestra had first joined forces earlier that year in June for the ten-year anniversary concert for his classic debut album Reasonable Doubt, performed at the Radio City Music Hall in New York.

During his Water For Life Tour his London stop was held at the Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington, London. He was the first hip-hop artist ever to headline a night at the world famous venue since it’s opening in 1871. He performed the two-hour show backed by a 25-piece orchestra. Guest appearances during the intimate show included Beyoncé, Memphis Bleek, Nas, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, who was given the opportunity to sing the “Song Cry” chorus on her birthday. The official DVD release of the concert came packaged with a limited edition run of his ninth studio album Kingdom Come.

Miles Mckenna was in my dream last night. And oh my god. I love this person so much. So in the dream Miles was just wearing Royal blue. A royal blue shirt, shoes, bandana and a pimp coat over it. Whatever that coat was it looked gooooood on Miles. So I said this outloud to someone next to me and I guess I said it loud cause he turned back smiled and said “ I know” and walked away like a queen. And I was just so in awe. I was ready to follow Miles to the ends of the Earth. And basically thats what I did. I followed him and learned all from him. Miles was my blue pimp coat wearing Jesus. And when I woke up all I could think was Damn, Blue is definitely Miles color. @milesaaronmckenna


My sister was watching Nickelodeon tonight and Sophia Grace and Rosie’s Royal Adventure came on. I sat next to her for literally two minutes and then Artemis Crock appeared on screen!

This was such an interesting Young Justice Cameo. They had one of the princesses cosplay as Artemis Crock throughout most of the movie (as an awesome YJ fan should). Heck, she even wore the costume to dinner with other famous figure heads.

Not to mention the fact that she has a lot of YJ memorabilia in her bedroom…that you can only enter through a revolving bookcase.

M'Gann beautiful amazing art, YJ and Invasion posters blown up, and even an Artemis mural on her wall! Not only that but she also has Raven and Starfire action figures.

We’ve had so many YJ cameos since the show ended and I love the fact that this keeps the memory of it alive. I just wish they could bring the show back. The next YJ event is the TT/YJ crossover, I think.

P.S. Can we have ‘U Can’t Touch This’ be Artemis’s character song?