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I'm absolutely loving watching the warm interactions between Meghan and the rest of the BRF. Especially with Her Maj and C+C. They've really taken to her.

HM’s smile while looking and talking to her, awww!

Also have you heard Charles’ nickname for Meghan?

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Can someone talk to Meg about wearing fabrics that don’t crinkle and crease so easily. Her dress from her engagement with HM got creased straight away. My only real gripe about the engagement though so good for her

well she was in good company then I guess because HM’s dress had creased too, as well nearly all fabrics crease.

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It's funny how Eugenie's hubby to be gets all praise and no hate at all from fandom nor general public. I know Eugenie is not from same rank as Harry but I can imagine even if Eugenie is Charles' daughter, Jack would still be more loved and never gets critisized like Meghan does.

I think it comes down to a lot of different things but I think 2 things need to be mention 

He is a man 

She is a woman. 

Now before I get called Captain Obvious I will expand, 

men get it easier when they marry in, always. I mean Philip got a bit of hate but when you have German in you just after WW2 and your sisters are married to German and Nazi officers that is to be expected even for a man but he still got off light (and should have been I may add!)

also and I say this with trepidation of what may been said in response to this, women are never harsher, cattier and are never worse than they are to other women. If Meghan were a man, if Jack a woman it would be vastly different. 

Meghan gets hate for a million reason that I have said before but one of the most basic yet one I have not said outright although perhaps it is applied, she is a woman and gosh can women be the worst with other women. There is an inner sexism sometimes and different standards as well as a lot of hypocrisy. 

Take for example, do you think people would have cared if Meghan was an actor if she were a man? how about her so called sex type scenes (that aren’t) I mean we have seen the ahem crown jewels of Philip, Charles, Andrew, William and Harry and they get a pass but Meghan not showing any of her ahem assets and she is called a whore and akin to a prostitute because she is an actress. Could we have some double standards here?