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The day had gone long, and paperwork seemed to never end. As one stack crept lower, a new delivery would be made; and each time, Riza sighed heavily. She looked across at Lieutenant Colonel Mustang once again lost in a thought, pen in his mouth as he stared unseeingly across the room. Her eyebrows furrowed in frustration, turning back to the work before her.

Another pile of forms later, she looked at the clock over her shoulder. They’d already been in the office a few hours past the work day’s end. She sighed, deciding to call it quits for the day - she just needed one more thing. Standing, she took an almost-complete batch of papers into her arms, striding across the room toward her superior’s desk.

“Lieutenant Colonel, I’ll need your signatures on these papers,” she said gently. He seemed to not hear her, continuing in his daydream and absently chewing on his pen. Riza shifted her weight impatiently to her left foot, raising her voice slightly. “Lieutenant Colonel, I need your signature.”

No response, yet again. “Mustang, I want to go home, sign these,
please,” she said, stepping toward him and holding the papers out. The ebony-haired man did not stir, lost in his thoughts. “Roy.

Still garnering no response, Riza sighed, impatient. She dropped the papers before him in frustration and they scattered across his desk, a couple floating off. Using her newly free hand, Riza reached for the collar of his jacket, pulling him forcefully toward her and leaning down, placing a hesitant though firm kiss on his lips. Her face heated up immediately, and feeling him snapping out of his trance, she pulled away.

“Sign these and put them in the outgoing box on my desk. I’m going home. Goodnight,
sir,” she said, straightening up and choosing a spot among the haphazardly strewn papers to stare at. She saluted him, marched toward her desk to grab her bag, and left the room without looking back.

8′D Welcome to the first tiny oneshot-installation of “I Will Follow You.” This is a bit of a Riza-memory that takes place between when they first met the Elrics and the series’ start - hence Riza’s slightly longer hair. Thanks for looking! ^^

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