My kinds of ships are the ships where the men know their women are powerful forces of nature and that they could fuck up entire armies in a matter of seconds and THEY EMBRACE IT AND TAKE PRIDE IN IT???! “Oh… It’s not me you should be worried about… It’s my WIFE.“ *smirks* YAAASSSSSSSSSS GIVE ME MORE.

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Cute Royai idea to make you feel better: imagine that post-Promised Day the sword wounds in Roy's hands are really sensitive to the cold so Riza goes to great lengths to get him a set of the gloves they issue to the Briggs Mountain Patrol for his birthday or whatever Amestrian holiday traditionally includes gift-giving. He's surprised because she's never given him a gift before but /holy shit these gloves are fur-lined and super warm and aaaah thank you liuetenant you are the best?

Ahhhhh, yes, yes, adorable! She’s always looking out for him. Where would he be without her? x3

I like powerful men with equally powerful women, who save each other’s asses because that’s their thing and God help anyone who harms their SO. I like the badass motherfucker with the head bitch in charge, taking over their domain like nobody’s business. I love the story of the hero who saves the world and the heroine who saves him. I love the couples who will burn down the world just to protect each other. That is my aesthetic.



What do you mean this isn’t canon? Anti-Fraternization law? What are you talking about? Basically, Al and Mei are back from Xing, and Ed volunteered to take them to Roy’s office for some Xing-related business.

AHH, finally finished this! Wanted to post this last July 7 as a gift for myself but nope. Many thanks to @pahndah who’s been so patient with me on the anatomy ;u; as well as my FMA trash bbs @swordbreaker and @thecoolandspicyotaku for helping me with the ranking of Riza and Roy! (who’s already a Colonel and a General, respectively. I also hope you notice the uniform exchange) I know nothing, as in nothing, about the Military, so v many thanks to you two! (all uniform mistakes are mine!)

Edward, you need to be more careful out there”

“It’s not my fault that they all want to kill me”


I bet your shoulders can hold more than
Just the straps of that tiny dress
That I’ll help you slide aside
When we get home

I’ve seen ‘em carry family
And the steel drum weight of me
Effortless, just like that dress
That I’ll help off

Because I’ve seen you
And I know you
And I’m not going anywhere

Well this is the ultimate Royai song for me.
A redo of this *cringes*.

Something I’ve noticed as I edit an amv

Riza is usually on the left side of the screen when we see her and Roy from the side. Coincidentally Riza walks on Roy’s left.

There are exceptions of course. But the biggest one, which also happens to be one of Roy and Riza’s biggest scenes is…

I don’t know if it was done on purpose or not but I thought it was interesting.