roya things

diet coke
diet coke

i can still feel myself wishing i was somewhere else

if you stay quiet its almost like youre someone else

why do things change so fast?

scratch it into the table, “clean up your mess”

but i don’t know who i miss…

walk yourself home alone, always alone always alone

ive wanted it for so long ive wanted it for so long 

i want i want it i want i want it

but its wrong


uh new thing in the works for a bigger new thing here’s a thing:

im not as invincible as i thought i was

only 19, but oh i’ve seen the worst of things

or at least i think i have,

pity party for myself again

so young 

so dumb

then yr dead

anti-future ROUGH DEMO
roya weidman
anti-future ROUGH DEMO


i’m starting to regret everything i do

i spent $10 on a book about the devil,

something i could fall asleep to

trading dark days for a fix

we got so high in your room

i almost thought i liked you

and you whispered

“tell me if it bothers you, tell me when it bothers you”

you’re forgetful at best and it’s rubbing off

i don’t even remember

i don’t even remember you

“tell me if it bothers you, tell me when it bothers you”

i’m afraid of not knowing where i’m going next

i won’t even remember

i won’t even remember you