roya hammad


season three countdown

→ 2.11 “In Memoriam”

“Roya is a beast in the form of a woman, that sneaks into the room when Carrie’s not looking. Just when Carrie thinks she’s doing what she always does: Save the day…. She pulls off the skin mask of her face to reveal a wild animal, screaming half in English, and mmmmmaybe she’s just a little less lovely at the end of it, or what would be the end if she were to ever stop freaking out. Hilariously, Carrie just gets the fuck on out of there.” –Jacob Clifton

Sssssssssssssssso  I’m watching the scene when they interrogate Roya and then I’m just so excited like dayummmmmm Carrie is so good at interrogations. She should get a hug. I wish she would interrogate me. in bed. Ah man <3

Have you ever had someone who somehow takes over your life, pulls you in, gets you to do things that aren’t really you… That you know are wrong… but you can’t help yourself?
aw Roya I knew you had a heart omg it’s fine I’ll love you like I love Nazir, they all have their reasons, there’s humanity in everyone and awwwww
YES. Bonding time.
Well… I’ve never been that stupid. You idiot whore! You think you understand me!?”
what what what WWHAT IS HAPPENING

WHY MEAN???????? NO