“Why does FO3 define Roy Philips as a “good guy”? He has the desire to kill everyone in Tenpenny Tower, he runs on vexation like it’s fuel, seeing no difference between bigots & sympathizers.He’s the only character I’d happily murder & carry the weight of some bad karma for, just as long as I can end him with a knife.”

Fallout Confessions

“During the Tenpenny Tower quest, I forgot that there isn’t an actual good karma option to complete it but only remembered that after assuring Roy and the other ghouls I wasn’t going to kill them.

I told Roy I had a peaceful solution and then shot him in the back after he turned to converse with Bessie.

My wanderer has been trying to make up for that single betrayal ever since.”

Fallout Confessions

Fascinating interview with Ron Livingston (Roy Phillips) here:

“I think that Gillian and Jimmy’s storyline is like something out of a Greek drama. The incest, the murder of the father—and for the Pinkerton detectives to show up and carry her off the way they do—they’re kind of like the Furies from Greek mythology, hunting someone down for their crimes against nature. What if the Furies, when they come for you, instead of tearing you apart, show up and tell you that they understand, that they love you, that everything’s going to be okay, and then they tear you apart? Would that make it any better? Or would the world still be the same cruel place?”

“I was so proud when I helped the ghouls move into Tenpenny Tower. Some time later I was shocked when I heard 3 Dog mention that the tower had been wiped out. I went back and found the bodies and confronted Roy. After he admitted to doing it I pulled out my gun and blew his head off, saying “That was for Herbert Dashwood you SOB.”“

Fallout Confessions

Roy was so attentive and gentle while he was taking care of Gillian. He didn’t pass any sort of judgment and seemed to sincerely want to help her. It struck me that this was the first time on the show that someone has been so genuinely kind to her.

I expect he’s going to turn out to be too good to be true. I hope he doesn’t break her heart. Gillian is already such damaged goods. I don’t forgive the horrible things she’s done but I understand how she got to be such a monster and I feel sorry for her.