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ratings for roy phillips and the crew?

Roy Phillips: -22/100.  Not Good.  He becomes friends with Mister Burke and approves of destroying Megaton.  Won’t let me live in Tenpenny Tower with him.  Doesn’t care about his feral friends.

Bessie Lynn: 100009/100 Perfect beautiful sunshine angel.  Deserves the world and more.  Honestly I would die for her.

Michael Masters: 8000/100 Bad karma grandpa.  Gives me advice.  Seems kinda sad, I wish I could make him feel better.

Fallout 3 AU where Roy Phillips doesn’t kill all the residents if you chose to get him in nonviolently and so they all just live together and Roy and chief Gustavo are always arguing about defenses and guns and stuff and Michael Masters stays in the bar grumbling about the war and Bessie Lynn makes friends with all the ladies and gives them fashion advice and Herbert just sits in the corner smiling at all this like a happy little turtle
Chuck Berry is turning 90 without fanfare

The Rolling Stones were actually formed after Mick Jagger saw Richards holding a Chuck Berry record at the Dartford railway station in Kent, England. They had been elementary school classmates, Richards wrote in his book, Life, he thought he was the only Berry fan around until discovering Jagger had “every Chuck Berry ever made.” Jagger invited Richards to hang out with his cadre of R&B fans and they began playing music, with Richards playing electric guitar “Chuck-style.”

Dylan has said he was into Chuck Berry before discovering Woody Guthrie and turning to folk. His first rock hit, Subterranean Homesick Blues, is directly influenced by Berry’s Too Much Monkey Business.

The Beatles had hits with Berry compositions such as Roll Over Beethoven, Rock and Roll Music and Sweet Little Sixteen, and McCartney called Berry “one of greatest poets America has ever produced”  in an introduction to the 2014 release of Berry’s complete studio recordings.

Young played with Berry and Richards at Berry’s 1986 induction into the first class of the Rock ’N’ Roll Hall of Fame, in which Richards said in his induction speech for his hero, “I lifted every lick he ever played.”

Hackford attended that ceremony with producer Stephanie Bennett, who had already asked him to direct a documentary about Berry.

“We went to the Chicago Film Festival and that’s where I met Keith and we started collaborating because we wanted to make it something really special,” Hackford said. “We also got a taste of Chuck, who was playing at the Chicago Film Festival, driving his big camper through Chicago the wrong way down a one-way street. It was astounding. I knew when I got in with Chuck Berry I had really fallen into a fantastic, creative feather bed. Chuck Berry is more like a bed of nails, but regardless, you know it’s not going to be boring.”

Berry wrote in his 1987 book, Autobiography, about his interest in doing interview “dwindled over the years as I would read back what I was supposed to have said to reporters.” Hackford interviewed Berry many times for his documentary and said Berry will “go down in history as a brilliant artist and an enigma.

“Chuck is a total contradiction,” he said. “He’s a proud black man. On the other hand, he has a very critical view of different parts of society – racial and political and everything else. I would call him a genius. The definition of a genius is somebody apart (who) doesn’t feel the normal human weaknesses many of us do. Therefore they can be, let’s call it complicated, let’s call it difficult, sometimes irrational. When you see someone who is a genius, who has done things nobody else has, why should they be normal? They’re not normal.”

Hackford said the other pioneers he interviewed — including Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Bo Diddley and Presley’s producer, Sam Phillips — all called Berry an influence on them. Even Lewis, a pianist who spewed racist epithets at Berry when they toured together in the ‘50s, praised Berry.

“Jerry Lee said he had a big thing with Chuck and chose him off,” Hackford said, “and Chuck beat the (crap) out of him. He says this on film. But, when it came down to it, they all basically said this was the most brilliant artist of their generation.” [Read More]

I let the Ghouls into Tenpenny Tower.

As soon as I secured their living quarters, I shot Tenpenny, Gustavo, the Wellingtons, and pretty much everyone else who had a problem with them right in the face.

Then I told Roy the good news. After I claimed my reward, I proudly donned the Ghoul mask and followed them to their new home.

While Roy was headed to the elevator, he looked down at the body of Gustavo and I’d like to believe he was thinking “Nice job, smoothskin.”

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Series: fallout, skulduggery pleasant

send me a series and i’ll tell u my least favorite character

skul/duggery pleas/ant:


no, that’s unwarranted, and that opinion was 13 year old me being annoyed that my ship was being cockblocked. 

truthfully, it’s craven. he manipulated melancholia into agreeing to become the death bringer, essentially torturing her. like, that one scene in DB when he refuses to let her go until she does some Super Necromancer Bullshit. like, dude what the fuck what the fuck. and then he fucks up the entire goddamn Temple, names himself High Priest of Fuckshit Mountain, and thankfully gets a load of buckshot to the face. 

good fuckign riddance. also he hates his wife and daughter?? like calm the fuck down, no fucking wonder your name is craven. what the fuck where you thinking when you picked that name for yourself??


i had to decide between dr./ li and roy phillips, so i’m going to cheat and put them both.

like, fuck, roy straight-up murdered every goddamn person in tenpenny tower after i convinced them he was a Good Person??? even her/bert dash/wood like?? herbert’s that nice uncle who buys you soda and sweets, and you straight up put one in his head?? Fuck You!

dr./li i can vaguely understand. yes, in love with james. yes, tolerated catherine, probably. and look, i get james was being a Dick by running away from project purity with baby lw, and he was probably freaked the Fuck out by catherine kicking the bucket- yes, you have every right to be angry w/ him.

but would it kill u to b a little nice to lw? yes, i get that this weirdo kid (kid of them man u love and a colleague u might’ve less loved) turns up, tells everyone they’re looking for their old man. yes, just tell them where he went. 

like they’re only 19. they don’t know wtf a ghoul is, wtf a project purity is- hell, they weren’t aware of your existence until like two frickin minutes ago gODDAMN. 

and yes, i understand that li is a professional. she understands what she’s doing, what her role is. i understand why she would brush off a child from coming in and trying to undo her life’s work or at least take her partner away from it, thus rendering the project close to useless. 

but all i want is her approval

maybe she blames lw for taking james away? maybe she sees too much of catherine in them? maybe she’s just fucking tired? who knows.

i sure as hell don’t.