• Me: Mom, can we get Mcdonalds?
  • Mom: No I'm cooking at home.
  • Me: *In my room - To myself* When I win HoH next week I am 100% gunning for her. How dare she disrespect me like that, I don't deserve this.

Lgbt Cast of Big Brother season 17: Audrey Middleton Age: 25 First Big Brother Transgender Contestant Jason Roy Age: 25 Gay Vanessa Russo Age: 32 Lesbian or Bisexual

Jason literally snatched your weave off in the most savage way possible, read you for filth, dragged you from the have-not room all the way to the HoH room then through the backyard, exposed every single little thing about you and left you gagging and scrambling like a deer in headlights and then proceeded to smoke a cigarette like it was nothing all while having a kii with Day and Meg. And you think he needs you.


Some of Audrey and Jason’s talk a couple nights ago if anyone missed it/wants to see (they also talked a little bit about spirituality/religion, astrology, and numerology if you want to watch more: SAT 7/4 1:08:19 am)

[…] it’s important to understand that, in America, it is broadly believed that police can–and perhaps should–kill people who do not comply with them. Roy Middleton was shot in his own driveway after a neighbor called the police on him, thinking he was burglar breaking into car. The car was Middleton’s. When the police arrived, they claim to have given Middleton orders to which he did not comply. Middleton thought it was neighbors playing a joke. The police claim he “lunged” at them.“It was like a firing squad,” Middleton told PNJ from his bed at Baptist Hospital. “Bullets were flying everywhere.” The local sheriff doesn’t believe the police did anything wrong.

moving to my island. Fuck this country.

Either i will no longer be black or I will no longer be American. Because im not doing this shit. Now we’re getting shot on our own lawns? in our own cars? Nope nope nope. Not me. 

I’m gonna leave while I still have some semblance of sanity about me. Y'all can have this cesspool. I’m out. 

a letter for each houseguest

Dear Jace,

I don’t have much to say. Your twitter comments on kissing the twins on finale night were distasteful. You were pretty annoying, but sometimes you could be funny.

Dear Da’vonne,

Even if you were evicted second, you’re still slaying joker’s rankings, so you’re special. You will be remembered, point blank and the period. You are so much smarter than many of the others, and you could have gone far. You will forever be a tumblr god.

Dear Jeff,

To be honest, I remember Jace more than you. All I remember is the Jeff and Austin show the the conspiracy about you masturbating on Liz.

Dear Audrey,

Queen! I love you! The gameplay in the house has been so boring without you. You are so inspiring and beautiful. Blanketing is fantastic. Keep rocking the blonde, and I can’t wait to see where you go in life.

Dear Jason,

Where do I begin? You have been my absolute favorite from the start, and you’re way funnier than Johnny Mac, who was supposed to be “the funny one.” Vanessa was a total coward for putting you up and the houseguests fear you, which is the only reason you were sent out. Your friendship with Meg was one of my favorite parts of the season and I loved watching you make up the Radford’s bar story. I use oh my lanta all the time. I really hope the fandom can get you to be America’s favorite.

Dear Clay,

You were only in the house because of your looks and I hope you know that. Steve once told us that he was sorry for the person whose spot you took, and you were a waste. You didn’t even really win anything except a veto. That’s the same number of competitions as Julia, and you were supposed to be athletic.

Dear Shelli,

You aggravate me. Whenever I see you in a jury segment I die a little inside. You are smart and I could have liked you, but Clay ruined you. Your nokissmance was so awkward, especially considering the ten year difference and the fact that Clay looks just like your twin brother. That’s creepy, almost more creepy than liztin. Your voice and crying were annoying. Your gameplay was annoying. You got out both a black person and a transgender person. That raises a few eyebrows. Not to mention, both ended up being way more popular than you. Your fake tan and weave are so tacky.

Dear Jackie,

ICONIC. America loves you so much, even though you were depicted as a floater on the show. You have earned your nickname “Jackiesus.” Your eviction was such a cowardly waste, and I’m very disappointed in Steve. It’s so unfortunate that you didn’t stay hoh in week five, because I would have loved to see more gameplay from you, but you didn’t really get the chance. You are so likable, and that’s why you’re still at the top of joker’s.

Dear Becky,

So far, you have had one of the best hohs all season. At the beginning you were just basic becky, and I loved seeing you blossom into the glorious beckgod you are. At first no one really noticed you, but now you are prominent in the fandom. Your stories gave me life. It’s really too bad that you had to go. Also please marry Johnny Mac. You guys are a perfect couple. Also he has a crush on you. He is actually pretty hot behind the laugh and the back hair.

Dear Meg,

Why. You were the last likable girl in the house and you were loved so much from start to end. By the time Becky left, you and James were America’s only hope. I’m a huge fan. I know you could have torn up the house if you won a competition. You being grandma Meg was the sweetest thing. I think you had one of the strongest social games and you will forever be remembered.

Dear James,

You may not come home with 500k, but it’s almost certain you’ll win America’s favorite. Your pranks and scares are what kept the season alive. You were so sweet. You also got the game started when you nominated clelli together and it’s too bad that the other side of the house was so powerful because all of America was rooting for you. When people think of bb17, they’ll think of you, and not whatever piece of trash wins.

Dear Julia,

Finally, someone from scamper squad to rant about. You look nothing like Liz and I don’t know why they cast you anyway, but you were the better twin for sure. We all loved you until you started playing the game. I’m very surprised that you lasted this long. However I don’t I have too much hate to give because you barely won anything, but America hates you anyway just for aligning with liztin. You also said in your post eviction interview that you thought liztin could get married. I thought you hated Austin. What happened? Hating Austin was the reason you were liked at all in the first place. Have fun in the jury house where no one likes you. Also, Jace, Jeff, and Steve had a crush on you.

Dear Liz,

I know you and Austin think America loves you, but you are widely despised. Your constant catty gossiping and crying was very annoying. You deserve to be in the jury house right now, and it is absolutely ridiculous that you were not voted out this week. Let’s talk about Austin. You’re young and beautiful, and could probably get almost any guy you want. If I saw Austin in public I would walk on the other side of the street. He’s not a good look for you. We all know he was fingering you. I hope Vanessa puts you on the block because you need to leave. 

Dear Austin,

You made the whole Judas thing seem like a big deal but it really wasn’t. I don’t really have much to say about your game, so let’s talk about the reason you’re at the bottom of joker’s. Liz. You had a girlfriend. You are cheating on that girlfriend, and it doesn’t matter that it was on the rocks, because you were not fully broken up. Falling in love with Liz was just distasteful. Why would you cheat like that? All of your actions were on live tv. Even the suspicious arm movements in the hoh bed. We know. Your nomination speech during your hoh week was downright embarrassing.

Dear Steve,

So, here’s a history of my opinion of you. At first, you didn’t really do anything, and you were just a cute little nerdy kid. Then you joined the scamper squad. America hated everyone in that alliance, so you started being disliked. Then you evicted Jackie. Just so you know, she was a fan favorite. You were cancelled. Then you put up Austwins, which is why I have renewed faith in you. Seeing your teddy bear and you crying at seeing your mom was really touching. I’ve enjoyed your quirks, and through the ups and downs I’ve never truly hated you.

Dear John,

Congratulations on being the last actually likable person in the house. I wish I lived in Scranton so you could be my dentist. Expect more patients when you get back! I really hope Vanessa keeps you around because she knows what she’s doing. I’d love to see you become hoh in coming weeks! I think me and all of America are rooting for you at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if you won America’s favorite. You had so many funny moments and comments and brought so much joy to a boring season. At this point you are an easy target and I hope you pull through and do well. Also marry Becky. All of the fandom thinks you two belong together.

Dear Vanessa,

If someone doesn’t smarten up and get you out, you are going to win, for sure. You undeniably had the best game. The only reason I don’t really like you is for getting out my favs Jason and Meg and your crying and constant “he said she said”. You already have $4 million so maybe you don’t deserve to win, I expect you to. I hope you are smart this week, and good luck.