Okay but clone wars au…

Talia is a Sith Lord and she sends her son Damian who she and Ra’s have been training in the dark side of the force to learn the ways of/ infiltrate the Jedi order

The justice league is the Jedi council

Bruce is a renowned Jedi master and the robins are his padawans, first was dick who has just recently become a master himself

Bruce goes missing/ is presumed dead just before Damian arrives, but Tim, his last padawan, is adamant that he can still sense him in the force and goes looking for him

Huge scandal when Damian shows up and it’s revealed he’s Bruce’s son (Jedi code and all that, nice going Bruce you horndog)

Babs is also a Jedi master, she was critically injured in the field and is now in a groovy hover wheelchair thing and is the Jedi temples librarian (ie she has access to basically all the knowledge in the galaxy lol)

The Jedi council is like we can’t take this kid in abt Damian he’s too dangerous and dick is like UM he is a CHILD who needs guidance and I’m gonna make him my padawan!!! And the Jedi council is like no and dick is like you know I’ll do it anyway and they’re like ugh fine

So now dick is training Damian and Damian is being a little piece of shit and is disrespectful to the clones but he’ll learn and he’ll get better

Fuck forgot to mention the batgirls are also Jedi they’re babs’ padawans

Doesn’t exactly follow the Jedi code but Steph and cass are how do you say….. Harold

Jason was Bruce’s second padawan, he was killed by notorious criminal/separatist general idfk the joker, was resurrected and Talia tried to train him as her sith apprentice but now he’s a badass bounty hunter owo

There’s BIG drama!!!

Maybe Alfred is like some super old retired Jedi idk

Not sure where duke fits in with this au yet. Hes definitely a jedi padawan but idk whose

Lois Lane is a senator!!!!!!

Selina is still a thief but now she does it IN SPACE!!!

Talia eventually breaks free of her father’s dark side brainwashing and learns true balance in the force, third eye opens becomes woke af and super badass icon

Jason and his bf roy (disgraced Jedi was kicked from the order) are both bounty hunters actually

Hondo Onaka is still hondo bc I love him and he’s in this au, dammit!

I’ll add more if I think of it but uuhh yeah this is good au like this au

Jason Todd Birthday Week - DAY SIX: New Costume/Alias


Specter is the brainchild of myself and my buddy Raz for a Dark Future AU of a mixed universe superhero game that we currently play. In the original world, heroes and villains find themselves being thrust into a separate multiverse where superpowers are all but outlawed, and these new interdimensional visitors, called Vagrants, are despised and often arrested on the spot if they’re discovered.

In the Dark Future AU of this world, Arkhamverse Red Hood was one of these Vagrants, and eventually was taken down and kept in a maximum security prison and psych ward for several years. He’s eventually broken out by his friend and partner, Arsenal (there’s a whole tragic story behind what took him so long), but by that point Jason has gone mad from isolation, seeing long dead heroes and villains jeering at him for his weakness, and no longer able to speak. 

After running off with Roy, the pair eventually receive news that this world’s scientists may have finally designed a device that should be able to deport all the Vagrants that had appeared in the last 20 years back to their original universes, with just the simple flick of a switch. Jason never wanted to return back to his shithole of a homeworld, and Roy was originally from separate universe from that all together - they refused to be separated after all the trouble they had gone through finding each other again. They would stop this device from being used through any means necessary. 

Taking matters into their own hands, Arsenal gets to work on designing a new suit for Jason, who had been out of commission for so long, he could no longer use the name Red Hood (a grown up Lian Harper had taken on that title in the interim). Jason insisted Roy make a copy of the suit for himself as well, so they can attack from several angles and appear in multiple places as once, a ghost in the night whose movements that cannot be easily traced. Together they’d bring down this cold world that wanted to be rid of them, and force it to recognize them and all Vagrants as people who live here, not insects to be eradicated.

The Specter suit is designed using parts and pieces of military grade supersoldier tech, with an advanced HUD in the helmet that helps Jason differentiate what’s really in front of him, and what’s just a cruel figment of his mind. Jason’s also has a built in speaker system that wirelessly connects to a microphone in Roy’s, allowing the former Arsenal to be the voice of the suit and furthering the illusion that Specter is a single radical revolutionary as opposed to two.

Broken Promises

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Chapter 1: Rescue

Jason felt himself being dragged. He didn’t remember losing consciousness. Probably had a concussion if he’d been hit that hard though.

He heard a somebody land a few feet away. There was whistling sound, followed by a pop and a hiss, and the dragging stopped. Jason flinched, thinking he was about to be hit again. But instead, the smell of smoke filled his nostrils and he was dropped to the ground.

He cracked his eyes open out of curiosity. But there was nothing to see. Red filled his vision, irritating his uncovered eyes, so he closed them against the slight stinging sensation, suppressing a groan. He regretted not wearing the domino under the helmet for the first time in months. See, when he’d first made the upgrade to this hood, he had continued to wear one. But after a few weeks of hard hits with no signs of structural weakness, he’d decided he could forgo the additional mask. Tim had commented that it was kinda weird to wear a mask under a mask. Plus he had never been a fan of the spirit gum anyway. It had always irritated his skin.

Guess he should have known better than to get too reliant on the hood though, if tonight was anything to go by. His helmet had splintered with one kick from Batman. He knew the man was gonna be mad, but he had not expected him to come at him with enough force to shatter his fucking helmet.

There was a reason Jason wore a helmet instead of just a mask. He was a goddamn open book. He knew it. Couldn’t hold his emotions back for the life of him, as much as he tried. It had been a problem since he’d been a kid. He gets emotionally attached to cases and was a slave to those emotions on an hourly basis. Not a super great trait to have in the crime fighting business. Worse when you’re fighting your father because you acted on your emotions and ended up doing something…not great.

Jason had tried to start the fight off snarky and confident as a sort of defense mechanism. He didn’t actually want to fight his old mentor these days. He still knew it’d been coming as soon as he pulled the trigger, and he’d tried to be ready. He’d known Batman was gonna come after him if he found out–which, of course he did. Jason hadn’t missed that news chopper at the scene. He’d thought knowing the fallout would be bad was enough, but knowing hadn’t helped him one bit.

He had not been ready.

His mask had shattered upon impact and Jason knew Batman would be able to see the anger and anxiety he’d been concealing. Bruce had lashed out far more violently than Jason had been expecting. And that had scared him as much as it had hurt. His anxiety had turned to fear. It hadn’t been a fear of the Batman. It had been a fear rooted in the fact that this was Bruce under there somewhere. Bruce had been hitting him harder than he hit most criminals. Harder than he’d ever seen him hit the Joker. Jason had pointed this out in an attempt to regain some control of his emotions, to create a barrier, but it had only served to anger the man further.

A part of him had known it would. And it had earned him a very strong blow to his exposed face and more enraged shouts. At this point Jason had stopped fighting. He had been all kinds of confused and hurt and angry and terrified and heartbroken. He had been resigned to his fate. He had deserved this.

The man whom Jason considered a father had broken him. And then to make matters worse he had lost his best friends and probably his only allies.

Jason heard heavy footsteps coming toward where he lay. He didn’t bother opening his eyes. He resigned himself to a round…three? Round four? He wasn’t sure. And honestly, he didn’t want to think about it.

The footsteps stopped next to him. He heard the person kneel and he winced in response, ready for a punch or a backhand or being harshly dragged up by his collar again. Then an arm slipped under his left arm and behind his back and Jason was being pulled up into a standing position.

A hand pressed on the center of his chest, steadying him.

“I got you buddy.”

Jason’s breath caught in his throat and his heart skipped a couple beats.

“Roy?” His voice was soft and riddled with anxious confusion.

He cracked his eyes open, having to confirm what he thought he’d heard to be true, before closing them again. His face muscles contorted and his eyes burned again. He swallowed, trying to make the frog trapped in his throat go away.

“Yeah, Jaybird. It’s Roy.”

“Roy,” he said the name again. It was only one word, but it was heavy with emotion. Full of need. It was a cry for help. Please, get him out of here.

“I know, buddy. I know.”  

He became lightheaded as his consciousness started decided now was an okay time to abandon him once more. He had to let Roy know. He was going down. “I…” he breathed out as his knees buckled.

“Woah! Okay.” The hand left his chest. And the last thing he would remember was the dizzying sensation of being swept quite literally off his feet and Roy assuring him, “It’s okay. I’ve got you. We’re getting out of here.”