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the lost robin and the black wren

Pairings: Jason Todd x Reader

Summary: First meeting between the protege of Black Canary - Black Wren - and the second Robin. 

Warnings: None

A/N: First part of a new series I’m starting.

The first time he saw you was when you were standing next to Black Canary and he had to double take; he thought you were her daughter for a second. You were donning a similar outfit to the blonde: black leather jacket, fishnet tights and boots. With an air of confidence and a resting face that could snap a grown man to run for the hills, he just had to befriend you. You seemed so cool with your arms crossed over your chest and steel eyes observing the Justice League members conversing. With lips pressed firmly, he could tell that you would rather be anywhere else than at the meeting.

Jason was snapped out of his reverie when a redhead strolled up to you. The bow and arrows suggested him to be Green Arrow’s protege so it would make sense why he looked so comfortable approaching you. You merely raised an eyebrow at him but did not react any further. However, Jason narrowed his eyes at the newcomer when he caught a glimpse of mirth in the redhead’s eyes. Apparently, both of you were closer than teammates because all he did was whisper in your ear before you burst out giggling and oh dear God did Jason’s heart skipped a beat. Your eyes crinkle at the sides and your nose scrunched up. Your grin was so big it could split your face into two and your laughter was so misplaced in the ominous batcave. Your eyes were much softer and your smile remained as wide while your friend rambled on. He could not help the smile itching at the corner of his lips watching you smile. It was like he had to smile when you smile too and he did not mind it one bit.

However, when your eyes landed on Jason’s blue ones, he could feel his cheeks burning and smile completely gone. Your eyes widened a fraction and your smile faltered slightly which caused his heart to run miles per minute. He swallowed his saliva as a nervous habit while his mind was flooded with a myriad of embarrassing situations, all ending with you refusing to be his friend. Clenching his fist, he tried looking away to salvage whatever pride he had left but the warm smile you sent him had him awestruck. Instincts taking over his mind, he was walking towards you even before he registered his action. All he could see was the bemused smile you wore and a hint of amusement in your eyes. When he was finally standing in front of you, at the same height surprisingly, he stiffly shot out his hands as a sign of a handshake. You took it in your smaller and daintier hands and the crooked grin on his face did not fail to show.

“Jason Todd.”

Your eyebrows shot up and the redhead beside you was spluttering and that sent Jason into a whirlwind of confusion. Did he say something wrong? When he was about to ask, you beat him to the punch.

“Robin? Are you okay?”

Shit. He forgot all about the secret identities.

Passing the Torch

Pairing: Royai

Rating: K

Words: 1094

A/N: So a little bird told me that today is @theysangastheyslew‘s birthday and I just couldn’t not let it past without writing a little something. Elena makes our fandom so much better with her AMAZING art that makes me cry from angst or squeal from fluff. I so appreciate everything she brings to our fandom! Happy Birthday Elena, I hope you enjoy some cotton-candy sweet fluff!

Roy comes to the most horrific and world-shattering realization on a benign Tuesday morning in the fall.

The camera nearly drops from his hands, the smile on his face falls, and his whole body freezes. The doey brown eyes that seem to always be filled with wonder and a familiar softness he had long ago come to adore stare back at him curiously. For once in his life ignoring those wonderfully familiar brown eyes, Roy turns to the nearby dining room table, where photo albums are scattered about and hundreds of glossy pictures are waiting to be sorted.

Oh god, he’s become Edward Elric.

Or worse, they’ve both become Maes Hughes.

There were certainly worse men in the world he could emulate, but the memories of his late friend’s incessant gushing about his young daughter, combined with the more recent influx of pictures and stories detailing the lives of Fullmetal’s children stop him cold. His eyes widen and a strange feeling of dread comes over him.

Sitting across the rug from him and eyeing him strangely is his wife. She notices his quick change in demeanor with her usual expertise and lifts an eyebrow. “What is it?” she asks.

“I’ve turned into Maes,” is all Roy whispers, willing up enough brain power after the startling epiphany to set the camera down before it falls from his hands and breaks.

If possible, Riza looks even more skeptical after that. “What are you talking about? He’s right here,” she says, indicating the young five-month-old happily bouncing away in his chair, staring up at his father with his usual infantile awe.

Roy breathes out, attempting to remain patient. “Maes Hughes,” he corrects.

Understanding immediately dawns on the veteran captain’s face and she smiles slyly. “You’re just now figuring that out? You’ve been like Hughes since the day Maes was born.”

Quickly, Roy straightens up. “Y-yeah, but I wasn’t that bad at the start…right?” Suddenly, surrounded by photographs (all of either his son or his wife), the general realizes that this isn’t a new development. Ever since that first time they’d bundled up the child with his father’s messy hair and his mother’s incredible eyes and placed him in Roy’s arms, he’d been sold hook, line, and sinker.

Riza smirks, an unusual look on her normally stoic face but here, with her two favorite boys, she’s free to be herself. Her teasing, shockingly sarcastic self. “Roy, by the time they wheeled me out of delivery and back to my hospital room, you’d already bragged about Maes to all of the team, the Fuhrer, Madame Christmas’ entire bar, and the Elrics. You’ve been as obnoxious as he was since day one.”

“Then why am I just now realizing that?” he speaks in a baffled tone, a completely shell-shocked look still taking up residence on his face.

Riza’s smile grows even wider. “Maybe you’ve just been too busy printing out photographs the last five months to notice.”

Before Roy can even begin to form a response to that, a small giggle is heard from the middle of the rug and both parents look down to find Maes Mustang smiling and laughing up at his father. Immediately the general’s entire world lights up once more and his hands desperately reach for the camera again.

“Look, Riza! He’s laughing at me!” He exclaims joyfully clicking picture after picture of his happy baby.

Riza shakes her head. “He isn’t the only one.”

“Hey, I may be just like Hughes now, but I’m starting to get the sense that he was justified. I mean, when you got something this adorable in front of you, how can you not gush?” Roy says with a smirk, his head still behind the lense of the camera. Riza resigns herself to her husband’s obnoxious adoration. She doesn’t dare tell him how much joy it fills her each time she watches him get excited about every new little thing Maes does as he grows. Or how sexy a man loving on a baby is.

“Well, all the same, it’s naptime,” she says with a definitive tone, rising to her feet and walking over to Maes’s bouncy chair.

The disappointed look that overtakes Roy’s face almost makes laugh out loud, but she manages to rein in the emotion.

“Already? Surely it’s not that late.”

Riza unstraps the baby from the seat and lifts him into her arms with an ease no one who knew her would have ever seen coming. “You’ll have more opportunities for photo shoots when he wakes up.”

Roy sighs in resignation. “Fine, but at least let me get one more.”

His words stop Riza on her path toward the nursery and she turns around with little Maes in her arms, a curious look on her face. Roy doesn’t hesitate in snapping a photo of the two of them, watching as Riza immediately frowns at the act.

“Roy, you know I don’t like it when you do that,” she admonishes.

The smile that overtakes the general’s face is doey-eyed and filled with more love than most people can even comprehend. It’d be easy to forget in that moment that the man was a powerful general in the military and not just an idiot dad in love with his family. “Indulge me,” he says by way of explanation as he sets the camera down. “I just want a picture of the two people who make me the luckiest man alive.”

Though it’s cringe-worthy at best, Riza can’t help the small upward tilt of her mouth. “Since when did you become so cheesy?”

“Since I became Hughes apparently.”

Riza laughs genuinely at this and turns back toward the nursery. “Well, Dad Extraordinaire, I hope you’re still feeling like that when he needs a change. You’re up for the next dirty diaper.”

An unpleasant thought, but Roy waves it away with ease as he gets up and turns toward the pile of photographs. Yes, he is obnoxious and cheesy and everyone probably hates him as soon as he pulls his wallet photos out, but he can’t help himself. He finds one in particular of Maes and Riza and his smile softens even more.

This life, the one he never thought he’d get the chance to live, is more beautiful than he could’ve ever imagined. So, yeah, he takes too many pictures and gets way too excited about the smallest things and has become just like his obnoxious best friend, but Roy finds it’s worth it everytime he sees either his son or his wife smile.

Oh so worth it.

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Royai prompt idea #2: Roy is determined to do something nice for Riza on their anniversary, she of course has already planned something, roy, trying to one-up/surprise her proposes on the spot

A/N: Tndabofyoepuxsa;nxk look I’m. sorry lol. I know this isn’t *exactly* what you wanted but I have been trying to write this for like a week and this is all I could come up w that was remotely similar to this prompt. (’: I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Riza Hawkeye thought: Dammit, Roy.   

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((Idk how to really do thsi one but anyway, My name's Roy, and I hope to cosplay Kakyoin someday too. 8D))

HiYA ROY!! :DD Oh my gosh your name makes me think about Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist, a show I used to watch a while ago!! It’s a cool name- makes me think of red cars for some reason XD?? 
!!!!! I hope you’ll post your kak cos if you ever do cosplay him!!! I bet you’d look SO cute n handsome as him! >:D 

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Is it bad that I really want to see you online as Roy Mustang? I love him and I don't think I've ever seen a FMA role play on tumblr before!

Originally posted by speedlionfc

((OOC: No It’s not bad at all XD I literally only have the wig for him at the moment but, since there seems to be a ‘not hp’ theme going on with my blog this week, I could definitely bring plain clothed Roy online at some point?))