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Attraction To A Stranger [Jason Todd x Reader]

I got this prompt from a post by @otpprompts​: “Person A sees Person B in the waiting room of an airport and tries to get in touch with them without actually talking, eventually managing to slip a paper with their number in the book Person B was reading. How all of this happens is up to you. Bonus if Person C is the one helping Person A.“

A/N: When you think you write too much for Jason but then remember that’s not possible. (Fem Reader)


Jason was sitting, bored as all hell, in the seats outside his gate. Roy sat next to him hat pulled over his face, trying to get a few minutes shut eye. Jason sighed leaning into the back of his seat, just people watching.

He was unamused by anyone until a [h/c] haired girl with the most stunning [e/c] eyes sat in an open chair across from where he was. You had a set of headphones in, completely oblivious to anyone and everyone around you. Observing as you would gaze at the gate and check your watch.

Jason found you absolutely stunning. Every move you made entranced him. Even more amazing when he saw you pull out a book he found to be one of his favorites. Watching as you turn each page eagerly, looking forward to how the plot continues onto the next page.

He just wanted to get up, sit in the seat next to you, and strike up a conversation. But for some reason he just… couldn’t.

So, he just continued to watch.

“Dude you look like a stalker.. Or a crazy boyfriend. One of the two” Roy interrupted Jason’s staring. He shot the archer a glare. “I don’t look like a stalker”

“Kind of do the way you’re staring at the poor girl.” Roy whispered. Making Jason roll his eyes before they landed on the stranger again. “Just go talk to her”

“I.. I just… I don’t know” Jason crossed his arms shrugging. Looking at Roy he saw he had a shit eating smirk, “You’re scared to talk to her” he teased.

“What? No! I’m not scared to talk to her. I just… don’t want to interrupt her book” Jason glanced over looking for an excuse.

“Yeah, whatever you say Jaybird. Then I guess you won’t mind if I went over there and talked to her, maybe asked her out got her number” Roy’s smirk widened as Jason sent another glare. “Fuck you Harper”

“Ah, there it is. The truth comes out. Jason’s nervous to talk to a girl.” Roy shook him by the shoulders, leading Jason to hit his hands away. The movements catching your eye, chuckling upon seeing the exchange before looking down at the page once more.

“She just looked at us by the way” Roy commented, making Jason’s eyes widen and look at you once more. “Just go over there already, aren’t you the one who girls swoon over?”

“Shut up” Jason shook his head, running a hand through his hair. Messing up the white streak. “Well what if you got her to talk to you, pace around her, maybe drop something to catch her attention?” Roy offered up some suggestions. 

“Why do I feel like I’m in middle school with a crush? I’m a grown man I should just walk over there” Jason pinched his nose as if he were getting a headache. 

But he eventually did what Roy said, just trying to get your attention. Tried to drop something by you, and ‘accidentally’ bumped your seat. However, you were to entranced in your book and deafened by your music to notice.

That was until they heard your phone begin to ring, watching as you picked it up from the space at your side. Pulling out your headphones and setting your book on the open space next to you.

“Hey Mom” Jason heard you speak for the first time and was even more attracted to you. “No, I’m just sitting at my gate. There’s still some time before boarding.” you continued to talk on the phone. 

“Now’s your chance, slip your number in her book. She’s facing away from it.” Roy was indeed right, you had your attention turned to a window opposite the direction of your book.

Jason nodded, scribbling down his number on a piece of paper with a small note. Carefully he strode over, staying out of your vision. Sticking the paper on the page your bookmark was and backtracked to his seat.

Leaning against the armrest, waiting for you to find it. As you continued to talk he ended up pulling out a book of his own, phone stuffed in the pocket of his leather jacket. 

“Alright Mom. Yes I’ll be careful. I love you too. Bye.” Hanging up the phone with your ever worrying mother. You grew up in Gotham, of course you can handle yourself elsewhere. Chuckling you picked up your book, opening it to the marked page.

Though when opening the book a small folded sheet of paper fell into your lap. Confused, you unfolded it reading the contents.

‘Hey, so I’ve been trying to get your attention but it seems you like that book about as much as I did when I first read it. I’m across from you if you’re up for a date some time.


You looked up from the note to see two men. One with red hair that was scrolling through his phone and the other with black hair and a white streak through it. Both were rather attractive but the one with the black hair was just gorgeous in your eyes.

Hoping for the best you typed in the number and sent a message. 

Jason felt the phone buzz in his pocket and dug it out. Clicking the screen it lit up to reveal a message from an unknown number. Not noticing the smile grow on your face as you watched the screen.

“That’s one way to give a girl your number. But a name might be nice to know first deary.. -_^

Jason looked up at you with a dumbfounded look, you covered your mouth giggling before removing it and waving at him. He grinned before beginning to tap the screen.

“Jason Todd. Your turn doll”

Chuckling at the nickname you answered quicky.

“[F/n] [L/n]”

Looking up you saw his buddy looking over his shoulder before he smirked and stole the phone, swiftly typing on the screen.

Reading the message you let out an audible laugh, muffling it with your hand.

“About time he got to talking to you. But how about instead of this texting shit, you sit with us on the flight. Get to know Jaybird audibly.”

After you stopped laughing you responded.

“It’d be my pleasure. I’d love to talk to ‘Jaybird’” 

Jason visibly blushed at the use of his nickname Roy had for him, even if it was only through text.

Though one thing he was looking forward to was hearing you talk to him with the same smile you had been talking on the phone with earlier. Little did he know about how this would be the start to something he’d forever treasure.


🔮 [4/ 4] Miya Rurika as Morgane in 『La Légende du Roi Arthur』 (2016)

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Your icons are really cuteeee!!! Was wondering if I could ask for an icon of Fire Emblem 6's Lilina and Roy? Thanks in advance!

We do have a soft spot for Fire emblem! So These are nice to make! Hope you like them!

Feel free to use this icons if you like them. we would love if you could tell people we made them so spread them around!

Also, is there a character or series you’d love to have an icon of but you don’t see much of them or really like our style? Well feel free to send us an ask!

One of the things I actually really love about Royai is the fact that there’s so much we don’t know about their past and what happens post promised day. Of course I’d love to hear what Arakawa thought happened, but because we don’t, there are endless possibilities. There are so many amazing headcanons and story ideas that have come out of this scenario and it’s brought out so much creativity in the fandom. I honestly kind of don’t want to know what Arakawa thinks about Royai, because I’ve read so many different and equally equally engaging and compelling versions of their past and their future, and I’m still up for hearing more.


so here’s a pro tip, don’t bind your “hello” button close to your Ult button

May Zedong, who's more of a useless lesbian, you or Weiss? (Asked by anon)
  • May, her face quickly boils into a flustered mess, stumbling over her words: Wh-What!? Me? No! NO!! Not me!! Her! Her her not me!
  • May, pulls her hat down over her face and drops to a fetal position, clearly very embarrassed: Ugh. Wake me up when I'm dead.
  • Roy, one hand on his hip, the other scratching his head: Oy. Wt's ya problem?
  • Nolan, shaking his head with crossed arms, sighs: Aye, I'm tellin ya. She'll be death o' us I swear.
  • Brawnz: Oh come of guys, don't pick on her too much.
  • Brawnz, a joking smirk splitting across his face: We all know she's not a useless lesbian.
  • May, pulling her hat up: Y-you think so?
  • Brawnz, doing his best to hold back snickers: Yeah. You're much more of an "incompetent bisexual".
  • Roy, slapping his knee in laughter as him and the other boys burst out, May throws out a grumpy 'hmph!' And storms away: BAAHHAAA!! Oi lord ya sure gottuhr didn't ye.

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Can you do something with Edward pushing himself too hard and collapsing while in the middle of getting chewed out by Roy after reporting back after a failed assignment. Mustang immediately feels guilty for being so hard on the kid and tries to help him but Eds fever is really high and he's really out of it (plz no Roy x Ed tho *shudders*)

Thank you for sending me a request! And no worries, this is a Roy x Ed-free blog! That ship really squicks me out. Anyway, this is set pre-series. Enjoy!

“So, you’re saying that the mission was a complete disaster?” Roy asks sharply, fixing the teenager standing in front of him with an irritated look.

“That’s what I said,” Ed replies shortly, his tone devoid of any emotion.

“And you let the runaway alchemist slip away without even a fight?” Ed nods mechanically. “I suppose that I shouldn’t even bother asking about the other thing, then?”

A despondent shake of the head. “There was no sign of the stone,” Ed mutters, staring at the floor in front of his boots.

“That’s ‘There was no sign of the stone,’ sir,” Roy emphasizes. “And Fullmetal, would it kill you to look me in the eyes when we talk, rather than having a staring contest with the floor?”

“Sorry, sir.” Ed jerkily raises his head so that his golden eyes meet the Colonel’s. His eyes seem oddly unfocused, and his unusual obedience is suspicious. But Roy is too angry to care right now.

“So, to sum it up, you wasted a great deal of government time and resources on this flagrant failure of a mission, and you ended up being lead on a wild goose chase that was ultimately fruitless. And you found no new information about the stone. Is that correct, Fullmetal?” He pauses his lecture to wait for Ed’s response. When he gets no answer, he tries again. “Are you even listening to me right now? It’s like you don’t take this seriously at all.”

He pauses when he notices Ed swaying on his feet. The teenager has his jaw clenched tightly, and his pale face is in stark contrast to his blonde hair. “Edward?” he asks, finally starting to be concerned.

At Roy’s words, Ed’s glassy eyes roll back in their sockets and he crumples to the floor. Startled, Roy barely manages to catch him before he hits the floor.

As soon as he grabs Ed’s shoulders to prevent him from smashing his face into the ground, the problem suddenly becomes obvious. “You’re burning up!” he exclaims, the heat radiating off of Ed nearly enough to seat his hands. Cursing, he props the passed-out teenager up and ends up moving him to a chair. “What the hell were you thinking? Hawkeye!” he shouts.

She’s at his side in an instant. “Sir?”

“Call the infirmary. Something’s really wrong with Fullmetal,” he explains. “And maybe fetch a wet cloth or something?” He’s not really sure what to do, but it’s obvious that they need to get Ed’s fever down, and fast.

Hawkeye leaves the room, and Ed starts to stir a bit, eyes cracking open to reveal slivers of gold. There are enormous dark circles under them, and Roy wishes that he’d noticed sooner. “Are you with me, Fullmetal?”

Ed makes a noncommittal sound in his throat. “Where’m I?” he slurs thickly.

“You’re still in my office. Do you remember what happened?”

“Fell?” Ed suggests, sounding genuinely puzzled.

“You passed out because you’re running an extremely high fever. Hawkeye called the infirmary for help.”

As if on cue, Hawkeye enters the room, a soaked towel in hand. She gently presses it to Ed’s forehead, ignoring the way he protests at the sudden chill. “Is there anything else that you need?” she asks expectantly. Roy could kiss her.

“Send someone to fetch his brother before he starts freaking out and comes to see what happened.” A panicked Edward Elric is a disaster waiting to happen, but a panicked Alphonse Elric is even more destructive.

“Al?” Ed barely rolls his head to the side. The effort seems to exhaust him. “Where’s my brother?”

“Al is fine, he’ll be here shortly. Don’t get yourself all worked up, just stay still for now.” Ed huffs in protest, but there’s not exactly much he can do right now.

“Why didn’t you say something, Edward?” Roy probes, trying to keep the teenager somewhat conscious while they wait for the paramedics.

“I didn’t,” Ed pauses to cough and clear his throat. “I didn’t think that it was that bad.”

Roy gives a short laugh. “Well, clearly you were wrong. Try not to strain yourself any more before help gets here, okay?”