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I Want to be a Millionaire at 35

And I’m not talking about marrying into the money!  By the time I’m 35, I want to be able to say, “I’m a millionaire” independently from my spouse. 

I’ve managed to accumulate approximately $220,000 in 3 years!!!  

On August 5, 2013, I received my VERY FIRST paycheck.  Prior to this, I was financially dependent on my family, boyfriend (at the time), and Sugar Daddy on the side.  I went from having no income of my own, to making $50/hr.  I was finally able to support myself financially.  Having my own income made walking away from any man (sugar daddies, benefactors, or boyfriends) so much easier!  Even though I was working, I still choose to stay in the sugar bowl. I personally found that men were more generous when they found out about my career path; like I was being rewarded for working hard. Being a sugar baby while working allowed me to save even more money! Thanks to sugaring I was able to max out my 401k in 2013, help my little sister out with college expenses, and give my parents money.

Ever since my first paycheck, I’ve been plotting on how to make my money go further.  Year-to-date, I’ve managed to get a 6.5%-8.3% ROI on my retirement accounts on my own.  I know it’s not too much to some people, but it’s better than letting my accounts sit stagnant.  When I met with Mister’s financial advisor he was almost speechless that someone my age has been able to save so much on my salary in just a 3 years.  He’s going to help me grow the money I have even more. 

So between my salary as a nurse, investing my money correctly, money from the business (we’ve yet to pay ourselves out of the business), and hopefully [soon to be] rental property, I’ll be able to reach my goal. I’m 20% of the way there and I just turned 26. 😁

I Want to Have at Least $1,000,000 in the Bank by the Time I am 35!!

call to arms

A certain Colonel and a particular Lieutenant have gone too long without being in one another’s arms.

This started out as angsty but quickly spun into a very large ball of fluff and I have no shame

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kyxshi  asked:

AU where Roy kills Envy and Riza doesn't stop him or anything and he becomes führer anyway



Maybe Envy caused a cave in and trapped everyone except for himself and Roy and Roy kills him. There’s no way he would’ve pulled away if only Scar and Ed had talked him down. I also don’t think there’s any way that Riza wouldn’t talk him down if she was there. 


All the events of the Promised Day play out as normal and Riza doesn’t find out that Roy killed Envy till they’re in the hospital together later. After Roy is healed and they both get out of the hospital, Riza immediately requests a transfer. It kills her to do it but she refuses to work under a man who uses the power she gave him to do such terrible things. She knows that if she stayed under his command she’d be forced to fulfill the promise she made to shoot him if he ever strayed from his path. She can’t bring herself to do it, so she breaks off all contact with Roy (quite difficultly, I might add, because those two oh gosh). 

Years later Grumman has died and Roy is the Fuhrer, and Riza starts recognizing violent tendencies in Roy. Anytime he’s in the field he takes the be-all end-all approach instead of democracy and peace. He thinks with his fingers instead of his heart. This is when Riza knows she has to fulfill that promise, even though she knows it will ultimately be her end. She and Roy have become enemies over the years and everyone knows it. 

At a press conference right before Roy takes the podium, Riza disguises herself as one of the members of Roy’s security detail and stands right behind him backstage. Knowing he knows she’s there, she presses a gun to his back, in a perfect position to hit his heart. “Ah,” Roy says. “So you’ve finally come to finish the job.”

“I’m sorry, sir. This hell you’ve created is not one I can follow you into.”

And she pulls the trigger. 

Roy dies immediately, and Riza then turns the gun on herself and takes her own life. She follows him into hell after all, just not the one he constructed with his reign as Fuhrer.


Same deal, Riza finds out about Roy’s actions in the hospital afterwards. When they get out, Riza goes missing. Roy goes frantic with worry, because she’s nowhere to be found in Central or East City. He takes time off work as soon as he can and goes back to Riza’s hometown to look for her. Upon returning to her house, which is falling apart and abandoned, he finds her. Sleeping in her old bed. Except she’s not sleeping. Roy later finds out that she took her own life by combining some poisons she had found in her father’s study. He also finds a letter that she wrote, explaining that after everything, she couldn’t bear to live with herself. She knew that there was no hope that flame alchemists could control themselves if Roy couldn’t. She knew she needed to remove all traces of flame alchemy from the world that she could. The letter is signed with her name- her first name- and a post script: Looks like I won’t be following you into hell after all.

After the funeral. Roy retires from the military. Grumman is Fuhrer, and that’s enough for him. Roy refuses to climb any higher without Riza at his side, and he stops using alchemy- all kinds. He sinks into a depression and moves to the North, much like he did in Conqueror of Shamballa. He dies of grief a few years later.

oh wow i made myself sad