roy on the street


New York in the 1950s

From top to bottom;

1) Model Drusilla Beyfus, 1956. By Eve Arnold.

2) Manhattan,1953. By Werner Bischof.

3) Fashion model in front of “Devil in the Flesh” poster, 1950. By George Platt Lynes.

4) New York City food stand in the 1950s. By Ruth Orkin.

5) James Dean in New York City, 1954. By Roy Schatt.

6) Harlem, 1955. By William Klein.

7) NYC, 1950s. By Saul Leiter.

8) Street scene, 1955. By Elliot Erwitt.

9) Coney Island Photo Booth, 1953. By Raymond Jacobs.

10) Turkish bellydancer Nejla Ateş at The Latin Quarter night club, 1953.  Lou Walters had a rule that all his female performers, whether star dancer or chorine, had to wear pasties. By Yale Joel.






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