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New York in the 1950s

From top to bottom;

1) Model Drusilla Beyfus, 1956. By Eve Arnold.

2) Manhattan,1953. By Werner Bischof.

3) Fashion model in front of “Devil in the Flesh” poster, 1950. By George Platt Lynes.

4) New York City food stand in the 1950s. By Ruth Orkin.

5) James Dean in New York City, 1954. By Roy Schatt.

6) Harlem, 1955. By William Klein.

7) NYC, 1950s. By Saul Leiter.

8) Street scene, 1955. By Elliot Erwitt.

9) Coney Island Photo Booth, 1953. By Raymond Jacobs.

10) Turkish bellydancer Nejla Ateş at The Latin Quarter night club, 1953.  Lou Walters had a rule that all his female performers, whether star dancer or chorine, had to wear pasties. By Yale Joel.

Dating Jason Todd Headcanons

Dating Jason Todd/Red Hood would include:

> As his s/o, Jason has let you see his scars and opened up about his past so he trusts you. A lot. You have just sat there tracing them but as soon as your expression contorts into one of worry, Jason has ceased your hand and brought it to his lips with a reassuring smile. Litters kisses all over you in order to cheer you up whilst reminding you that’s he’s okay as long as he has you in his life.

> Take aways at like 3am, even if you’re not awake he’ll save some for you in case you want it later that day. However if you are up then he’s definitely up for eating with you and asking about your day.

> You’ve got this strange power over him and he’d just do anything for you if you play your cards right.
“Jay, please?”
“Come on Red.”
“(Y/n), no.”
“But baby I need you.”

> Getting along well with the majority of his family, Dick is freaking estactic that ‘little bird’ has gotten a partner.

> You’re basically immune to blood and gore now, it’s gotten to the point where it doesn’t even phase you anymore. Jason hopping in with a gaping cut across his torso or even a bullet wound?
“Ok, take off your gear I’ll be back in a minute.” In your calmest tone, your expression doesn’t even falter as he’s dripping blood over the floor.
“Jason?! What did you do, (y/n) used to be so innocent!”
“Shut up Tim.”

> Stitching him up accompanied by these loving gazes from him because he doesn’t deserve you. If he’s lost a lot of blood you’re in for some pick up lines or literature puns and it’s just exhausting but entertaining.
“Babe, I love you. I know I don’t say it but I do?”
“Jay, you’ve lost quite a bit of blood.”
“Yeah but I still love you, we’re like Romeo and Juliet.”
“Yeah. Um - they both died Jay.”
“Well we’re half way there.”

> Actually having to kiss him as a distraction so you could pull out a knife this one time - he seriously didn’t want you to touch it.
Calling you a bitch immediately after screaming.
Jason apologising straight away but you still had to make it up to him.

> Being there after his nightmares, to be honest just seeing you can calm him down a little but he has to touch you in some way to make sure you’re actually there whether it’s intimate or not. You’re still with him, and you’re safe.

> Low-key believes you deserve much better than someone like him, he’s killed people and he has told you this along with the fact that he’s the Red Hood. Better you found out from him on his terms rather than later down the line.

> After everything’s he’s been through, his emotions can be all over the place and sometimes it’s difficult to deal with them so he decides to avoid for a bit on some occasions in order to get himself together-ish.

> Willing to leave you if you ever want to end things, seriously one word and he’s gone. It’ll kill him and he’d be broken for a while because you are his everything - but he wants what is best for you. Constantly reassuring himself that it’s safer this way as a coping mechanism if you do break up.

> Telling him that he was your favourite Robin, using the ‘first the worst, second the best’ saying, much to his amusement. Dick is not impressed.

> Jason smelling like a combination of gun powder and cigarettes, you’ve grown accustom to it now.

> Letting you borrow his leather jackets and loving when you wear them. It just reminds him that you’re his s/o.

> He does these sweet romantic gestures but plays them off like it’s nothing.
“Aw, Jay thank you they’re my favourites.”
“(Y/n) it’s nothing, calm down.” Trying to keep his attention on the book his reading, following his nonchalant reply.
Then you’re kissing him and he cannot resist you so the book is long forgotten.

> The Bat Family contacting you as a way of checking up on Jason, often covering for him when they call as well.
“Oh you want to talk to Jay?”
Jason showing a middle finger in the background and you instantly know what that means.
“Yeah he’s not here right now, as far as I know he is still in one piece and doing alright…”
Your boyfriend giving you a thumbs up in response with a thankful smirk on his face.

> Can get jealous on some occasions, he is willing to punch someone for you. No problems there. Jason is intimidating enough as it is so as soon as he’s kissed you people kinda know to back off.
So help any thugs that mess with the Red Hood’s s/o, they’re in for some painful times.

> Meeting Kori and Roy, but almost taking the archer out with a baseball bat when he came over to steal some food from Jason’s apartment. Jason had to catch the bat and explain that this is a regular occurrence, Roy is his annoying best friend accomplice out on the streets. Had to fully explain that Roy was actually pretty awesome when the redhead was out of earshot.

> Playing with his white streak and assuring him it’s pretty badass.

> Being able to match his sarcasm on some occasions and you’re just a formidable team. The Batfam know they can’t win.

> Play fighting, Jason probably lets you win on most occasions, but if not it might end in a make out session.

> I like the idea that Jason can actually cook via learning a few things from Alfred, after living on the streets he thought it’d be useful for the future. So if Jason is in a particularly ‘good’ mood, he’ll cook for you and it tastes amazing. The first time it happens, you don’t believe he did it himself - Roy and Kori had to back him up.
It’s a very rare occurrence but if it’s a special event or you just need cheering up then you can bet he’ll cook for you.

> Long sensual kisses every time he leaves for patrol, at least if he doesn’t come back (‘unlikely’ according to Jason) he’s demonstrated how much he loves you in that kiss.

> “I’ve died, been through Hell, brought Hell and after all the shit I’ve done I never thought I’d be in Heaven.”
“Jay, what are you -”
“Being here with you, heck just kissing you. That’s pure bliss - that’s my Heaven.”


Roy doesn’t even stop to talk to Damo. He’s run down the street so fast he can hardly see through the perspiration pouring down his face- time is of the essence because he isn’t 100 % certain that Sonia isn’t going to forgo lunch completely to march down here and rip him a new arsehole for buying drugs, provided that Georgie has told her that’s what he’s doing. Which of course Georgie would have. Dear sweet, gullible Georgina.
The warm weather has tempted a lot of people out of their homes and it’s a lot busier at the pool than it was yesterday. Claudia is sitting in the same spot, wearing the same expression of terminal boredom. Roy pauses for a few moments to catch his breath and wipe the sweat from his face. His stomach lurches with disappointment as he stares at her. Damn.
Roy: Claudia! Hey!
Her neck swivels and she bestows a beatific smile on him, which makes his stomach fall onto the wet concrete and shrivel up. Her smile disappears as she stares at his face.
Claudia: What? What is it?
Roy: Can you step down from there for a second? I really need to talk to you-
Claudia: Are you fucking kidding me? You’re cancelling? AGAIN???
A few MILFS have turned to stare at him. He tries to gesture at her to keep her voice down.
Roy: I’m really sorry, Claudia. Really, really sorry. Look, I can explain-
Claudia: Really? This had better be fucking good because I bought a new dress! It cost me §80! And I got a full fucking Brazilian! That cost me nearly the same!
Roy: Oh, man. I’ll give you the money. Please just talk to me. I feel terrible. I really do.

Even more so now he knows about the Brazilian.

Tometheus - A (finally!) coherent rant

Over the last few days, I’ve been having a number of conversations with a number of people about the possible identity of Prometheus, and everything’s just been making me go, “I need to write this down!”

So here it is, my theory: 

Tommy Merlyn is Prometheus. 

Yup. That’s my theory and I’m gonna stick to it till proven otherwise. Why? Because it makes sense.  

All reasons why Tommy Merlyn is Prometheus -  let me start at the beginning:

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anonymous asked:

Hi girl,I love your Errow salt! People say that Laurel's recovery from addiction was too rushed,but I disagree. What's your opinion about that arc?

Hi! Brace yourself, this is probably gonna get long! The real question is: why does that matter?

Laurel’s addiction arc had all of the things it should have. Tommy and Laurel may not have been together when he died, but he died trying to save her, Laurel and Oliver (who had at that point shown signs of rekindling their romance) then decided that they couldn’t in good consciousness date each other whilst Tommy’s loss was so fresh. 

They both felt to blame for what happened to him. Laurel committed herself to Tommy, it was difficult for Laurel to deal with Oliver because she never got closure for what happened between them, they never broke up, he “died” whilst they were still an item, she never got answers from him. Yet, Tommy and Laurel also have history, they comforted each other through the loss of Oliver and feelings blossomed. It was Tommy who doubted that. It was Tommy who was jealous and continually pushed Laurel towards Oliver and was convinced he was second best, despite Laurel wanting the three of them to establish a friendship and Oliver giving them his blessing.

So, Tommy breaks up with Laurel because he doesn’t trust her feelings and is convinced she belongs with Oliver. Oliver then tells Tommy that he needs to man up and let Laurel make her own choices and go after what he wants, but then decides to take his own advice and pursue Laurel himself right under Tommy’s nose. Laurel and Oliver sleep together shortly before Tommy’s sacrifice. It’s fucked up. There is so much blame on all sides here, though Laurel was often manipulated by these two men who allowed their feelings for her to come between their friendship and continuously pushed her away whilst trying to keep her. 

So, both Oliver and Laurel feel to blame for Tommy’s death. Tommy died while on less-than-stellar terms with both of them. Even though Tommy and Laurel were no longer together, Oliver and Laurel still felt that they had betrayed him and decided to stay as friends. Oliver took off and self-isolated to deal with this, whilst throwing himself head-first into his crusade and indulging in violence as a means to cope. Meanwhile, Laurel finds out her sister is still alive and (after Sara fucked Laurel’s boyfriend behind her sister’s back, pretended to be dead for 6 years, tore their family apart because their parents couldn’t deal with her loss, their mother up and left, abandoned Laurel in the process and their father became a controlling alcoholic), Sara pretty much ruined Laurel’s home-life and most of the plans Laurel had made for her future because she fucked her sister’s boyfriend. So, suddenly, Sara is still alive and shows up, and suddenly their mother decides to be in the picture again, Sara doesn’t apologize to Laurel in any significant way and repeats the same behavior by not only fucking Oliver again, but inviting Oliver to a family-only dinner at Laurel’s house to essentially rub Laurel’s nose in it, before the two of them had even begun to build bridges. Oliver blames Laurel. Oliver tells Laurel he no longer has time for her and makes out that her struggles are nothing but a burden to him and accuses her of blaming everyone but herself (which is disgusting af and victim blaming because Laurel actually BLAMED HERSELF for Tommy’s death, that combined with her father’s substance abuse - addiction can be hereditary - it was inevitable that Laurel would start hitting the bottle.)

Laurel was the only person to be suspicious of Sebastian Blood, but her substance abuse had caused people to doubt her judgement and lose her job. No one believed her about Blood despite her being 100% correct. It destroyed her relationships and her credibility.. And because her grief/anger/addiction had caused people to turn their backs on her, she had no support network, which made her addiction worse. She denied it at first, the same as any addict. She tried to make out it wasn’t that big of a deal. It consumed her. Slowly, she started to admit she had a problem, she worked to attend AA meetings and repaired her relationship with her father now that she could understand him a little better, she even apologized to Sara (which will never not piss me off) for being hostile to her. When Sara then died Laurel fought to not go back to that place she was at when Tommy died. She channeled her grief into honoring Sara’s memory.

When Laurel became Black Canary Oliver accused her of chasing a high and doing this for the wrong reasons because she was an addict. He pretty much dismissed her choices and afforded her no agency by basically saying that the only reason she would do that is because she needs her fix and she was hiding behind the mask to avoid her problems. And Laurel rightfully called him the fuck out for that because Oliver had been burying himself in his crusade to avoid his feelings pretty much since the pilot so where the fuck does he get off. So, even in her Black Canary arc, Laurel’s addiction was brought up and the commonalities in these plots were highlighted to tell us “she has learnt/grown and is channeling her grief into something positive/productive this time”.

The addiction arc had everything it needed to: a catalyst, denial, hitting rock bottom, picking herself up, struggling to overcome, being faced with a situation that could trigger relapse but persevering, and then that scene where Laurel pours that full bottle out onto the earth at Sara’s grave when she decides that she’s not that person anymore, and she’ll make her sister proud.

Could it have been longer? Sure. Did it need to be? No. Not really. It was handled well and realistically. There was a definite step-by-step of development that told the tale of a real addiction. Katie’s performance was exceptional, and as someone who has a history of addiction in her family Katie took it seriously, did her research, sat in on AA meetings and fully deserved that PRISM award (making her the only actor on the cast to win an award for performance). It was inspiring and raw and cemented in the real world in a way that no other arc was.

Yet, people always use this “it was rushed” excuse as a means to undermine Laurel/Katie…But like…’s such bullshit. Because that arc took all of Season 2 and then was concluded in Season 3 upon her becoming Black Canary. 

Meanwhile, Thea disappears in the last scene of the last episode of Season 2, then appears in episode 2? of Season 3 as a fully-fledged, League-trained martial artist, and it was all tell and no show (the same as Sara’s training, or the vast majority of Roy’s training). 

People say Laurel became Black Canary too quickly and it was unrealistic? HOW? Laurel had been taking self-defense classes her whole life, beat up a couple of thugs to save Tommy and Oliver in one of the first ever episodes of the show, was shown holding her own against criminals in Season 1 and even Season 2 on multiple occasions, then in Season 3 she spent months training with WildCat and Nyssa Al Ghul, but all the haters say her fighting skills “came out of nowhere”. Yet, these people don’t complain about Thea “I’m a sheltered rich girl who’s never thrown a punch in her life” Queen being a master assassin after a few off-screen months of training. I love Thea, I do. I adore her. But the hypocrisy in mindlessly hating Laurel’s arc without acknowledging the plot-holes in Thea’s just makes your hatred for Laurel transparent af. The same could be said about Roy, he was a street criminal who had definitely been in his fair share of street fights, but after one or two scenes of training with Oliver he’s suddenly suited up and he’s Arsenal, yet no one complained that happened too fast. What about all the new recruits in Season 5? Like? 4? 5? of them appeared out of fucking nowhere with limited and varied combat experience yet they’re all suited up with code-names the first time we fucking see them. Felicity was handed a CEO position at a company with absolutely no business experience but there’s no complaints about that being ‘rushed’ or ‘forced’ by Laurel haters? oh, I wonder why! Felicity was romantically linked to 3 superheroes within a year and was emotionally toying with Ray by leading him on/dating him whilst she blatantly had feelings for Oliver, all for the sake of the writers throwing in some needless angst/drama, yet Oliciters hate Laurel for the Tommy/Oliver situation, when Tommy and Oliver were the ones who were causing the drama themselves, yet they make Felicity exempt of her treatment of Ray because ???? idk they just excuse her for everything whilst demonizing laurel and I don’t get it??????????????????? like,  you love her that’s great for you, that’s your opinion but when you love one character whilst hating another for being subjected to the same poor writing decisions you have to consider you’re hating for the sake of it.

Haters are just haters. They try and make excuses and come up with half-baked justifications for why they hate Laurel, but none of them hold any logical weight. It’s like those who demonize Laurel and say she’s “not like comic Black Canary” except Laurel is 136894742748482 times more like Dinah Lance than Arrow!Oliver is like his comic counterpart. Yet, they defend Oliver with “it’s a different take on the character” as if the same can’t be applied to Laurel/Black Canary. It’s nonsensical. 

Basically, to quote queen Laurel Lance: “It’s the hypocrisy that I can’t stand.”