roy mustang is just so badass

piratesensei  asked:

Not gonna lie, one of my favorite scenes from FMA is when Mustang and Hawkeye are talking in code over an unsecure line pretending to be flirting lovers, and she just says, in code, "a customer was rude to me, so I just SLAPPED him." Damn straight girlfriend. The tone of voice in my head just made it better.

She also says that as she’s cocking her fucking rifle back honestly what a queen what did we do to deserve riza hawkeye. roy better be goddamn grateful his wife is such a badass

Character Comparison: Uchiha Sasuke and Roy Mustang

I’ve been a fan of both series (FMA, Naruto) but it was just then when I realized their similarities. I’ve always wondered why I like Sasuke and Roy’s  appearance so I tried to compare them for once.

1.) They both have black hair

2.) They both have signature smirks/ smiles

3.) The glare, baby. The glare.

4.) They both have fire affinity

5.) Admit it or not, these guys attract women/men just kidding

6.) They will risk their lives protecting those who are dear to them

7.) Lastly, they both have badass women as their pairing aka OTPs <3