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Prompt: Perhaps super!sis falling for Red Arrow? (Young justice?) I love your writing!! ♥️

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    There’s some part of being Superman’s little sister that some people find intimidating. You understand where they’re coming from, after all the papers have nicknamed him the Man of Steel. At the same time you can’t really bring yourself to care. To you Clark is a dork. A dork with heat vision, but still a dork.

    He’s the big brother who would take you into town on Saturdays, carry your pumpkin to the county fair, steal cookie batter when you baked for bake sales, and who had all night movie nights when Ma and Pa were out of town. He’s ten years older than you, but he was still your best friend.

    You had been a surprise to Ma and Pa; a high risk pregnancy that never should have made it past the first trimester. Ma had been on bed rest for seven months, knowing the tiniest movement could end you. Clark had always insisted you were strong, that he could hear your heartbeat from a mile away.

    You may not have been blood but you were as close as two siblings could be. It only made sense that you join the family superhero game. You had no aptitude for fighting, but you were smart. Really smart. Hacking and programing was your number one skill along with inventing infiltration plans.

    You had trained with the rest. Lending them a hand where you could, and getting your but kicked in self defense classes. You had been the one to convince Speedy to stay on. You had been the one to hack Cadmus’ system. You had been the one to tell Ma and Pa about Conner.

    Superboy had wanted little to do with you. And Clark’s decision to stay away had led to your first big fight. You hadn’t talked to him for nearly a year. Eventually he had gotten a clue, and Conner had become your younger brother. You liked to tease him about that.

    Your relationship with Speedy, now Red Arrow, had also grown. The team nicknamed you Empath, because you always seemed to know how people were feeling, and how to end a bad mood. Roy’s current bad mood was over Cheshire. “She left me.”

    You stare at him from the couch. You’re hanging upside down, “Can you blame her?” You right yourself, “You’ve been obsessed with finding the original Speedy. You’ve neglected everyone in that pursuit, you’ve left little time for anyone else.”

    You watch him scowl, “If I wanted a lecture I would have gone to Dinah.”

    You shrug, “I’m telling it like it is.”

    You watch him storm off, and a moment later Kaldur appears, “He’s still not doing well.”

    You stare at the Atlantean, “You’re not doing so hot yourself.”

    He meets your eyes, “Nightwing and I need your help.”

    You sigh, already knowing this isn’t going to end well.

I conclude with a disclaimer: The wealthiest writer in the world is J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. She loves adverbs, especially when describing speech…If you want to make more money than the Queen of England, maybe you should use more adverbs. If your aspirations, like mine, are more modest, use them sparingly.
—  Roy Peter Clark, Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

One time when the outlaws teamed up with the justice league, Roy fell over the edge of a building and Jason was right beside him and he panicked a little so he bodily threw himself at the ledge and grabbed onto Roy so that he wouldn’t fall.

 And he realises that he’s on a team with superman. Who can fly. So really he didn’t need to show that he was actually kind of concerned for Roy by saving him. And now everyone’s sort of staring at him. Right.

 So to save face he pulls Roy up a bit by the scruff of his neck and Roy is like ‘aw I didn’t know u cared’ but Jason looks him dead in the eyes and says rly loudly




Some of the actors of colour of Jewish descent suggested for Superman, tying in the character being written to represent Jewish values with Forbes Science’s suggestions for a dark skinned Superman.

Daveed Diggs
Adam Jacobs
William Levy
Khleo Thomas
Jussie Smollett
Wentworth Miller
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Taika Waititi
Erick Elías
Boris Kodjoe
Oscar Isaac
Erick Elías
Boris Kodjoe
Aditya Roy Kapur

The Price for a Second Chance...(Tim x Bart x M!reader x Kon) Part 1

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Prompt: The reader is an apprentice to Green Arrow and nephew to Black Canary.

Green is killed by a deadly cult you two were searching for. You want him back.

You killed the cult leader and took a black book.

Hero name: Ranger

Keys: (y/n) = your name…duh.

(S/C) = suit color.

(E/C) = eye color.

Bunch of —’s = next part.

Bunch of ~~~~ = conversation.

TW! [Attempted non-con!]


Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since Ollie was killed by those cult psychos.

You remembered how everything went so well at first, the mission. Green Arrow sent you through the vents to disable the security system just a few rooms over while he was going to enter from behind, catching them off guard . It was going well and it was quite.

Too quite.

After you deactivated the systems, he realized what was about to happen. By the time he told you, it was too late and you were attacked by the cult in a surprise ambush.

You were mobile enough to dodge the oncoming spells being thrown at you, but one struck you in the back; slamming you into the brick wall.

The blast had you disoriented and unable to see cleary. With your everything spinning and someone walking towards you, everything went black .

Your consciousness was back hours later after the cult leader picked you up by the throat and held his scepter directly to your face. This guy was a giant compared to the his cronies and judging by his flashy drapes, he was in charge.

With a deep, dark laugh, the man said in a disturbing tone:

“Yeees~ this one by far will make a most handsome offering to our master.” As your vision began to focus, you noticed bodies of missing people belonged to church goers all across Star City.

All mutilated by being sacrificed to the ‘master’. A few decapitated heads gawking in terror in their final moments.

As you heard fighting from within the building, you knew who was coming for you and you let out a breath of relief.

Arsenal, Black Canary and Green Arrow were coming for you. Red Hood as a bonus judging by the sound of guns firing off. As much as you would have liked to see Roy and Ollie make amends, you never knew it would be through something like this.

Being naked and having weird runes painted on you may work too.

“Take care of the others, I’ll prepare this one.” The figure poke. “Don’t worry child, you will be serving higher purpose.”

The fear you had dissipated after Green Arrow knocked the door down and fired an arrow into the man’s shoulder. With a pained yell, he faded into darkness, dropping you to the blood soaked floor.

“Ranger, are you alright?!” Arrow said as he cut you down the pedestal.

“Honestly? A little naked and afraid, butt other than that, thank you sir.” You said in a shaky, relieved voice.

After he cut you down, he brought you into a bone-crushing hug and was trembling himself.

“Thank God you’re alright…jokes still suck though.”

“You mean stink?” you chuckled.

The bonding moment was interrupted by you getting grabbed by a hand and thrown at the shrine, breaking it in two.

“Kid!? Ack!”

“Now, you die here.” In a bright flash of red energy Green Arrow was sent flying, landing right beside you.

“Sir? Wake up…” you became devoid of any emotion. This had to be a nightmare.

…You noticed a ceremonial dagger these guys were using and quickly hid it under you legs.

“Where were we? The archer was so fond of you; let’s see why.” The cult leader said as he caressed your cheek.

Shortly after he started to grope you, sheer rage unfolded and you slashed his throat wipe open in a single swipe, then began to stab him as much as possible.

Within a matter of seconds, you were already drenched in blood, screaming as you cursed Oliver’s killer and continued to assault the corpse.

You only stopped after you felt someone touch you. Ready to die fighting, you turn around and take a swing.

It’s easily caught by Jason, his helmet destroyed in the fray. The minute he sees your teary face along with the bloody hand mark on your cheek and ass, he brings you in for a hug. Refusing to let you go. You can’t handle it anymore and let yourself fall.

Dinah and Roy come in not long afterwards. You hear them say a dreaded ‘no’. Dinah calls the League for backup while Roy walks up to his former mentor and closes his lifeless eyes.

Through tears, she asks for Jason’s jacket to cover you. He agrees and covers you up.

She hears a gasp for air and turns around, hoping it’s her fallen lover. What she sees is the cult leader hanging on by a thread. She looks over to you and sees you trembling.

“Jason, Roy…cover your ears. (Y/n)’s too.” she says through clenched teeth.

Roy puts a pair of ear plugs on you and tosses Jason some. After getting the thumbs up from Jason, he puts a pair on himself.

She screams the hardest she can push herself to. As she does so, the cultist is torn apart by her shout. You feel better, but only a little bit. You just lost the best thing you had in your entire life, besides your aunt and your boyfriends.

After she finishes the job, she turns to you and raises your face to meet hers.

“(Y/n)? You’re safe now, okay. He can’t touch you ever again. D-do you understand me? He-he’ll never…” Your face is still blank, but you give her a nod and you hug her too.

You hated it when she’s sad.


As you were laying in bed after being treated at the Watchtower, members of the Justice League arrive at the mansion to check up on you. They take notice of your face–it’s lifeless. You were a person who was so expressive and talkative.

They call out to you, but you remain as unresponsive as before. More, if possible.

Bart came running in and started waving his hands in your face. He heard about what happened to you and came running. As soon as he got to you, he started looking into your eyes hoping to find something.


“(Y/n)! Babe, it’s us! Remember? Kon, Tim and me! Y-your…god (y/n)…look at me…say something… anything…please!” he could only cry seeing you in your condition.

Even though you didn’t respond, they knew you and what made you feel better. Kon climbed into your bed to offer you comfort being the big spoon.

As for Tim, he crawled in too, laying in front of you while keeping your face on his chest. He gives you a tender kiss on your forehead.

Bart went to get food for the 4 of you and talk to the rest of the speedster. He decided to ask to stay with you for a few days to help you recover.

The two teens sandwiched you between them to show you that they were there for you and that you’re safe now. If you won’t remember this, they won’t hold it against you.

After you ate, you decided to sleep again with all of them. You take a hand from each of them and let yourself sleep.

When everyone was leaving, Bruce came to get Tim, he knew you were friends, but duty calls and he needs his Red Robin.

“Tim we need to-” was all he could say as he saw the four of you sleeping together.



“Hey Bruce, have you seen Conner? We’re going to take off soo- oh.” He repeated.

“Oh Indeed.”

“Just how long do you think they’ve been together?”

“Long enough to the point where I’m impressed. How (y/n) can handle the three of them is a mystery.”

“Well, I’m only upset that they never said anything. Other than that, it’s alright, you?”

“I’m usually against dating amongst other team members, especially Supers, Speedsters and Arrows.”

“Bruce” Clark warned. “Your not going to seperate them are you?”

“No. They made it so far, why so stop it now? Oliver’s death shows just how short our lives can be. Although loved ones can help mend one’s pain, lovers can help heal wounds others can’t.” Bruce said quietly.

“Y/n has my blessings to date Tim.”

“That’s very powerful…he has mine for Kon.”

With a hum of agreement from both men, Bruce continued.

“(Y/n) will need a few months to grieve, as for the others, a week or two should suffice.”

When you here the door close, you hear a heart beating quicken and open your eyes to find that Tim was awake too, having heard the conversation.

“They really accepted you (y/n), they really accept you.” He said in an sleepy, yet happy tone as he made out with you.

You felt Kon turn your head to get some love too, a groan escaped your mouth while Bart made love bites against your neck.

These boys were gonna be something you missed the most. As long as they each other, they’ll make it through anything.

(“I’m going to bring you back Ollie”.) You to yourself as you remembered the book you took from the cultist.

Blue Thunder - Clunky Thriller

Roy Scheider plays a policeman and test pilot who is using a new experimental stealth helicopter and goes rogue when he discovers the sinister plan behind the new technology. I remember seeing this one in the theater (a drive-in, if I’m not mistaken) and it has mostly been lost to memory and the intervening years, but I do distinctly remember Candy Clark driving a Chevy Vega in a chase scene (as it was my first car as well, handed down to me by my parents).

2.5 stars out of 5

Released 1983, First Viewing June 1983

A fondness for interesting names is not a tool, strictly speaking, but a condition, a sweet literary addiction….

What’s in a name? For the attentive writer, and the eager reader,  the answer can be fun, insight, charm, aura, character, identity, psychosis, fulfillment, inheritance, decorum, indiscretion, and possession. For in some cultures, if I know your name and can speak it, I own your soul….

J.K. Rowling, the popular author of the Harry Potter series, has a gift for naming. Think of her heroes: Albus Dumbledore, Sirius Black, and Hermione Granger. And her villains: Draco Malfoy and his henchmen Crabbe and Goyle. Read one of the Harry Potter novels, paying special attention to the book’s universe of names.

—  Roy Peter Clark, Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer