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so you have the batfam, right? and we all know that bruce and clark are in love, so there’s ur superfam/batfam tie in, and since bruce & clark are the “heads” of their respective families, that means that the superfam and batfam are now the superbatfam and are the same thing. following me? good. 

and we know that dick is in love with wally, which means that the batfam and the flash fam are tied together, and since barry & bruce love their kids (dont tell me wally isn’t barrys kid i won’t hear of it), an effort is made to combine the bat & flash fam. so the superbatfam and the flash fam are connected. still following?

that leaves jason, who’s in love with roy, and since bruce loves his son but hates oliver and oliver loves his son and hates roy, and also roy hates oliver (and jason hates bruce but like, not really) the arrow and bats combine via dinah, who’s–wait for it–in love with babs. so the arrowfam is tied to the batfam via dinah, who’s a part of the arrow fam whether or not she’s dating ollie, and roy.  

roy & jason are, of course, dating kyle, who’s a lantern, and therefore you have the lanterns claiming to be tied to the superbatarrowflash fam, as well. still with me?

and steph & kara & cassie are in love, which is relevant because cassie is in the wonderfam, and diana is bff with bruce and clark and donna is bff w dick, so naturally the bats & wonders are one & the same now. 

obvs tim is dating kon & whatnot, but the superfam is already connected, & cass is dating harper–a bat–so now all we have to do is remember that the bats, supers, arrows, lanterns flashes, and wonders are all one big family. still with me? good. 

now i want you to close your eyes and imagine the thanksgivings

Give me comic book characters talking about social issues.
Give me Officer Grayson talking about police brutality and corrupt police forces.
Give me Bruce Wayne talking about gun control.
Give me Diana Prince talking about immigration.
Give me Clark Kent talking being a refugee.
Give me Stephanie Brown talking about domestic violence and teen pregnancy.
Give me Harper Row talking about the dangers of being an openly queer woman.
Give me Duke Thomas talking about modern racism and the unfairness of the foster system.
Give me more Matt Murdock talking about being blind and successful.
Give me Jason Todd talking about how addiction and organized crimes ruin families.
Give me Roy Harper adressimg the issues that come with modern culture’s glamorization of drug abuse.
Give me Cass Cain and Barbara Gordon talking about being disabled women.
Give me Helena Bertinelli talking about being a biracial woman.
Give me Billy Batson talking about the foster system.
Give me Kate kane talking about being a Jewish queer woman.
Give me more Virgil Hawkins, Icon, Raquel Irvine and other PoC characters addressing the social and economic issues that face modern PoC.
Give me more trans characters like Alysia Yeoh.
Give me jughead addressing asexual erasure.
Give me more characters like Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Jessica Jones, x-men.
Give me powerful characters using their positions as a method of education.

Imagine Masterlist

NSWF Headcanons:

Tony Stark

Dick Grayson

Beast Boy

Clark Kent

Lex Luthor

(Part 1) 

(Part 2)

Jason Todd

Roy Harper

Jason Todd:

You Just Left Me To Die 

(Part 1) 

(Part 2) 

(Part 3) 

(Part 4) 

(Part 5)

(Part 6)

Not Most Men 


Roy Harper:

Needles Of Kindness

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Dick Grayson: 

Cinnamon Rolls

Steve Rogers:

Draw Me

Peter Parker:


(Part 1)

(Part 2)




Jason Todd/Roy Harper:

Two Is Better Than One

Damian Wayne:

You Remind Me Of Her

A Devilish Friendship

Bruce Wayne:

Little Tease

Digger Harkness:


Pietro Maximoff:

Body Heat


Prompt: Perhaps super!sis falling for Red Arrow? (Young justice?) I love your writing!! ♥️

Requested by: ANON

    There’s some part of being Superman’s little sister that some people find intimidating. You understand where they’re coming from, after all the papers have nicknamed him the Man of Steel. At the same time you can’t really bring yourself to care. To you Clark is a dork. A dork with heat vision, but still a dork.

    He’s the big brother who would take you into town on Saturdays, carry your pumpkin to the county fair, steal cookie batter when you baked for bake sales, and who had all night movie nights when Ma and Pa were out of town. He’s ten years older than you, but he was still your best friend.

    You had been a surprise to Ma and Pa; a high risk pregnancy that never should have made it past the first trimester. Ma had been on bed rest for seven months, knowing the tiniest movement could end you. Clark had always insisted you were strong, that he could hear your heartbeat from a mile away.

    You may not have been blood but you were as close as two siblings could be. It only made sense that you join the family superhero game. You had no aptitude for fighting, but you were smart. Really smart. Hacking and programing was your number one skill along with inventing infiltration plans.

    You had trained with the rest. Lending them a hand where you could, and getting your but kicked in self defense classes. You had been the one to convince Speedy to stay on. You had been the one to hack Cadmus’ system. You had been the one to tell Ma and Pa about Conner.

    Superboy had wanted little to do with you. And Clark’s decision to stay away had led to your first big fight. You hadn’t talked to him for nearly a year. Eventually he had gotten a clue, and Conner had become your younger brother. You liked to tease him about that.

    Your relationship with Speedy, now Red Arrow, had also grown. The team nicknamed you Empath, because you always seemed to know how people were feeling, and how to end a bad mood. Roy’s current bad mood was over Cheshire. “She left me.”

    You stare at him from the couch. You’re hanging upside down, “Can you blame her?” You right yourself, “You’ve been obsessed with finding the original Speedy. You’ve neglected everyone in that pursuit, you’ve left little time for anyone else.”

    You watch him scowl, “If I wanted a lecture I would have gone to Dinah.”

    You shrug, “I’m telling it like it is.”

    You watch him storm off, and a moment later Kaldur appears, “He’s still not doing well.”

    You stare at the Atlantean, “You’re not doing so hot yourself.”

    He meets your eyes, “Nightwing and I need your help.”

    You sigh, already knowing this isn’t going to end well.

They don’t know you like we do

He did not want to be here. The diner was small, and rounded white tables with red leather chairs filled up most of the checkerboard floor, the sterile feel made Roy think of a hospital with the staff waiting to be called in, the quiet atmosphere and the hushed speech. There was an old jukebox playing in the corner, the lights on top flashing neon and blasting out a scratchy tune through broken speakers. The table they had booked was already filled with people.

Oliver and Dinah were at the end, faces hidden by their menus, but at the sight of Ollie, Roy wanted to stop, dig his heels into the polished tile and turn around, but Kori touched her hand firmly to the small of his back and nudged him forward.

Bruce and Dick were next to Ollie. Dick gave them a smile and a wave as they came in. Bruce only nodded, Roy sighed in a breath he hadn’t known he was holding when Jason’s shoulders relaxed in front of him as he realised that was the closest to a hello they would get that evening. Which, Roy was fine with. Clark who was sitting next to Dinah was also reading his menu down on the table so he gave them a warm smile and watched them enter. He probably heard them when Jason parked.

They were the only people in the diner, and Roy couldn’t help but wonder why.

Jason and Roy stood aside so Kori could slip in first, then Roy so he was wedged between the two of them. Right in front of Ollie. Roy sighed. I guess it’s going to be one of those nights. Jason jiggled his keys around in his hand until the remote for his bike was between his fingers and he twisted around in the seat so he could point it in the direction of where he parked. There was a beeping, a robotic voice coming from a speaker in Jason’s keys that said vehicle locked, and a flash of headlights through the glass.

The lights made Oliver and Dinah lower their menus, noticing them for the first time. Dinah’s smile was big enough to crinkle her eyes, and Roy smiled back. Ollie didn’t even look at him but gave both Jason and Kori a respective nod. He sighed out through his nose. This ‘intervention’ dinner was the worst idea Bruce has ever had. If I wanted to get back to being close with Ollie, I would have done it ages ago.

Roy felt Jason clench his fists beside him and he grabbed his hand to try and open it. He only succeeded in wedging his fingers inside and having them crushed. Ah, he thought as he tried to wiggle his fingers free. I’m not the only one who noticed. Roy moved closer to Jason and turned his head so he was looking out the window but his mouth was close to his ear.

“Just try and get through tonight,” he whispered, quiet as he could. “We know he is going to be a dick. If you need to leave and cool off, we can go outside and have a smoke ok? I brought a new pack this morning. It’ll be fine. I can take whatever punches he throws at me, and I love you Jaybird, but you don’t need to fight my battles ok?”

Jason nodded and sat back, blowing air out of his nose.

Roy looked around the table to see if anyone had noticed, but the only ones who did was Clark, who had super hearing for god’s sake so he was sure to have heard him, and Dick, who was watching Jason close his eyes and slowly unclench his fists with a look of worry directed at Roy, who just shook his head and mouthed he doesn’t like Ollie. Dick just shook his head and mouthed back, don’t worry, he’s not the only one.

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I conclude with a disclaimer: The wealthiest writer in the world is J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. She loves adverbs, especially when describing speech…If you want to make more money than the Queen of England, maybe you should use more adverbs. If your aspirations, like mine, are more modest, use them sparingly.
—  Roy Peter Clark, Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

Today’s the day I realize I’m dumb for buying duplicates of like 4 albums, buuuut here’s my record collection so far! A fair number of these are remasters, but more originals than remasters. I’ll put an asterisk (*) next to the remasters or other special, newer albums.

First picture, the Zeps:

* Train (something) Led Zeppelin II
* In Through the Out Door (Deluxe)
* LZ IV (two, one deluxe, one not)

The cover album by Train (yes, the same band who sang Drops of Jupiter and Hey There Delilah) is similar to Rush’s Feedback LP, except Train goes for striking high accuracy. Highly recommended, don’t go through Youtube comments unless you want to see a bunch of drummers angry because Train’s drummer couldn’t get Bonzo’s EXACT setup or something.
Non-deluxe IV not pictured.

Second picture:

The Cars, Greatest Hits
* The Cars, debut (blue vinyl)
* DJ Shadow, Preemptive Strike
The Everly Brothers, You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling
* Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here
* DJ Shadow, Entroducing…
Focus, Moving Waves
*Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon
*The Who, Who’s Next

DJ Shadow is an interesting instrumental hip hop artist, sampling old records and making something new.
The Cars are a band I recommend to everyone reading this post.

Third picture, assorted progginess:

ELP, Brain Salad Surgery
Yes, Yessongs
Yes, Drama
ELP, debut
Yes, Tormato (2)
Yes, Time and a Word (2, both American)
ELP, Trilogy (2)
Robert Fripp, Exposure
King Crimson, Red
Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells

(I have no intent of keeping the extra copies and would be willing to sell them but I’d probably be awful at keeping up on dates and such.)

Fourth picture, jazzy stuff:

Return to Forever, Romantic Warrior
Roy Ayers, Daddy Bug & Friends (kinkshame)
Stanley Clarke, Children of Forever
Weather Report, Mysterious Traveller

Fifth picture, all R U S H:

*Fly By Night
*Caress of Steel
*A Farewell to Kings
*Grace Under Pressure
Exit… Stage Left
Moving Pictures
*Counterparts (blends in too well)
*Clockwork Angels
*Permanent Waves

My mom gave me her copy of MP and ESL and I actually have a direct vinyl recording of The Camera Eye as a digital music file on my phone. Go figure.

Last picture: 3 or less aisle (the singles, mostly)

Yes, Owner of a Lonely Heart/Your Song
Rush, Tom Sawyer/Witch Hunt
Yes, Close to the Edge
*Bob & Doug McKenzie, 12 Days/Take Off
Rush, Countdown/New World Man
Rush, Ghost of a Chance/Dreamline
*Rush, Caravan/BU2B

I have a former tumblr user to blame for getting me into singles, they posted a picture of that Tom Sawyer/Witch Hunt single (the “cover” not the record itself) and from there I figured I might as well actually use the 45 adapter.

starfiretheninja  asked:

*slides into your inbox* Soooo. . . You got any Teen Titans/Pacific Rim AU you'd like to share? ;D

Whoops I slipped, have an excerpt:

“How’s she feeling so far?”

He glanced down at his harness, testing his mobility in the new cockpit drivers.

“There’s not as much drag,” he observed.

The voice in his radio headpiece positively gushed with pride as it explained, “Yeah, for the Mark Vs we completely redesigned the pilot interface for maximum flexibility.  Makes the Jaeger faster, more mobile, lessens the force of impact when you get tossed around out there.”

The teen grinned.  "Can it do a double handspring now?“ he asked.

“Not quite yet, but we’re working on adding shock absorbers to the legs and feet,” came the joking reply.

“If you two are done goofing around,” the gruff voice of Bruce interrupted.  “We have a test run to perform.”

“Sorry, Sir.”  There was the sound of a clearing throat.  “All right then Grayson, Anders, get ready for neural handshake.  T-minus one minute.”

“Roger that, Vic.  T-minus one minute,” he acknowledged.

The Jaeger thrummed to life around them, lights blinking on and components sliding into place.

Dick glanced across at his nervous co-pilot.  Kory was fiddling with the straps of her harness.  Her fingers fumbled and shook as she tightened them.  He felt another pang of sympathy for her, remembering back to his own rookie years, the anxious anticipation of being inside someone else’s head for the first time, and he felt compelled to put her at ease.

“The first drift is always the hardest,” he told her, speaking up suddenly.

She started at the sound of his voice and looked up at him with anxious eyes.

He smiled at her, reassuringly.  "Just relax and let the memories flow,“ he said warmly, trying to keep the mood light.

“O-okay…” she stammered.  She ducked her head apologetically, with a bashful expression.  "I am sorry,“ she said.  "I am quite nervous.  Supposing I go out of synch?  Do you think they will expel me from the program?” she asked, sounding for all the world like she genuinely believed Marshall Kent would do that.  Dick almost laughed.  Her worry was adorable.

He reached across the space between them to take hold of her hand, and he squeezed it once, gently.[1]

“You’ll do fine,” he assured her.

She gazed into his eyes a moment and then smiled faintly at him in silent gratitude.  The hand that he was holding stopped trembling; he could feel it even through their metal-and-leather gauntlets.  He squeezed it one last time and then let go, settling into ready position.

Machinery whirred and charged, and the computer recited the countdown in their ears.  Dick leaned back and closed his eyes, exhaling.  He wasn’t too worried.  This wasn’t anything he hadn’t done before.  He could handle this.  Bruce would see it.

Three… two… one… he counted along inside his head.

“Neural Handshake initiating.”


When the first deluge of memories and thoughts began to flood his mind, Dick nearly staggered under the weight of Kory’s sheer, undiluted emotion.  The pictures that flashed before his eyes were impossibly vivid, crystal clear and intrinsically tied into how Kory was feeling at the time.  So when he saw her as a small, terrified ten-year-old cowering in a dark underground shelter, her tiny hands clutched around her sister, both of them whimpering and shrieking as the sound of thunderous footsteps, deafening roars, splintering glass, and crumbling brick raged on outside, above their heads, he felt her fear and helplessness as acutely as if it had been his own.  As sharply as if he’d experienced it yesterday.  He felt, too, her incurable anxiety as she walked along a seaside pier, looking out towards the ocean and afraid of seeing the monstrous form of another Kaiju rising from the waves.  He felt her excitement and adoration when she sat at a confetti-covered restaurant table with her family, celebrating her sister’s acceptance into the Jaeger program, the smell of fried food and warm bread filling her nose.  He felt her own pride and joy and elation as she opened the envelope with shaking hands and screamed in delight, having been accepted into the program herself.

Kory’s memories held a vitality he’d never experienced before in all his years of drifting with Bruce, and then later with Roy, and Raven.[2]  There was none of the expected memory fog that clouded and colored her recollections.  Instead, Kory’s memories were bright, the colors sharper and more intense, the sounds and smells keen.

Dick was carried away by the rush of it, unable to hold still in the current of emotions.  Years of drifting could not have prepared him for this.  Raven and Bruce had carried as little emotion into the drift as possible.  He himself had tampered down on his feelings as much as he could.  But now he was overwhelmed.  Swept up.  He felt for her.  He felt with her.

So whenever the Drift started shuffling through his own memories, he saw them with fresh eyes, fresh feelings.

His latest argument with Bruce.  Irritation burning in his veins.  "What is your problem?“ he heard himself demanding again.  "You don’t think I can handle myself with a new copilot, is that it?”

He saw the scene play out as if through a distant window, saw the guarded, uncomfortable look in Bruce’s face as he replied, “It’s not your performance I’m worried about.  It’s hers.”

The sting in his heart was sharper this time.  Kory felt it too; Dick could sense her acute dismay and hurt at his mentor’s mistrust of her and remembered anew his own indigence and offense, his immediate defensiveness and need to stand up for her.

Later pieces of the argument blurred together as the Drift washed over him.  A bitter, “You don’t trust anyone but yourself!” and then he was back in Kory’s head, watching her struggle her way through her first training sim.  Then her as a child, crying because her sister had made fun of her.

His memories danced in and among them, and with them flared up raw, intense emotions.

Narcing on Roy, the bald look of betrayal on the other boy’s face as Dick confessed what he’d been seeing in their Drift, what he’d witnessed his copilot taking.  Guilt and remorse weighing heavily on his heart.  Anguish at having to tell on his best friend’s misdeeds.[3]

Earlier than that, his first kill with Bruce, jittery excitement combining with his lingering terror in an adrenaline-powered cocktail.

Even earlier, the soft melodic notes of a lullaby.  Then…

Bright lights.  A colorful bigtop tent.  Fraying rope and two figures spinning and twirling between trapeze bars.  He and Kory watched the scene with shared horror as the figures plummeted from the air.

A grief so sudden and acute it was like a physical blow to his gut hit him.  Dick gasped, felt himself double over, all the wind rushing out of his lungs like it had been punched out of him.  Pain in his heart threatened to burst him open.  For a moment he felt like he would teeter off the edge and be lost to it.

But then Kory’s warm mental touch brushed against him, pulling him back from the brink.  Sympathy radiated off her.  She felt his pain, shared it, wrapped him in a blanket of comfort and understanding.  Dick melted into her mental embrace, his thoughts merging with hers, intertwining and mingling until–

Dick’s eyes started open and he gasped, feeling the neural link lock in place, holding steady and strong.

All he could do was gape for a moment, panting, still tingling from the rollercoaster of emotions that had rocked him not a few seconds ago.  Such sadness.  Such joy.  His head was still spinning from it.  It was like a bottle inside him had been uncorked, everything poured out.  Everything he had ever buried–every hurt, every disappointment–had bubbled to the surface once again, as if freed from the deep dark prison Bruce had told him to lock it in.  The sting of his parents’ deaths was fresh and raw in his heart.  He remembered anew, also, every triumph, every proud moment, and the pure satisfaction of punching a Kaiju in the face.

And it felt… exhilarating.

He was so wrapped up and overwhelmed he didn’t even realize he was crying until he saw the tear streaks in the reflection of his helmet, running down his face.

Kory was looking at him in concern, worry bubbling across to him through their link.  "Are you… okay?“ she asked.

It took a moment for him to answer.

"…Yeah,” he breathed.

Covertly, he slipped his arm out of the rig for a moment, reached up under his helmet and rubbed his eyes.  He slid his arm back into the rig, gripping the controls tightly as he looked left and flashed her a smile, happiness reverberating through the Drift.

“Yeah.  I am,” he told her.


Through the glass window they saw the brightly painted Jaeger flex its hands, beginning to test out its maneuverability.

Marshall Kent’s chair gave a squeak as he rolled it back, swiveling around to cross his arms and give Bruce a smug, self-satisfied look.

“Told you they were drift compatible,” he said with a grin.

The only reply the Ranger made was a pensive, “Hmm.” as he watched the test proceeding outside.

Phoenix Rising raised its arms, beginning to run through a series of test movements.  According to all the graphs and monitors, the neural link was steady.  And remarkably strong.

Still, Bruce couldn’t shake his reservations, frowning anxiously at the window as though he could peer in through the Jaeger’s outer shell at the pilots within.

“Are you sure it’s safe to carry that much raw passion into the Drift?” he asked the Marshall.  "I don’t like pairing a veteren like Grayson with an emotionally uninhibited newcomer.  She’s too intense.  They’ll get hot-headed and cocky out there.  It’ll get them killed.“

Clark turned to face him again, more seriously this time, a sober expression on his face.

"Bruce… when was the last time you asked Dick how he was doing?” he asked.

Bruce stared blankly as though he didn’t understand the question.  "He does his job.  Better than most of the younger pilots.  His killcount is–“

"I mean emotionally, Bruce,” Clark interrupted, exasperated.  "When have you last asked him how he’s feeling?“

The Ranger grimaced, recalling the months of chilly tensions.  "It’s… been a while,” he admitted.[4]

“Well, I’ve been watching him.  And ever since the incident with Harper there just hasn’t been the same… edge to his fighting.”  Clark shook his head.  "I still remember the early years, how bright and eager he was when he first started.  A lot like Anders.“

The lines in Bruce’s face hardened.  "He was too impulsive.  Reckless.  He would let his emotions cloud his focus.  If I hadn’t reigned him in, he’d have gotten hurt.”

“Maybe,” Clark allowed.  "But he lost something in the process.  Something that makes him… him.“  He spun back toward the window, the chair squealing cheerfully.  "This’ll be good for him.  Get him out of his shell,” he said confidently, watching with pride as the Mark V hit every barometer perfectly.

Bruce frowned uncertainly, but crossed his arms and joined his superior in observation.  "I guess we’ll see,“ he said.

Outside in the hanger the Jaeger finished its test moves, curling up and striking a fighting pose with all the grace and poise of a hundred foot tall Olympic athlete.

[1] The Mark V’s are designed with the ability for the pilot to more easily detach from the rig, in case they need to escape a damaged Jaeger quickly or avoid an injury through the neural interface.  This does require being able to predict if one such incapacitating attack is coming.  It also allows for more hand-holding. XD

[2] Bruce and Dick piloted Mark I Dark Knight in the first year of the Kaiju War, later replaced by Mark II Striking Shadow for years two and three.  Dick and Roy Harper piloted the Mark III Archer Zeta during year four.  Dick and Raven Roth piloted the Mark IV Demonfang during year five.

[3] Roy Harper’s heroin addiction makes its way into this AU.  He was expelled from the Jaeger program for a while after Dick told on him, but Marshall Kent let him back in once he’d been through rehab and gotten clean.  Now pilots Archer Zeta with Garth.

[4] Batdad and Batson are having some tensions.  XD  Has mostly to do with Bruce’s overprotective control issues and Dick’s rebellious spirit.  They’ll make it up eventually.


One time when the outlaws teamed up with the justice league, Roy fell over the edge of a building and Jason was right beside him and he panicked a little so he bodily threw himself at the ledge and grabbed onto Roy so that he wouldn’t fall.

 And he realises that he’s on a team with superman. Who can fly. So really he didn’t need to show that he was actually kind of concerned for Roy by saving him. And now everyone’s sort of staring at him. Right.

 So to save face he pulls Roy up a bit by the scruff of his neck and Roy is like ‘aw I didn’t know u cared’ but Jason looks him dead in the eyes and says rly loudly