so ive had this powerpoint just hanign roung my desktop for a while and decided to finish and upload it b/c i loVE THEM SO MUCH LIKE ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY THE LAST THING ILL BE THINKING ABOUT B4 I DIE IS DIRKROXY NGL

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EDIT: i change the “chemistry” page to “why theyre gr9” b/c i realize those examples were v problematic, and for that i apologize u_u

also i change the title to “why u should ship dirkroxy” instead of “why u should ship it at least pale” b/c i dont rlly mention pale shipping much in here

sources page was removed b.c there wasnt enough room so the sources r (all from deviantart):

  •  cam070
  • mariskywalker
  • merevoli
  • kippity
  • popstartime

TG: so you spyin on me in derse ville again?? 
TT: Yeah. 
TG: fuckin perv 
TG: like what you see there? ;) 
TT: I see precisely jack shit and a side of fuckall. 
TT: That’s the point. 
TT: You got too sauced up and went rogue again. You’re out there in your weird drifting stupor, independent of your waking self’s awareness. 
TG: you gonna go after me again 
TG: get on your hornse 
TG: galloop me home like prince charming back to swoon kingdong 
TG: *OOOMG blushblushbluh 

6 Favorite Pictures Meme | Dirk Strider and Roxy Lalonde (Homestuck)

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