hey! john here with a canoncall looking for everybody except vriska (who ive found). i have compiled both mine and vriska’s memories so you can skim through them and see if anything sounds familiar!!! message me (or if youre too shy just like the post and ill message you) if you think you might be our canonmate!! oh and if you see this post please reblog it even if nothing sounds familiar so it can circulate!!!

Overall information: we were a retcon timeline and we won the game, vriska eventually made it to the new world, and there were no kingdoms in the new world just a really big cantown. the trolls who had died pre retcon came back to life but all the guardians stayed dead. 

John: I was a trans male and bisexual (but i didnt come to terms with it until the end of the game). I was short and small and soft looking at the beginning of the game, but when i godtiered i physically transitioned. Then I grew during the game and became more “masculine” looking and rugged and got taller. I had black hair, glasses, blue eyes, and was white. I loved classic nintendo video games and arcades. I never ended up with anyone at the end of the game or after. 

Dad: He was super supportive of me being trans. I actually loved his cooking and we got along very well. He never came back to life. I really miss him. 

Rose: She was so so pretty. And she smelled really good and gave the best hugs. She and I (john) were best friends and she was also close with Dave and Jade. She had some issues with her mother definitely. We dont remember if she got together with jade or with kanaya. She had blonde hair and purple eyes, and had a lighter skin tone.

Dave: He had platinum blonde hair and red eyes (under his sunglasses) and was around my height. He had a lighter skin tone. He was close with karkat and vriska on the meteor and dated karkat. I played ocarina of time with him postgame, we took turns playing while the other watched. 

Jade: Jade was so nice!! I was close with her and I made her watch movies with me a lot before the game. She had brown floofy hair and green eyes. 

Vriska: Vriska had floofy hair when they were 6 sweeps but by the time they met me it had grown out a lot and became straight and smooth and it was really soft!!! They were taller than dave and terezi, maybe around 5′7. They were really close with terezi, dave, and karkat on the meteor (and after it). They most likely had freckles. They were average weight and had a squareish body. They poked fun at everyone a lot and (lovingly) teased dave and karkat a lot. They became a lot more empathetic after the game. Vriska and i were good friends and i used to braid their hair a lot!!! They dated terezi!!!

Terezi: She was short and had a pear shaped body, she might have had freckles (vriska says it’s either that or she had chalk dust on her face). She was really caring and patient with vriska. She ate gemstones and chalk. She used to bite vriska’s lips and ears a lot. She used to cuddle with vriska a lot and she helped her with her mental health and identity issues during the meteor and after the game. She also had a round and soft face!! And she dated vriska!!!

Karkat: He was short and chubby and not as loud or mad all the time, dave really chilled him out. He and vriska got along really well and vriska thinks he might have been autistic. Terezi and vriska would tease him and he would jokingly argue with them. 

Jane: We dont remember much about her but we both agree I lived with her and dad crocker after the game. 

Roxy: We dont remember her that much but we still really want to find her!!

Dirk: We dont remember him that much but we still really want to find him!!

Jake: We dont remember that much??? He had black hair and green eyes and glasses thats all we remember

Today Of All Days

For @roxy-davenport. Happy Holidays from your Secret Santa! 

Word Count: 2113

Warnings: Language, Smut, Breath Play

A/N: This was my very first attempt writing the King. I hope y’all like it. As always, comments and feedback are very much appreciated. 

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Good Morning My Pet,

Unfortunately I had some business to attend to this morning that I was unable to postpone. I regret not being there to wake you in a most excruciating manner. Rest assured, my love, I will save that for later this evening upon my return.

I have ordered everyone to cater to your every whim today. Please take advantage of them. Dine, bathe, pamper, rest. For when I arrive, the torture and punishment will commence.

All my love for you my pet,


I read his letter one more time, tracing his intricate script with the tip of one blood red nail. I gathered the energy needed to pull myself from the huge, lush bed and slipped my robe on, tightening the sash. I rang for my breakfast service, requesting coffee and some toast. I washed my face and brushed my teeth while contemplating what I might do with myself today in his absence.

My name is Roxy and I am the Queen of Hell. Today is our 5th anniversary. This one day a year was reserved for extreme decadence and over-indulging in everything, including each other. Especially each other. As I ate and drank, I called for my masseuse. I figured I would start off with a massage before my bath, then have my hair, nails and makeup done. Today was also the one day I didn’t really do anything for myself.

Even though I was the Queen, I still enjoyed doing most things for myself. Cleaning our chambers, cooking, shopping, normal everyday stuff. But not today, my King insisted I be waiting on hand and foot. Today, I would not even dress myself. I would always honor my King’s wishes.

After my massage and bath, I put a clean robe on while the beauty team started their jobs. I was fortunate in the looks department and didn’t require much to highlight my natural beauty. Today would require some simple mascara, and my signature blood red lipstick and nails. My hair, also red, was done in soft waves, framing my face.

Red was the color of passion. The color of anger. The color of love. These were the things I would look forward to tonight with my King. Passion, love and anger. I did not like spending the day alone. Today was our day. So yes, I was angry. And I planned to make my King pay.

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It be them

A message that I think a few people should learn a lesson from...

I will not put Query & Echo, Roxy Rocket, any of the Wonderland Gang or Becky Albright in any of my stories. Why? Because I don’t know enough about them. I haven’t read anything then a few panels and a wiki entry of Query & Echo, seen a Youtube clip and a short comic about Roxy, wiki-ed the Wonderland Gang and Becky Albright.

I’d rather adjust canon to not have characters I don’t know about than write characters completely out of character.

The same goes for holidays and traditions of other cultures. I don’t know enough, so I won’t disrespect those cultures by misrepresenting them.

Thank you for listening.