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John is drawing cat whiskers on his own face as the ULTIMATE practical joke.

Dave is commenting about jsut how fuckin meta that is, john, john, im serious, bro, the prank master turning the tables on himself, so hard on himself the corner jabs into his thigh, chess pieces fly everywhere, there are chess pieces on the table, by the way, a flipped table is nothing without game pieces scattering in the wind at its inevitable abrupt turn, are you listening? i dont think youre listening,

Rose ate five brownies. She has seen the unknown and is never coming back.

Jade is a fucking professional. All y’all need to get on her level.

Jane had a twenty minute laughing fit and is chronically winded. She sits politely in the corner of the apartment trying to not open her mouth until it’s proper time to head to bed.

Roxy is on top of the excessive cat condo she has set up in her living room, hoarding the snack mix.

Jake has been propped up in front of the nature channel and told not to wander.

Dirk is just kind of sitting around, drinking a Fanta and waiting for his brownie to kick in. (It’s been four hours, friend. I’m afraid your drug susceptibility is a lost cause.)

W Magazine April 2017, Editorial “Let´s Get Physical”.

From left: Prada jacket; Roxy wet suit; Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang sneakers. Maison Margiela embellished jacket, skirt, and sandals; WXYZ Jewelry bracelet. Prada vest and pants; Nike lanyard and sneakers. Alexander Wang jacket and shorts; Roxy wet suit top (around waist); Prada neck strap; Fendi sneakers. Sacai jacket (around waist); Christopher Kane shorts and sneakers; EA7 swim shorts (underneath); A.P.C.O.V. tights; Prada backpack. Esteban Cortázar dress and leggings; Proenza Schouler earrings and sandals; Roxanne Assoulin chokers; Tuleste rings.

Photographer Emma Summerton, Models (in the whole editorial) Janiece Dilone, Mitchell Slaggert, Jordan Barrett, Birgit Kos, Grace Hartzel, Mayowa Nicholas, Jess PW, RJ King, Valentine Rontez, Grace Elisabeth. Styled by Giovanna Battaglia

Ok personal headcanons for the Alpha OT4
-Roxy is the most affectionate, Dirk close behind.
-Dirk is romantically involved with Jake, and QPPs with Rox and Jane. Everyone else is romantically involved w each other.
-They all sleep together, but it usually ends up with Jake halfway off the bed, holding onto Roxy who’s on top of Jane, and Dirks already fallen off
-Jane and Dirk are the best cooks
-Roxy and Dirk are not morning people
-Jane and Jake are not night people
-Roxy gives everyone forehead kisses, especially Jane.
-Jake gives the most (and best) hugs
-Jake and Dirk are the most romantic towards each other, Jane and Roxy being the second most romantic
-They cuddle a Lot
-they probably adopt like 5 cats
-Jake is the most energetic in the mornings and probably goes on walks every morning (Jane comes with if she’s awake)
-Roxy and Jake take the longest showers and have to go last so they don’t take all the hot water

HC: Eggsy and Roxy singing at the top of their lungs and dancing carelessly to old Shakira songs when Eggsy’s at her place for sleepovers; Roxy always getting the rap parts of the songs because god help her she can’t carry a tune, but she can spit out words really fast af. Eggsy then getting Shakira’s parts, gyrating his hips and doing flexy-dancing stuff while yodeling the lyrics.

After tiring themselves, they’d lie on Roxy’s fluffy bed, top and tail, and then they’d talk about Harry, and then Merlin, and then work, and then Harry, and then Harry, because Eggsy talks too much, so much that sometimes what he’s sharing borders on TMI territory.

(Or they’d also binge watch everything in Roxy’s laptop and stalk a random hottie’s Facebook account.)

The morning after, as some form of payback for letting her hear the TMI stuff, Roxy would forget to wake Eggsy up on time. Eggsy would then wind up late for work, and he’d swear that never again would he stay over at her place.

(A few days later, Roxy would tell him of the new set of movies in her account, and the cycle starts again.)

The stands at the junior soccer game were filled with cheering parents and proud older siblings. Among the rabble were Roxy, Prim, and Rosie, all of them cheered on little Luke. He was running across the field in his soccer uniform, kicking the ball towards the opponents goal. If he made this goal, his team would win.
“Go Luke! Get ‘em baby!” Roxy shouted, easily the loudest in the crowd. Rosie spoke to the best of her ability and signed along, “You can do it!”
Luke kicked the ball as hard as he could into the goal. The goalie’s fingers barely brushed the ball and it hit the back of the goal forcefully. Roxy shouted at the top of her lungs and fist pumped excitedly.
“That’s my son! That’s my son!” She yelled. Then the referee started blowing his whistle and shaking his head, calling a play. “What? It went in- what are you talking about?” Roxy argued, prepared to climb out of the stands.
“Doesn’t count.”
“Why not?!”
“Hey I don’t make the rules miss I just enforce them.” The ref shouted.
“I’m about to enforce my foot up your ass!” Roxy bellowed.
“Oi, there’s kids here!” A parent yelled.