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!!! Could I get Hartwin for the touch prompt #7, dancing? Yes, I'd like fries with that! :D

There are a lot of really fucking cool things about being a Kingsman, but maybe the coolest of all is a moment like this one. When Eggsy can sort of step outside himself and see what’s happening around him, and acknowledge that he really does have a great life. 

“That’s an interesting look,” Roxy says with a soft smile. 

Eggsy smiles back. “Thinking about you, my darling.” Just two little lovebirds, they are. 

Or so they’re supposed to be. The party is exclusive, invitation-only, and he had maybe held his breath when he handed over his forged invite at the front gate. But he and Roxy were both greeted warmly, and since they’ve been here, no one has even looked at them funny. 

So far the op has been kind of boring, actually. He and Roxy have moved about the party like a happy couple. He’s spotted Harry and Tristan a couple times, each of them here without a date. They haven’t spoken, haven’t even exchanged glances. Why should they? He and Roxy, or as their invitation reads, Lord and Lady Pennyworth-Aimes, don’t know either of those men. 

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Almost 70 years ago, when a teenage Ginger Rogers had just graduated from dancing the Charleston in Texas to performing in vaudeville in New York City, she was pleased to discover how effortlessly she was able to establish rapport with an audience. “I realized that there was a trick,” she said later, “and that was being warm with them.” A simple enough credo, but it carried Rogers through 73 movies, including the ten unforgettable musicals in which, paired with Fred Astaire, she whirled across elegant Art Deco sets trailing feathers and chiffon, setting an unmatchable standard for dancing on film. There were also her straight-shooting performances in 1937’s “Stage Door,” 1940’s “Kitty Foyle” and 1942’s “The Major and the Minor.” Robust yet glamorous, with a purposeful stride and a beauty mark on the left side of her chin, Rogers was, as TIME pronounced in 1941, “the flesh-and-blood symbol of the United States working girl.” - Tom Gliatto, People Weekly, May 8, 1995


Happy Birthday Virginia Katherine McMath

(July 16, 1911 – ∞)

“You know, there’s nothing damnable about being a strong woman. The world needs strong women. There are a lot of strong women you do not see who are guiding, helping, mothering strong men. They want to remain unseen. It’s kind of nice to be able to play a strong woman who is seen. ” - Ginger Rogers


So today kicks off February FemFest here on tumblr (more information at  Here in The States it’s also the first day of Black History Month.  By no means trying to kill two birds with one stone, above are some cut-outs of many of my most favorite strong black women of comics.  

(Misty Knight; Storm; Idie; Roxy; Bumble Bee; Spectrum; Alana; Siri; Frenzy; and Onome)

Things I think about a lot:

Eggsy and Roxy playing fetch with their dogs in the park.

Roxy coming along on Eggsy’s family trips because even though they’re not actually dating, having her around keeps his nosy aunt Nettie off his back.

Eggsy dragging Roxy along with him and his mum to his sister’s first dance recital. Roxy brings flowers because even though Daisy’s four she still deserves to feel like a star.

Roxy punching a bloke in the face at his hometown pub for making some shady comment about Eggsy’s habits as a teenager.

Eggsy showing up to rescue Roxy from a family dinner that starts bad and slowly slides down from there.

Eggsy having someone solid and steady in his life who he can rely on, no strings attached.

Roxy having someone to rub her shoulders after long, tense flights (“Fucking heights Eggsy, I just can’t do fucking heights-”)

Roxy calling Eggsy while she’s away on a mission because she sees his text ‘I miss him’ and whispering to him soothingly when he sniffles and chokes up over the line.

Her hand curling over his at the funeral, squeezing firm and anchoring him down. Her solid warmt the only comfort he has when says goodbye to the only man who’s ever given a damn about him-

Best friend super spies being absolute pals and taking the world by storm.