roxy sports bra

I love fics where Roxy is super competent and utterly badass and succeeds in everything she does, but…imagine her first mission where she fucks up. Maybe the intel was bad, maybe she just didn’t spot what was wrong in time, maybe she made the wrong decision in the spur of the moment—but she comes home, battered and bruised, dutifully sitting through the debriefing and mentally beating herself up.

And she knows that not all of it’s her fault, that she should expect at least one failure throughout the tenure in Kingsman, but she can’t help it. She recalls all the times where she stayed up studying until the sun rose, trained until she couldn’t move the next day, and memorized so many definitions and terms that her head hurt for three days because Roxy knew to become the best student, the best athlete, the best Kingsman was to be twice as good as everyone else. When she walked into that room after Percival opened the door and saw one other girl out of all the boys, she sighed because she knew they were going to be in for it.

So when Amelia “died,” she realized she was on her own. She had to do this. When her cramps were twisting her uterus so badly that she just wanted to clutch her stomach and lie down, Roxy popped a Midol and forced herself to get going. When Digby made another comment about the open showers or when Rufus stole her sports bras, Roxy gritted her teeth and took solace during after-hours. When Charlie sneered at her for being afraid of heights well after the parachute test, Roxy looked at him and thought, “I’m going to beat you, and you’re going to go home tonight.”

Eggsy is a new agent alongside her, but it’s not quite the same, and they both know it. Yet they always go to lunch together and pair up during missions because they’re the youngest and most underestimated agents in Kingsman, even though they fucking saved the world. They make plans over biscuits about their candidates, about moving up the ranks, about changing Kingsman from the inside—because protecting the people of the world can’t hinge upon just a few of the elite.

So when Roxy comes home, she waves off Eggsy, but makes plans to see him in a few days for a few drinks. She forces herself to watch the footage and critique herself. Next time, she’ll be better.

And one day, she won’t have to prove herself.