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Kingsman: The Secret Service

"Manners maketh man. Do you know what that means? Then let me teach you a lesson."

The Oscars are over, back to our regularly scheduled programming with some movies that are much lighter, starting with Kingsman: The Secret Service. I’ve been looking forward to this movie for a while, when I first saw the trailer with Colin Firth kicking ass, I knew we were in for at least an interesting movie. The director of this movie, Matthew Vaughn, has been a talent to watch recently. I have no seen his first two films, but I enjoyed Kick-Ass, X-Men First Class saved the X-Men franchise, and now this film is getting high praise, and great reviews, which was a great sign for me. So I went in with high expectations, and really excited to watch this film.

This movie is an over the top and extremely violent piece of work, and I absolutely loved it. This movie was a very fun, well made, very self-aware, but also a tribute to the James Bond, spy films.  Everybody in the cast was spectacular, with Taron Egerton and Collin Firth greatly leading the way. The action is beautifully insane and violent, choreographed very well, with that Matthew Vaughn style. The music decisions in this movie were great, the humor was pretty funny  and the story felt very refreshing and new, despite it having some typical tropes that you would usually see in these spy action movies and I had a very enjoyable time watching this insane and crazy ride of a movie. lol

Pretty much everybody in the cast is fantastic. You get Michael Caine who plays the leader of this secret organization, and you can never get enough of Michael Caine. Mark Strong was great as Merlin, who was this great side character training these candidates for the Kingsman program, some of those candidates actually being woman, one of them named Roxy being played by Sophie Cookson, and she was fantastic. I loved the connection that she had with our main character Eggsy, and I definitely would have loved to seen more of her, and if there is a sequel hopefully we do. Our villains are so great, and very well acted, and pretty hilarious at times too. You have your very eccentric villain with Valentine who is played by Samuel L. Jackson, and he was a very fun villain. He is a very rich, entrepreneur that has enough money to try and take control of the world, and he has many characteristics that make him a pretty hilarious, flamboyant antagonist, yet because it’s Samuel L. Jackon, he makes it work. I loved his plan, and I loved the lisp that Jackson had with him, some people might not like it, but for me, it was pretty funny. He also has a side kick type character with Gazelle played by Sofia Boutella, who is this fierce, badass women that has, I guess I would describe it, blades as legs, and it’s as cool as it sounds. lol 

The two standouts for this movie though have to be Colin Firth and Taron Egerton. If you were to tell me that Colin Firth was going to be an action star, I would have never believed you, but mannnn…I think we might have another Liam Neeson in our hands. lol Firth plays Harry Hart in this movie, and he kicks serious ass. He has the best scene in this movie, he of course plays this very British and proper gentleman, almost James Bond like, but imagine James Bond in the world of Kick-Ass, and that is what you get in this movie. lol This might be a one and done thing for Colin Firth, but I really hope that he does more action in his career, because in here he was phenomenal. As for Taron Egerton, this guy has been getting Spider-Man casting rumors, as well as Hans Solo rumors, and I can see why. This guy was fantastic. He plays Eggsy, our main character who is thrown into this situation because of something that happened in the past, and so we see his journey into this organization. This guy has a lot of charisma, a lot of swagger, and can play the cocky hero that has that charm and likability to him. Once you see this movie, I think you can agree that he would be great as not only Spider-Man, but I think a great Hans Solo as well and this guy has the potential to be a rising star. 

And now we get to the action, that is greatly done and very well shot. It is not only tense, and keeps you on the edge of your seat, it can be also very over the top, extremely violent, but a whole lot of fun. You definitely see Vaughn’s directing in this movie, with the action being very hyper stylized, very much like his other movie, Kick-Ass, especially with some of the shots, over the top action, and fast paced editing and close ups. Some of it was amazingly beautiful, and is something that will definitely satisfy those violent tendencies. There is one scene that will probably be seen as one of the best scenes of the year is the Church scene, that is all I will say. That sequence was fucking insane yet beautifully choreographed. It had my jaw on the floor, and my eyes watering a bit. lol Making this movie rated-R was the right decision.

For the most part I thought the humor was pretty good. I laughed more than I thought I was going to. There were a few jokes that I wasn’t a fan of, I think there was one near the end that was like, alright you didn’t have to do that, but there were some pretty good jokes that I thought were funny, and even with some of the action that was pretty humorous as well. I will also say that the music choices were fantastic, the music choice for that Church scene was perfect. 

I guess the a complaint I have with this movie is that you kind of felt it’s length. It just kept going and going, and although I loved everything I was seeing, you still felt like “wow, we still have more to go with this.”I will also admit that I was a bit worried in the beginning of the movie because I thought it was alright, but once we can see what Colin Firth’s character can do that’s where the movie really took off, I saw some X-Men First Class in there where we see Eggsy competing to become a Kingsman, you throw in some of the great action, a surprising plot that felt fresh and new, and it is a tribute to the James Bond spy action thrillers, while at the same time being self-aware that it is a spy movie and not taking itself too seriously and all of that just encapsulated how entertained I was with this movie.

Overall, this movie makes me want to wear a suit more than ever now. lol You do sort of feel the length, and there were some elements in the humor that didn’t need to be there, but the entire cast is fantastic, with Colin Firth being a surprising great action star, and new up and comer Taron Egerton leading the way with a lot of class and swagger. The action is beautifully done, it’s intensely violent, it’s very stylized and very well choreographed and edited, with great choices in music, and all of that is in part to the great direction from the director of this movie Matthew Vaugh. Some of the humor was good, and while the story uses the familiar spy action cliches, it is aware of it, they are making a tribute towards it, and they make them fresh and new and all of that just really added to how much fun this movie is. I would highly recommend this movie to those who love spy movies, as well as action, especially very violent action. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should do so as soon as possible. This was a great start to an already highly anticipated year for movies. 9/10

Side Note: These British are winning me over, more than they already have. First it was Paddington, a movie that I really enjoyed, and now Kingsman. Please keep them coming. 


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anonymous asked:

What famous characters are mezzo sopranos (Broadway) thank you :)

Here’s the ones I can think of, and the range if I could find it!  These are only characters currently running on Broadway.

  • Meg Giry in Phantom of the Opera (Bb3-F5)
  • Fantine in Les Mis (Gb3-Eb5)
  • Eponine in Les Mis (F3-E5)
  • Elphaba in Wicked (to an F5)
  • Velma Kelly in Chicago (E3-D5, could be classified as alto)
  • Roxie Hart in Chicago (F3-B4, could be classified as alto)
  • Hildy from On the Town (A3-G5)
  • Ivy from On the Town (C3-G5)
  • Fraulein Kost from Cabaret (Ab3-F5)
  • Sally Bowles from Cabaret (A3-I’m still convinced there’s no high C, in that show, so I’m going to say F5)
  • Rafiki in Lion King (could be classified as alto)
  • Nala in Lion King
  • Lauren in Kinky Boots
  • Probably Cynthia in Beautiful
  • Probably Carole in Beautiful (I don’t know what key all these songs are in for the show, but I’m guessing they’re both mezzos…)
  • Rosie in Mamma Mia
  • Lisa in Mamma Mia
  • Ali in Mamma Mia
  • Elisabeth in Book of Mormon
  • I’m sure somebody in If/Then but I know absolutely nothing about that show, so I can’t say.

Who am I missing, guys?

For a full list of typed characters, check this post out!