roxy godtier

transparent jane crocker, roxy lalonde, john egbert, rose lalonde, and kanaya maryam prepare to fight!

all of them separate


My pictures will be slow and late-ish bc I’ve got work, but here are some of the pictutes from Mechacon! Maid!Stuck Jade: valentacool Maid!Stuck Rose: n3kohime Maid!Stuck Jane: fuchsia-nightmare Maid!Stuck Roxy: imperial-bunny Godtier Rose: frogsprites Photographer/Editor: Me

I cant believe I almost forgot about @roxyweek. Roxy is literally my favorite character and a week for her? of course I gotta join in! I absolutely loved when Roxy managed to get the Matriorb (idk how to phrase that rip) so here it is! 

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