roxy girls

anonymous asked:

black trans girl jade who has dreads with her girlfriends terezi who has big pointy teeth and latino roxy?? roxy also is trans if u wanna! hope this isn't too much!

i dedicated way too much time to this but i’ll do anything for terezi and her trans girlfriends (also my first request!!! hype)

- Mod Robin

anonymous asked:

Could you do a trans girl Roxy in a pink skirt, a short-sleeved shirt with her signature cat icon, with thigh-high pink and black striped socks? Also if she could have shoulder-length curly pink hair and using lofstrand/forearm crutches? (And if you want you can put those cat-ear headphones on her, no need to if you don't want to!)

~mod vex

Roxie from Pokemon Black and White 2.
Had this mostly finished this a few months ago and forgot about it, tried to finish it off cleanly but I might have missed a few mistakes.