roxy cosplay


My Trickster!Roxy cosplay is now complete ~

Yes, I’m aware that it is not the recently deemed “canon” version, but hey, I have been planning and working on this cosplay for the last few months now and I really don’t care if it’s canon or not, I’m still super proud of it ~

The design is by Pantsugar, I fell in love with it months ago because it’s absolutely beautiful so I just had to cosplay it!

I did as well as I could to stay as accurate to the original art, which is included in this photoset.

This cosplay is to be premiered at JAFAX which is next weekend <3


Alpha kids photoshoot.

Roxy Lalonde by woofkid

Jake English by J

Jane Crocker by Rii

Dirk Strider by Shiza

Photo by Wendigo

Processing by Rii and Anna Providence

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Art-group Never-End

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