I waited 6 months since doing my Kanaya talksprites for official Roxy sprites to come out but….they aren’t gonna happen and I have learnt to accept that;;; bUT these adorable sprites by Sooheesprite are just fabulous so I went ahead and did the thing anyway 8)

I really enjoy doing these because they’re very good practice for making your face animated, and for a person like me who only pulls dumb silly faces, it’s a good step outside of the comfort zone (:

Hey homestucks! I just found this website that sells cheap shirts for your cosplays! 

Don’t worry about the colors! They have different choices!!!
Plus they have many different sizes and styles that are not just these!
You can buy them in bulks and they are also very cheap compared to other stores!


Lala as Roxy Lalonde (DA / FB page)

photographer Rodrigo García

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