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I recently saw the post about the "japanese tea party" and read the answer of a supposed japanese person defending the white person, talking about that japanese people wants to share their culture and etc, Im not sure but, is not the same being japanese person and always live in japan and travel just like tourist, than being japanese diaspora. I mean there are japanese defending white pople, is this some sort of colonialism or something?


It could be, but not necessarily. Lots of people want to share their culture. Which is great. Cultural exchange is cool. There’s a tendency for diaspora to be the ones criticizing cultural appropriation and for nationals/immigrants to not be.

Japanese followers?

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I’m gobsmacked seeing a white girl claim to be an Indigenous person from Canada (side note: Native American is only a term used here in America. Canadians use “Indigenous” or “First Nations” whereas Australia has “aboriginals”)… and then say “my brothers and sisters were never the victim of genocide”. Like that’s the biggest clue because even my father, who tends to ignore racism towards Native Americans, states “we lost” when referring to the genocide of our people. He straight up admits that white people came in and slaughtered us and tricked us into giving them our land!

You can’t pretend to be a First Nations and not realize that there is still a genocide going on of your people! You can’t pretend to be a First Nations to stick your head in the sand, especially when your profile photo shows that you are white. Normally I’d be all “yeah maybe she’s just white passing” but to outright state that your people were never the victims of genocide? Bull fucking shit.

Awww maaaan, @princess-roxxi. Wisdom blocked me because I’ve been “stalking” her for “days” now. I can’t respond to anything she says now, even though she wrote up this big ‘ol thing full of juicy stuff that’s really easy to rebut. Lol pretty cowardly. 

But anyways, at least I won’t have to see her shit, now that it’s pretty clear she’s on eee-in’s side. 

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“Roxxy? James? Where the hell are you guys? I was hoping us and Kelly could go out for drinks?” Todd hollered as he walked through his cousin and their wife’s house, “Where are you.. Guys…” Todd’s voice faltered as he walked into the kitchen to see his cousin in law bleeding out onto the kitchen floor, “Roxxy?! What the fu- Roxxy are you okay?” He shouted, grabbing a washcloth from the handles on the fridge and pressing it into the wound on Roxxan’s stomach, “Roxxy please don’t die, James is never gonna forgive me if I let his wife die while I did nothing.” He pleaded, as he tapped her liberally, trying to keep her conscious.


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“Hey, hey, shushushhh.. Come on now, come here.” She embraced the girl gently, placing a tender kiss on her head. She certainly hadn’t meant to upset Mabel in this way. Quite the opposite. She loved the dear girl. 

“Come on now. I’s not a big deal, luv!” She played with the child’s hair, hoping to calm her down. “I’s jus’ a silly hairpin, dear. I’s plenty pretty, bu’ I can’t wear somethin so pretty.” Gently, Roxxy lifted Mabel’s chin so her eyes met those of the older woman. “It belongs in th’ hair of a girl as pretty as it is.”

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Hey ;)

1. First impression: Did she really just say, “FUCK NIGGERS” to me?

2. Truth is: You cute af

3. How old do you look: about 20

4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yea girl

5. Have you ever made me mad: Annoyed and incredibly confused, but not mad.

6. Best Feature: A toss-up between booty and makeup skills

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: PFFFT! NO! hehe 

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8. You’re my: Literal girlfriend

9. Name in my phone: CryCuddle© Co-Founder

10. Should you post this too? Well, yea