Architecture Guide

It saddens me. Seeing photos of my batch mates, with their silky hair, sparkling eyes, a smile that turns to a smirk, wearing their togas, looking straight at you from your computer screen, kind of telling you: Ha!!

When i was in high school, i started making up this persona where i will become an architect in the future. When i was a senior, people already assumed i was going to take up this course. But things happened, college came, and i got enrolled in Business. And i am not going to tell the whole Business story- on how i ended up there, ‘cause i know i have talked about this my entire stay on that field and i am not going through the pain again. Not physical pain but a suffocating, mental fight between what i want and what others want for me. Actually, it was more on a fight between me and me. I was never pressured by mom, or anyone else, but me. I wanted to be out there. I wanted to chase something i wanted. I wanted to get out the comfort zone and make mistakes. And so i did.

Two years thrown down the memory pit. I started my first year again, but now in Architecture. And to tell you this, I made the right choice. Now i am on my third year. And endless plans are on my head at this moment. My future is clearer now. I don’t know how to tell you this, or how can i make you picture this, but i am happy. 

Architecture. It is indeed a battlefield. But if you’re ready for the fight, victory is yours. Here are some things you might want to know:

1. It is a course of endless migraine. You have to think thoroughly if your design works. It is not a simple drawing of a house. You have to think, and rethink, if your design could withstand all possible calamities; if the users could find their way to where they want to be with ease; are there people with disabilities in the building; do people’s size and height matter; are the corners safe for the children; are the stairs slippery; where does the sun rises and sets; which direction gives you the cool and warm air; will the room gets too bright or too dim; are the colors pleasing enough or does it alter the occupants’ psychological perception of things in any way; is it functional; can a 0.5-meter column support this particular part of the construction– these questions can go on and on. Believe me. It is not all about drawings.

2. Who says there are no maths! This is a course of Aesthetics + Structural maths. (Aesthetics: Arts & Psychology; Structure: Physics & Math!)

3. It doesn’t end with mere designing. You’ll learn plumbing, electrical wiring, law, history (those are just what i have encounter in my 2 years, and i know there is more). There are also art projects that includes painting, photography and multi-media. There are computer stuff going on too. As well as speech communication!

4. Just like a lawyer, you have to defend all your designs– All the damn time.   (Why and how your design works) 

5. No sleep. Well, actually this varies from one person to another. It is all a matter of Time Management. If a project is given, then do it right away to not waste any more time. But not at all cases, there are designs that will take you sleepless ~weeks~.

6. Teamwork. There are projects that requires you to design a whole subdivision, then you need big help. So gain hard-working friends. And also, there will be lots of sleep-overs!

7. It is not all about simple layout, if you must know, a single project requires you to make floor plans (with detailed labels, dimensions, materials used, flooring layout, etc), drawings of the front elevations, left-side elevations, right-side elevations, rear elevations, cross sections, longitudinal sections, man’s eye perspective, aerial perspective, site development plans, structural plans and many many more. Imagine if you need this done in 1 night..

8. There is a lot of research needed. It’s not that simple. You might have to write 30 pages of hand-written research papers. Unlucky you if your professors require you a specific “font” you need to practice. There will be case studies of existing structures that you need detailed solutions on how the building was constructed.

9. Not to mention all the expenses. Yes– especially in making scaled models. You need to buy boards, model cars, people, and trees! Also, everyday plates require you to buy a batch of special papers that is expensive enough to cost you a kidney (kidding!) the worst that can happen is if you make a single ink blot, you have no choice but to start a new one. 

10. Travel. This is the best part. You need to go to project sites to learn first-hand about construction work. You need to visit potential places for your proposals. There might be a lot of “business talk” with officials in order to get some plan layouts of established buildings. You also need to travel very often to stay inspired!

All these things will be easy if you do it with passion. If you give yourself 100% on it. Do you know that feeling that you can finally see your future? That you already made plans and you’re trying to make things work one way or another? Then you start to learn how to save for yourself. You will see a brighter and happier you. And that is, if you follow your dreams. No matter what others order you to do this and do that, if you don’t like doing them, you already lost the battle between you and your dreams.


“And because there is something they can’t see people think it has to be special, because people always think there is something special about what they can’t see, like the dark side of the moon, or the other side of a black hole, or in the dark when they wake up at night and they’re scared.” 
― Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

What if the only way to thank you for this life is by having a cup of brewed coffee every morning around a corner, facing the wild bounty of beauty this life offers. The comforting breeze of wind that touches every leaf of an old oak tree, still standing strong behind my fences, who speaks a fresh sound of “hail ye rise of the eastern sun” to tell myself, what, and how to accomplish everything that is given to this pretty day. To tell me that I have already sought the courage to face every challenge there was. Sip by sip, the cup’s already half empty, or half full maybe? ‘Til the warmth the coffee brings, from the feelings of how my taste buds love it, until it reaches the tip of my toes. I inhaled the fresh morning’s provision of a new life, closed my eyes, and spread my butterfly-wings for the long cold night’s gone. Be brave, you say. I was and still is, for the roaring thunder of yesterday already brought the rainbow upon my honest eyes witnessing above these dying cherry blossoms in my garden of mishaps, that slowly gaining it’s power of white and pink colors of beauty is now embracing the eastern yellow sun, and now is telling me how beautiful life is. The cup’s already empty, but I still can make another for everyone. For they have to be thankful of this life. Now I say, thank you, God. Good Morning!

Proud sister, guilty here. Yeah whatever I’m going to post this. My sister is now an RN. Hoo-hoo as expected, she passed the board exam. Okay, we weren’t shock. We all know she will pass, but she topped 3rd nationwide!And I was like, what the fck how did she do that?! And relatives said something like “Why not send her to Stanford University?“ bla bla bla. And that their Cum Laude didn’t even made it to top 10. I feel lucky. My parents’ expectations from me isn’t as high as for my sister. I shouldn’t feel pressured, but hell I am. I just don’t want to be a disappointment. Not again. I know, deep in their hearts, they aren’t happy when I changed my course. I’m the kind of person that always say “I do what I want.” regardless of the risks it’ll cause me, now or in the future. Go kiss your ass. It’s all about learning. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Winning a giveaway may feel great, but actually receiving these stuff as a gift, especially from an inspiring person, is priceless! Sss-s-speechless! I was expecting the prints, as a hint Kuya Glenn (pseudoperfection) gave me. But the shirt, the book, and a handwritten letter was absolawezing! (did I just say that?!) I can’t put my excitement and happiness into words!! But, geez, thank you so much Kuya Glenn! :) I really had an awesome 17th Birthday! & for a moment, the world became a wish-granting factory for me. Merry Merry Christmas!


Book of thoughts. I write, doodle, illustrate & whatnot in this notebook, This serves as my daily inspiration, motivation and my escape from the real world to my own world where I can write and think of almost anything unspoken. It’s good to have this. My daily breakout from insanity. Hi good evening. ≡


Okay. Not bad for a first timer :) Mum bought me Art Studio watercolors lately. I don’t know if that’s a ‘cheap’ brand or what. Haha. I got inspired by those speed paintings on youtube okay.. I lost my old paintbrushes and I only used ONE old cheap brush of my little brother for the whole artwork. Not bad eh? :)

I used a Canon 600D, though I still don’t know how to work well on it’s manual mode, i’m pretty sure I made the right settings on taking night photography last night. Viewing on my camera, the shots were really great!! But when I transferred them on my laptop, they turned out darker. When I tried editing them, they were grainy and looked low quality (btw, I  edited the photo above). I know, I used a kit lens in shooting long exposure shots (small aperture) resulting to darker photos. But, they were really great on the camera. Ugh I was so disappointed. Look how beautiful last night was T.T