So theres 4.2k of you guys following me now??? Why I have no idea, remember when i was a glee blog oh gosh. But thank you so much all of you lovely people who follow me, and like and reblog my edits!! And thank you to all the beautiful mutuals I have on here, your all so great & ily!! So heres all list of the people I follow, all of them have wonderful blogs (i just highlighted a few of my fave little flowers)!!! 



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soo this is my first follow forever! i joined tumblr last december, and i wasn’t very active, i kept to myself a lot. and then i decided to make my blog all about norman reedus, and i’m so happy that i became part of the walking dead fandom because it has brought so many positive people into my life.

i’ve met some amazing, inspiring, beautiful people this year. i’m so glad that you are all part of my life, you guys made this year great for me! to my new friends and old friends, merry christmas! i hope 2015 is amazing for all of you!

my loves;

andylincln you are the rick to my daryl okay. you make everything bettter. i don’t know what i would do without you. i would be lost. the world needs rick grimes and it needs you because you’re amazing and kind. you’re so special and i adore you and admire the hell out of you.

misscarolpeletier i don’t even know where to start. i’m usually too scared to message anyone on here but i’m so glad that i messaged you because you’ve become such a huge part of my life. i’m so glad that you are part of my life because you make it better than it was before. you’re the sweetest girl!

reedusgif so when i first joined tumblr i remember being in awe of you and i was so intimidated by your blog because i thought you were the best thing ever (i still do) so whenever we talk now i try to play it cool but i’m not very good at that. you’re so kind, talented and sweet! you’re the normy to my andy.

my absolute favourite people ever are bolded but i recommend you follow everyone on here because they are all equally amazing and they have made my tumblr experience so great! i will follow these guys forever and eveeeer.

a - g:

a–lincolnsandrewlincolnsbeard | baby-blue-reindeer | badassdixonnbaereedus | beitaebuhcananbarnes | carolsingerscnerwalshdamnavengers | daryldicksen | daryldixcon | daryldixonns | darylscherokeeroses | dayrldixon | elevatorkissesyouandi | eowyynnnnflaanery | grimesreedenstein 

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Thank you to all of you, amazing people I have the pleasure of following. Thank you for being my friend, for your support, for being so nice with me every day :) Whether we’re friends or I just admire you from a distance, you all make my dash a better place and I love you SO MUCH! I am not here because of Queer as Folk or Glee, I am here because of you <3.

| Alice | Anaïs | Atalya | Bec | Beth | Cali | Cat (Gale’s GF) | Cat | Chelsey | Courtney | Dani | Emily | Gabrielle | Jeanie | Karly | Katie | Kayla | Kitch | Laura | Maholy | Marcina | Marie | Milo | Monti | Nadine | Natalie | Nicole | Pamela | Quena | Rafa | Ria | Sarah | Shawn | Sofie | Suzanne | Tarah | Tegan | Tesla |

Oh, you know, typical convo with Karla aka roxleyspam
  • me: TOM'S VOICE
  • OMG
  • Karla: I knooooow!!
  • Wait, that sounded wrong
  • Karla: Hahaha, that's strong but tell me about it
  • Karla: A very skilled fingers
  • Me: STAHP
  • Let me post it on tumblr
The best of 2012... for me!

This tumblr was made, in the beginning, to post pictures of bands and phrases. In time he was being modified and we can say that this is a tumblr of a crazy, addicted to bands/singers (rs). Six months in tumblr and I do not regret my time spent here. I met people very beautiful here.

roxleyspam, marrymoi, venus-and-mars-rock-show, fearfulchildhavefaith, daywillcome, killersoundsinmyhead, xxlittlebrokenwordsxx, sweet-dreams-in-a-strangeland, stranger-forever, tychoooo, sowk-n-s, somechemical, sobestnotpretend, kmilastrangeland, the-starting-line.

In six months of tumblr, I won 200 followers (Ps: Abbie (sobestnotpretend), you are my 200º follower. Thanks. thanks so much, stranger!). Some people of the list, I met outside of tumblr, and others.. I met on facebook or twitter. You guys are special to me, do not know them personally but I really like all of you.

Thanks for follow me. May you guys have a bright 2013, full of love and happiness. I wish the best for everyone.

Very Keane for us!

Love you all. Jaine (: