Kingsman Go
  • Merlin is the gym leader at Kingsman. No one can beat him.
  • Eggsy is convinced that Merlin hacked the game to stay on top.
  • Merlin will never admit that he did.
  • Harry mainly uses a Ponyta. He loves it and named it Spitfire. 
  • Eggsy is convinced that Harry loves the damn fire horse more than him.
  • Eggsy aptly chooses an Exeggcute to be his primary pokemon after he catches it.
  • He nicknames it Eggsy.
  • Daisy laughs at him.
  • Roxy carefully levels and evolves a Vulpix to get a Nine-tails.
  • She beats Merlin’s cheating arse when he’s not paying attention and becomes the new gym leader.
  • Merlin makes a new gym and becomes it’s leader.
  • All of Kingsman knows that Merlin is a sore loser.
  • Eggsy ends up keeping a lot of the cute pokemon for Daisy to look at and whenever a Clefairy shows up he lets her try to catch it.
  • He has 37 Clefairys. He has been told by Daisy that he cannot turn them into Clefables and he cannot get rid of her individually named Clefairys.
  • All the Clefairys are named after My Little Ponies since Harry won’t let Daisy name his Ponyta or Rapidash.
  • Percival collects a whole team of Dittos while Roxy collects all the Eeveelutions available.
  • Merlin has to send out an agency wide ban of Pokemon Go after a handler is distracted while instructing an agent about incoming enemies
  • The handler agrees he was in the wrong. But Psyduck bro.
  • Another agent stops in the middle of a mission because he finds a Snorlax. 
  • It was Eggsy.
  • Merlin has to assign each agent with a Kingsman issued phone without Pokemon Go for missions.
  • There is actually almost a rebellion when agents find out.
  • Merlin then points out that six of them have almost died trying to catch a fucking Magikarp. 
  • All agents turn in their phones before missions and take their Pokemon-less phones without a word.

Pokestuck Bomb (1 /2)

“They all can’t wait to play this new game, Pokemon…”

Once you get in the game everyone gets it’s own unique town and gym where they can be challenged, and you even have customization and crafting!

Hope you like it :D!