roxie is doing shit

Superboy and the invisible girl, son of steel and daughter of air
He’s a hero, a lover, a prince
She’s not there

I drew this in my innocence before finding out That Whole Thing About The Boy. so. 

More Roxy & Eggsy being best bro’s (つ≧▽≦)つ⊂(・ヮ・⊂)
  • Roxy and Eggsy being lil shit and messing around at HQ.
  • Merlin constantly having a headache bc of them.
  • Roxy bringing little gifts to Eggsy from her missions.
  • Eggsy teaching Roxy gymnastics.
  • Eggsy teaching Roxy how to pick a lock.
  • Roxy being a good bro and babysits Daisy while Eggsy is away.
  • Roxy and Eggsy having quality time together
  • And gossip like old ladies
  • And talk about their crushes like teenagers.
  • Eggsy giving Roxy pecks of kisses on the cheek.
  • Harry worrying about them whenever Roxy and Eggsy have a mission together bc he knows what’ll happen
  • like Roxy and Eggsy blowing shit up
  • And having giggle fits while doing so
  • With Merlin heaving another major headache 
  • and drinking himself drunk on coffee.
  • Eggsy pulling a prank on Roxy at HQ
  • which in turn Roxy does the same to Eggsy.
  • Roxy and Eggsy pulling pranks on other Kingsman Agents.
  • Eggsy and Roxy having more giggle fits.
  • Both of them having sleep over and have more gossip
  • which includes a nice dinner and some expensive wine.
  • Roxy and Eggsy calling up each other while they’re away on their mission.
  • Eggsy and Roxy being best bro’s for life.
  • (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧   (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧   (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

fiction-is-art  asked:

Imagine Riley getting amnesia, the type that affects most of your memories, but even thought Maya keeps telling her she's her best friend, she keeps thinking they're lovers by the way Maya acts around her and the few memories she still remembers... Just... Imagine.

OH my GOD. 

I mean first of all, Riley losing her memories makes me kind of sad. Like this could easily be an angsty AU, but I’m seeing this as being a super temporary amnesia, because the AU is better if it’s just cute. Let me do a list thing because I don’t know how else to get all of my thoughts out on this.

  • Okay so first of all I’m placing them in high school so it’s easier
  • So when Riley first wakes up in the hospital, naturally, the first thing she sees is Maya, who is sitting by her bedside, holding Riley’s hand with both of hers. She’s clearly fighting to stay awake, but when she sees Riley’s eyes open she sits upright and grips her hand tighter. She’s looking at Riley just like she always does - like Riley is the sun and the stars and her entire world. 
  • Maya, for her part, has been sitting by Riley’s bedside for hours now. Topanga tried to get her to leave and eat something, but Maya wasn’t having it. She wanted to be there when her girl woke up. She was almost asleep when Riley opened her eyes.
  • Riley tries to kiss Maya at least three times tbh I mean wouldn’t you?
  • “Who are you?” “I’m Maya.” “Are you my girlfriend?” “No, pumpkin. I’m your best friend.” “No, I think you’re my girlfriend. You do love me, don’t you?” “Of course I do!” “I think I love you too.” 
  • LOOK obviously Maya’s in love with Riley she’s always been in love with Riley so when Riley says that, Maya’s breath just catches in her throat and she just stares at Riley for a moment, and then Riley smiles like the sun and squeezes her hand
  • Every few minutes or so Riley spaces out again, losing her short term memories as well, so she asks Maya who she is over and over again
  • “How you doing, honey?” “Who…who are you?” “I’m Maya. Peaches. Your best friend, your best bad influence.” “Oh. Why are you looking at me like that?” “Like what, pumpkin?” “Like I’m…like I’m everything.” “I guess it’s because you are…everything.” “Oh.” (Riley tries to kiss maya then, and maya’s like no honey no)
  • “Riles, we aren’t together. Not like that. You don’t want to kiss me.” “How can you be sure?” “You’ve lost all your memories. I’m not going to kiss you. You don’t know what you want.” “Yes I do. I want you.”
  • Maya assumes Riley’s just delusional and doesn’t know what she’s doing. But still, her heart jumps in her chest every time Riley calls her her girlfriend. 
  • (Riley’s heartbeat monitor registers some odd jumps now and then, too. It really spikes when Maya leans closer and gently brushes her hair out of her face and runs her fingertips down Riley’s jaw. Maya assumes its just an inconsistency.)
  • Maya assumes Riley’s just delusional. She’s wrong, though. Really, Riley’s just lost all her filters and is utterly enchanted with the small, beautiful girl sitting at her bedside and calling her ‘pumpkin’ and holding her hand like it means something.
  • “You’re pretty.” “Not as pretty as you, pumpkin.” “I like you.” “I like you more.” “Who are you?” “I’m yours, Riles.” “I like the sound of that. Is it true?” “Yeah. It is.” 

WIP roses are still hard to paint


that one time i went outside


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Roxy Cosplay 2014 vs 2015

The gif on the left was one recorded of the very first times I cosplayed Roxy, and the one on the right was recorded almost exactly a year later after many gifs, makeup tests, tears, and cons. 

My roxy cosplay is one of my favorites, and although i cringe looking at the gif on the left I’m really glad i decided to cosplay her on whim and I’m proud of all the progress i’ve made! 

Never give up kids, everyone starts somewhere




no shit, no shit, no shit roxy this is basic fucking homestuck. you never EVER turn your back on the body.

that’s what i’ve been saying about this timeline for a while actually

actually no, you know what? two timelines now of you REFUSING to do your quest rose. i think this is fate’s way of FORCING you to reconsider your life and your choices, AND TO DO YOUR FUCKING QUEST ROSE.