Pssst…What if Eridan and Roxy went ice skating?

What if  more like yes

  Snow. That was the first thing that Eridan noticed when Roxy took off his blindfold. He blinked and looked around. A small clearing, with a lake in the middle. A lake that was frozen over.  He looked at her and she was holding two pairs of skates. 
  “You said you wanted a pale date.” She said, beaming. He could look at that smile forever. That hair that flipped out just so, those perfect eyes, everything. “This works, right?”
  “Yeah, a flippin’ course it does.” He responded. He grabbed the skates and plopped down on the snow. His cape cushioned his rump from the snow. In moments, he had his boots off and his skates on. He stepped out onto the ice and was off in a moment, flying around it. He heard laughter and spun. 
  Roxy has barely managing to move around a little, her arms out on either side. She laughed again, and he sped over to her.
  “You could be a figure skater!” She giggled. He rolled his eyes and then grabbed her arm and sped around the lake. She laughed and held on for dear life.
  A few hours later, they flopped into the back of her truck, on a blanket they’d laid out, and grabbed the thermos of hot cocoa. She sipped off it, then handed it to her palemate to drink. 
  A few more drinks later, they kicked off their skates. She leaned over him and kissed his forehead.
  “Pale for you, ‘Dan.”
  “Pale for ya, Rox.”