Undertale Duos Take On Famous Movie Duo Parts!

Sans and Papyrus - Night at the Roxbury
Undyne and Alphys - Men in Black
Toriel and Asgore - Grease
Mettaton ex and Napstablook - Star Wars

This was so much fun to do, even if they have very little actual animation.. ^^; I was mostly seeing how many duos I can do with a simple head-bob animation, and this was the result!

I will say, Toriel singing to Asgore that he needs to /Shape Up/ kinda fits! xD

If anyone has any other ideas I could do, feel free to comment or send an ask! maybe I could do another set! :D I know there are plenty of other Undertale Duos out there, like Chara and Asriel, Dogamy, Ect! <3

(Mettaton Ex is not thrilled to be 3-CPO just because he’s a robot.. That’s stereotyping!)