“The awakened being toyed with her. It inflicted various degradations on her and plucked off her arms and legs. In the end, the awakened being played around with her severed head. It was Roxanne’s first failure to subdue an awaked being. But the three survivors, including Roxanne, were not even scratched.”

Claymore Challenge Day 3 [Least Favorite Character]
↳ Roxanne of Love & Hate

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can u draw roxanne with furuta :D

Roxanne and Furuta? Hmm… I don’t know. The thing is… pfff! Just kidding! I WAS WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT! CROSSOVER! 

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Here you have~

Just in case people that have never read Claymore, if you guys -the guys that hate Furuta- thinks that no one can be more despicable and trashy than Nimura, please read Claymore.

Oh, but I love Roxy… and hate her xD.

Another fact about Roxanne of Love and Hate that everyone probably already knew:

It is informed that Roxanne was extremely gifted in youki synchronization and Roxanne herself know this. HOWEVER, instead of honing her youki synch skillz and developing it to be her main fighting technique like Galatea did, or using it to develop a technique to ambush her opponents (because apparently she can completely erase her youki aura from a specific target e.g Cassandra), nope – she chose to use it to copy other warriors’ techniques instead.

tl;dr: Roxanne was a very uninspired hack.

30 Days of Claymore : Day 3
  • Least favorite character

There are a few characters I don’t really like in Claymore, but I’m gonna talk about the one I hate the most. And as much as I hate Priscilla, this one goes to the psycho I share the same name with. And by this I mean Roxanne. No wonder she’s called Roxanne of love and hate…

When I saw on chapter 110 there was a warrior named Roxanne and that she was a number 1 (causing problems, haha), I was practically fangirling. But then. Well…how to put it… I hate almost everything about her ? Her “technique”, copying others and killing them after, like ??? What the fuck is wrong with you guurl ? You’re supposed to kill yoma and awakened beings, not the comrades who helped you to survive, remember ?? Haha.. Her personality, her way of being with Cassandra..what a bitch. 

Also I don’t like her awakened form even if it looks a little robotic/metallic (as Riful), and, her face ? I don’t even like her faaace, just- huh. Sorry Roxanne but I’m glad you died c: