roxanne valentine

Poetry and Flowers


Roxanne is disconcerted when she receives a mysterious gift on Valentine’s Day.

(K rating, pre-movie AU, inspired by a @ramendobe prompt.)

AO3   |   FFN

It comes on Valentine’s Day, delivered to Roxanne’s desk, waiting there for her when she walks in.

Her eyes go wide when she sees the bouquet. What—who in the world would be sending her flowers?

It’s a very large arrangement, interesting, too; not just ordinary roses. Some of the flowers she doesn’t even recognize.

There’s a slim, dark-blue book beneath the vase of flowers; she slips it out and looks at it curiously, flipping it open to the first page.

your slightest look easily will unclose me
though i have closed myself as fingers,
you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens
(touching skilfully,mysteriously)her first rose

Roxanne feels her face go hot.

She turns to the next page.

I go so far as to think that you own the universe.
I will bring you happy flowers from the mountains, bluebells,
dark hazels, and rustic baskets of kisses.
I want

to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.

Roxanne slams the book shut.

Love poetry? Who the hell would send her flowers and love poems? On Valentine’s Day? What the hell is this?

She puts the book down quickly on her desk.

There’s a card, in the flowers. She plucks it out and looks at it.

The card is small and white—nothing written on it but a sharp black—


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Valentine’s Day Kiss

inspired by a @ramendobe post

Megamind/Roxanne, pre-movie au

K+ rating

AO3  |  FFN

“Seriously?” Roxanne says.

“It’s for charity!” her boss says, gesturing expansively, a grin edging onto his face.

“Uh, huh,” Roxanne says, unimpressed. “Roxanne Ritchi gives a kiss for charity. Very…cute.”

“Right! It’s a Valentine’s Day thing!”

“Right,” Roxanne says, “so on Valentine’s Day, I kiss whoever donates the most money to the annual Metro City Children’s Home charity drive, do I?”

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  • The Warden of the prison left magazines about engineering and inventing out for Megamind when he was little. Warden never questioned the disappearance of these magazines. Minion knew this all along and always thanked him for his kindness
  • When Megamind got sick when he was young, the Warden would personally take care of him, and teach Minion how to treat him, and how to look out for warning signs of impending illnes
  • The prison inmates also taught Megamind how to read/write and do math so that when Megamind was old enough to leave, he would be able to make something of himself
  • Megamind would invent prosthetic limbs and make canes for disabled inmates who were never given them
  • Megamind would help scheme up jailbreak plans, and when he was too little to do much else, would keep a lookout with Minion for the guards
  • Warden and Minion being friends, and Minion convincing Megamind to let his blue friend attend school
  • Warden buying a small cake and small presents for Megamind for his birthday, and even letting the inmates have small parties for his and Minion’s ‘birthday’. Megamind still gets birthday cards into his adult years.
  • Megamind teaching the other inmates how to build/repair things and educating them on math/chemistry/literature/mechanics as he learns more so that he can repay these people who cared about him enough to teach him and spend time with them. And also so that once they get out they can get jobs with their new skills
  • Minion learning how to drive so that he can teach Megamind himself
  • Roxanne and Minion met when she was an aspiring news anchor. They were both having problems at the time, where Megamind wasn’t a well-known villain yet, and Roxanne was still an unknown. Minion proposed that she let herself be kidnapped, so she would have a story, and to get Megamind acknowledged by mainstream media, after assuring her that she wouldn’t be harmed, and would actually be in one of the safest places when Megamind and Metromans’ fight took place
  • Minion emails/texts Roxanne ahead of time for where/how the kidnapping will occur so she can be prepared to look nice and professional for her job
  • Megamind was requested for interviews during his incarcerations (he’s broken out of prison multiple times) he turned down every interviewer, except Roxanne. He only would accept interviews from her. 
  • Megamind sends Roxanne anonymous gifts for her birthdays, Christmases, Valentines, etc. Roxanne always thought they were from Metroman
  • Megamind makes his money for his robots/weapons by patenting prosthetics and clean energy generators (better windmills, more efficient solar cells, hydroturbines, and energy efficient appliances and more economical cars). His prosthetics are some of the best on the market while being low cost. He donates at least half of his money to charity. 
  • Megamind donated some of the pieces to the Metroman Museum himself, selling them to the Museum, and using the money for charity and education programs
  • Bernard is secretly a huge fan of Megamind and sends him fanmail and knick-knacks. He also sends him info about big events for ‘evil planning purposes’ and constantly encouraged Megamind to go and do things whenever the super-villain was feeling down