Holy guacamole! I clicked on a link in this post and oh my giddy aunt, it turned out to be the motherlode of behind the scenes photos from Dominion, most of which I’ve never seen before!!

There’s lots of shots of crew and stand-ins and stunt doubles and camera equipment etc but there’s also some really cool shots of various cast members and various scenes being filmed. Just check out this small selection….

Roxanne McKee being kooky

Various cast and crew waiting around (and yes, my eagle eyes did spot Tom Wisdom there in the background in his sleeveless top :D)

Smiley Tom Wisdom

Awww Chris and Luke share a trailer?

Michael and Gabriel’s meeting before the wings were added in post-production :)

Loooove this one of Tom (looking adorably lanky in t-shirt and shorts) and Anton rehearsing their fight scene! 

Looks likes things don’t turn out too well for Furiad!!

Chris ?learning how to fire guns?

Rehearsing Uriel’s entrance scene?

And ooh look, filming of the scene where Michael grabs Alex and flies off, with the actors all wired up ready for take-off. :D

You can find all these and more here. :)