roxanne gaillard


i should just loosen up and always ink like this, seriously. Made widdle portraits of the three protags from Renaissance story arc in Anova, spanning roughly around 5-6 years within the story 

Following advice to compile a guide for characters and general worldbuilding information regarding Anova. I suppose characters are a good way to start off. I shall be adding several more portraits for support cast in this arc, and hopefully move on to the next story arcs as well including those from the last quarter of the Beryl Inquisition era (50 ish years prior to Renaissance)

I´ll compile a bit of info regarding these three, mostly personality-wise though nothing is particularly new. There are some terms i will explain later since it´d probably take up whole lot more space to explain worldbuilding. btw i promise those backgrounds are actually relevant, for once

Bree Koboye: A young Baron trainee on her adolescent years and possible heir to the Koboye shogunate should she succeed in her harsh training. She was bred from a caprice from her father, Encho Koboye (current shogun lord of the north-west Dome) to have an albino Baron child out of spite against taboo and superstitious beliefs surrounding her kind.  Through social stigma and a ravenously competitive environment surrounded by struggling baron childs, chalkurite pickings and the ever terrifying matadero games played out by the Brood Mothers that lord over every baron affair…well, suffice to say, Bree´s turned into a fairly aggressive and authority-challenging person. 

Bree exists as a test and a big ´fuck you´ to the eugenic breed-system instilled within Baron culture and her mindset very much supports her father´s wishes, though the task in itself to remain as sturdy and healthy as selectively-bred Barons is a bit of a challenge, considering her couple eye-sight flaws and some other details. Either way, she gains herself a noteworthy status after becoming one of the few barons daring (or stupid enough) to decide to take a child chalkurite as her bound shard. So noteworthy in fact that she´s got to deal with plenty death threats and duels from opposing barons from different shogunates–and even from her own sibling quarry.  

Roxanne Gaillard: By Frontier accounts, the one and only seemingly interesting fact about her is that she´s not from Frontier, and that she belongs to the wildly exotic and ancient ethnical group ‘white caucasians’ (fairly out of trend)  She´s not a remarkable person by legal records and average on most ends but can still brag a little about how she single-handedly raised a two-eyed chalkurite by the weird mispronounced unit-name, 'Pint’. And also managed to live through his first impulse shift.  

She´s even tempered though could feel as a little aloof and even sometimes dismissive. Her heart seems to be in the right place but maybe not so much at the right moment or in the best way possible. Kind of one of those overtly positive people in the way she approaches issues with others, fairly good at emotionally manipulation for her own ends and just about the subtlest and most efficient 50-ish year old looking space ginger thief. She´s pretty much able to get away with someone´s vehicle, their coffee, wallet and hopefully their visa. Maybe even hook up with some of their contacts. for business reasons of course. 

I am not too keen on telling her story synopsis but…well, if i could compare it to something, Blade Runner meets Finding Nemo. 

Pint: You all know him, I don´t really need to explain anything about this guy, honestly. Or well, maybe some coupla´things. When you don´t see him grumpyin´ about when i draw him, he´s actually being a really quiet and mostly polite kid trying to stay out of trouble. He´s surprisingly not AN ANGRY PERSON RAAR HULK SMASH and you won´t really ever see him shapeshifting out of an emotional tantrum. Pint´s fairly collected, and though not exactly thankful for being a radioactive space werewolf training to become an albino gender-ambiguous asshole´s killer monster, he does do his best to learn how to not be a massive fuck up. I mean, what else is there to do. 

Mm, i suppose i´d just be repeating myself. he´s immensely pessimistic and the best way to get him to trot off to somewhere else is to be happy around him. he can´t deal well with envy issues–at all though fortunately he´s never been a person to blame others (only himself really. worth mentioning he´s got real bloody masochistic episodes)  Nice people make him grimace, they all seem stupid in his head but he won´t refuse favors unless they involve physical contact from strangers. Food´s good too. It´s always good for someone whose metabolism is so hardcore it sets him 4 celsius above standard human body temperature. TOASTY!   Story wise he´s uneventful besides training to become the ultimate werewolf ninja, or at least to not eat Bree in a panic attack. That and serve the whims of the Brood Mothers such as make more hideous off-spring for consumption, fight against other chalkurites to cull the herd, undergo an intensive medicine regime to learn every aspect of the human body, butcher animals, butcher himself, do monster stuff, blah blah it´s more interesting in-context. with images 

That´s just about the general idea of these three at these ages in this story arc. and wow, i haven´t textwalled like that in months, i hope those of you who encouraged me to get back typing are willing to put up with this gee