@deerthulhu said: Will we see more Qilue soon? I love them and your character design is so lovely, I’d love to more about them!

our party’s not gotten to group up much lately due to scheduling issues, but we just had a pretty long session yesterday! so i doodled a qilue during the slower parts/when i could multitask

i really do need to do more with qilue, getting all their backstory and stuff noted out. most of how they’re going to develop is heavily reliant on the way the game will pan out, so i can’t go too deeply into that on my own…

but i’m glad you like them! fey warlock is definitely My Aesthetic, lmao

Happy Valentines Day! I wanted to take this time to thank everyone for the support you’ve given us here at Transwatch, and how happy I am to announce something special to everyone on this special day.

So without further ado, we will be doing #TRANSWATCH WEEK: 2017

Transwatch Week will be the week of March 14th-March 20th, ending on the first day of Spring to represent the growth and blossoming of trans identity. 

Prompts with some general descriptions under the cut! This post will be linked on the main profile, so it won’t get lost if you need it! Anything posted in the #transwatchweek2017 tag will be reblogged here! so make sure you tag it!!!

Trans or cis, you are welcome to participate. This is a week focused on celebrating trans identity in all its forms, and all are welcome!

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