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I - Investigations, Delaqua and Co. (credits: concept art by Jamie Ro, Naomi Baker, among others. All editing done by me.)

Delaqua Investigations is the private investigation and detective unit owned and run by Marjory Delaqua. Originally its only member, Marjory was contacted by Captain Logan Thackeray of the Seraph to look into the criminal activities that occurred at the Dragon Bash effigy lighting ceremony. Later, she was joined by one Kasmeer Meade; a noble woman stripped of her title and home due to her family’s debts. Needing a place to work, she joined forces with Marjory and the two became further involved in the events that shook Tyria. They eventually formed a romantic relationship, and live together.

While technically the only two ‘official’ members of Delaqua Investigations, the duo often work alongside a norn called Braham (Eirsson), a gladium charr known as Rox (previously Pickheart), and the asuran child prodigy Taimi. Both Rox and Taimi have assistants of their own. A white devourer known as Frostbite, and a golem called Scruffy. All three of these fellows became involved in the strange happenings of the past few years, each bringing with them their own complications, issues, and desires.

Together with Marjory and Kasmeer, the five (and their associates) helped bring down Scarlet Briar, with a great hero at their side. Their stories are not over however, and with the rising of Mordremoth they find their lives only growing more chaotic.