Happy Birthday, my twin! (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)

Roxanne practically grew up in Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. She was always her daddy’s girl and loved hanging out with him at the store. She’d pull pranks on the costumers with him or play hide-and-seek (and learn every nook and cranny of the store as a result) or just sit on the counter top and watch him work while they discussed the importance of chocolate candies.
But when times got tough, staying with him at the store became a must. Angelina had to get a full-time job and they didn’t have the money for a sitter or daycare. Fred was old enough to go to muggle school, but Roxi had to stay with her dad all day in the shop (which she was completely fine with!)
She became his little “assistant manager;” and he gave her her own clipboard and claimed the five-year-old could handle the shop better than half his employees.
And although those days did get long and tiring for little Roxanne, they were days she will always remember with a smile.


“Dear Countess Anise,

Please, let me come back to Divinity’s Reach, the Commander is a moron . I’m starting to think about asking Rytlock to kill her with me. And I think the Charr will say yes (yesterday she asked him if he was in a relationship with Logan).

This girl is making us mad. She’ll get the better of me before Mordremoth himself.

No dragon killing yet, of course…


“Taimi’s observation n°1205350

If I need to test something, remember to ask the Commander first. Just bring some mead and she’ll do it. Aaaah… I love Norns ❤ 

Sometimes I try to find some reasons … you know… for the … strange things you can find on GuildWars2 maps. That Hero Point where you eat toxic meat………….. That’s the only reason that crossed my mind : Norns’ bet. Still searching a reason for other races.

(I’m not complaining about the WTF stuff, I love it :p)

BTW : Commander is Gondul PoingMarteau, guardian / dragon hunter. And yes she is taller than Braham xD

My Next Gen FCs

James Sirius - Nick Jonas. Dark, curly hair and cocky smirks/winks. Just yes. I know it’s not a popular opinion but this is my James FC deal with it.

Albus Severus - Logan Lerman. Can I just say that I love the fact that the fandom universally agrees that Logan Lerman is Albus?


Lily Luna - Lindsay Lohan. You know what I don’t like? When people use Karen Gillan as Lily II’s faceclaim. Because that’s Lily Evans’ FC. Come on guys, they have the same name but they aren’t the same person.


Rose Weasley - Jane Levy. You will never, in a million years, be able to convince me that there is a better FC for Rose. Not only does she produce some fabulously snarky gifs that perfectly depict our dear Rose, but she looks exactly as I picture her.


Hugo Weasley - Cameron Monaghan. Little ginger dork :)


Victoire Weasley - Annasophia Robb.


Dominique (Dom) Weasley - Daria Sidorchuk. Not gonna lie, I rather like this one. In my head, Dom is thin, really freckled but also a bit tan, has thick lips, and long strawberry-blond hair.


Louis Weasley - Caleb Landry Jones. Shoulder-length, ginger hair, like his dad, but soft features like his mom. And Caleb Landry is such a pretty man :3


Fred Weasley II - Roshon Fegan. 


Roxanne Weasley - Antonia Thomas.


Molly Weasley II - Kristen Stewart. I see Molly with black hair, with her mom being ¼ asian. She also has a edgy, rebel style.


Lucy Weasley - Crystal Reed. Lucy looks a lot like her older sister, although her attire tends to be more professional and clean-cut.


Teddy Lupin - Eddie Redmayne. I like him as Teddy mainly because I always thought Eddie Redmayne and Andrew Garfield look a lot alike and we all know Andrew Garfield is Remus’ FC, so it only made sense to make Eddie his son :)

Lorcan Scamander - Ross Lynch. Lorcan is the smaller one of the twins. His blond hair is swooshy (is there another word for that?) and paler than his brother’s. (He’s such a cute bugger don’t look at me)


Lysander Scamander - Hunter Parrish. Bigger built than his brother with darker blond hair. (He’s just so adorkable and I love it <3 )


Frank Longbottom II - Josh Hutcherson. Yes, just yes.


Alice Longbottom II - Lily Collins

[And I don’t have a FC for Scorpius. I have yet to have found someone worthy enough to resemble our blonde dream boy]