Roxanne practically grew up in Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. She was always her daddy’s girl and loved hanging out with him at the store. She’d pull pranks on the costumers with him or play hide-and-seek (and learn every nook and cranny of the store as a result) or just sit on the counter top and watch him work while they discussed the importance of chocolate candies.
But when times got tough, staying with him at the store became a must. Angelina had to get a full-time job and they didn’t have the money for a sitter or daycare. Fred was old enough to go to muggle school, but Roxi had to stay with her dad all day in the shop (which she was completely fine with!)
She became his little “assistant manager;” and he gave her her own clipboard and claimed the five-year-old could handle the shop better than half his employees.
And although those days did get long and tiring for little Roxanne, they were days she will always remember with a smile.