rowley1080 replied to your postHas Cap said anything about queer people? He is my hero and I love him so much, and I’m scared that he’d hate me. Especially when homophobic people tell me he would, and use him against me.

2 words: Arnie Roth

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Isn’t there one of the older lines of Captain America comics where it comes out that one of Steve’s best friends growing up was gay? I think the Red Skull goes after him & Steve saves him & is just generally an awesome friend.

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The Arnie Roth story is a perfect example of Steve’s open-mindedness.

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Cap’s childhood friend is gay (Arnold Roth? I forgot his name) and he’s totally cool with it :)

Thanks to everyone for reminding me about Arnie Roth. I actually reblogged a wonderful post from wondygirl about Mr. Roth, which you can view here. Basically, here’s what Steve has to say:

 arakni666 replied to your postHas Cap said anything about queer people? He is my hero and I love him so much, and I’m scared that he’d hate me. Especially when homophobic people tell me he would, and use him against me.

In Young Avengers, he tells Wiccan and Hulkling that he’s fine with their relationship. :)

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When Cap met up with the Young Avengers he made it very clear he had no issues with Billy and Teddy’s relationship. :D

Thanks for reminding me about this one too!

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yea the issue would be with the producers and venue of the production.

I didn’t tag it, or even mention what it was in the post, so I don’t know that I’ll worry about it yet. Thanks, though.

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1. One thing that makes you smile?

When people are genuine and sincere and are nice out of nowhere. Kindness where you least expect it. 

2.Quick! You have ended up in the TARDIS/The Impala. What do you do?

How the fuck did I end up here? I’m not even in this fandom. 

3.Comedy or horror- what do you choose?

Definitely a comedy for me :) 

4.You got to sing some karaoke! What do you end up singing?

Oh probably some song from the 60’s or 70’s that people my age don’t know. 

5. If you had a spirit animal, which one would you want?

- I think I would want a Raven. 

6.Your favourite icecream- flavour? 

-Chocolate chip cookie dough

7.Your OTP’s?

-Oh dear…Here we go: 

  • Kaylee & Simon (Firefly/Serenity)
  • Bones and Booth
  • Johnlock
  • Inara and Mal
  • Jon Snow and Ygritte
  • Captain Swan (but I also ship Emma with Baelfire/Neal…complicated world…and maybe a little Mad Swan… gosh..)<–That
  • Tyrion and Shae
  • Rumbelle
  • Bran and Jojen
  • Zoe and Wash (Firefly/Serenity)
  • Han and Leia
  • Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth
  • Merlin and Arthur
  • and so many more

8. The last book you read?

- Uhhh, well right now I’m reading 1984, but the last book I finished was Return of the King. 

9. Would you rather be famous, or be loved? (Haha, sorry the cheesy question right there)

I’d rather be loved. I wouldn’t want people snooping about my life and making weird gifs of me…not that I do that or anything…

10.Summer or autumn?

 -summer summer summer summer

wibblywobblyserenity’s questions:

1. If you could chose or make up any world/place to live in, what would it be?

I think I would want to live on the Starship Enterprise. 

2. If you met your favourite character, who would that be and what would you do?

Oh god, you can’t make me pick a favorite character.  How about actor instead? I think it would be Hugh Laurie and I’d fangirl for a minute and then treat him like a normal person and try to carry on a conversation. 

3. If you could go anywhere, where would you go right now?


4. Do you like to read? If so what are your favourite books?

I love to read.  Harry Potter is of course the old stand by, but I also love The Princess Bride. 

5. One happy thing you can remember from your childhood?

Pretending I was a Pokemon trainer with my brothers while they were the pokemon. 

6. If you could be any fictional character who would that be and why?

I would be Zoe from Firefly, because she’s Zoe and she’s badass. 

7. What are your favourite Tv-shows and how did you find them?

My favorite tv shows are Firefly, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, and Sherlock.  I found Star Trek, because my dad watches it and the others because my friends got me to watch them. 

8. Your favourite thing to watch as a kid?

Anything on the Disney channel. 

9. Your favourite video- or boardgames? Could be any kind of games.

Trivial Pursuit 

10. Vampire,Werewolf, Alien or Zombie?

Which would I rather be? I’d like to be a Werewolf. 

My questions:

1. Broomstick, impala, tardis, or starship?

2.  What fandom takes up most of your life?

3.  If you could ship yourself with your favorite character, who would it be?

4.  What ship do you despise?

5.  What is your most recent canon?

6. Favorite theme song?

7.  Show you wished hadn’t been cancelled?

8.  Least favorite character?

9. Do you own a lot of fandom merch? If so, what fandom?

10.  What show/movie can’t you wait for? 

I tag:











Hope you all track your tags :) 

rowley1080 said: the one above it says Valencia

yes! which is where six flags magic mountain is located. anaheim was the normal path, with valencia being the “shortcut”. it being the one maurice & phillippe took, was obviously worse. like how disney is better than six flags ;) 

rowley1080 asked:

Just a heads up, when getting the rights did you guys also get the permission to use the Camp Rock logo/font for promotional purposes? If you didn't you probably don't want that picture floating around online since Disney does skim thru Disney blogs/tags on Tumblr and having legal action taken by them sucks.

Possibly? I’m not sure, but if all I have is promotional stuff for a show I worked on, wouldn’t the issue be with the park district i worked for and not me? I was just the director, so I didn’t get to do a lot of paper work. 

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The safari does have real animals but it follows a storyline where there are poachers trying to get Little Red (a animatronic baby elephant) and his mother. now they're getting rid of that storyline to put more real animals around.

The more you know!

(And the more Mattie will have to remember, ha!)

rowley1080 asked:

I'm dying to visit Disneyland. I've been to Disney World 40+ times already and I'll always love it but I must experience the other parks lol

Oh it’s a thrill. And nothing like WDW. It’s so historic and omg it’s so great.

rowley1080 asked:

you're someone i'd love to hang with at Disney! Most people don't appreciate the small things of the park

I love the small things. I live for them. My favorite small thing is the owl in Disneyland, so I’m no stranger to appreciating the small things. Haha.