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MUTINY! The Last Birthday Party. April 1983 recording sessions for the final Birthday Party EP, Mutiny!

You can really tell how broken they were back then…sigh

“He was at the controls while everyone else [was] in states of total depression. Blixa was keeping everything going.” Mick Harvey

“Nick had made best friends with Blixa and they were hanging around and all of a sudden Rowland was just sort of in the out”. Genevieve Mcguckin.

The Boys Next Door album Door, Door was released on May 21, 1979, spawning the cult hit “Shivers,” which had been written by guitarist Rowland S. Howard at age 16. I thought I would trace the history of the song, from Howard’s original Young Charlatans demo up to versions done as recently as last year. I know this isn’t a complete list of covers, but it gives you a sense of how wide-reaching the song’s impact has been for the past thirty-plus years.

  1. Young Charlatans (1978)
  2. The Boys Next Door (1978, lead vocal by RSH)
  3. The Boys Next Door (1978, lead vocal by Nick Cave)
  4. The Boys Next Door (1979, the Door, Door version)
  5. Marie Hoy & Friends (1986)
  6. The Screaming Jets (1993)
  7. Nick Cave & The Dirty Three (1995)
  8. The Witches (Ha-Mechashefot) ft. Nick Cave (1996)
  9. Rowland S. Howard (1999)
  10. Megan Washington (2011)
  11. Divine Fits (2012)
  12. Mick Harvey and Harry Howard (2013)
  13. Cat Power (2013)
  14. Adalita and company at the Pop Crimes show (2014)
  15. Against Me! (2014)