rowing shell

Cornell Crew Team
Edward Penfield (American; 1866–1925)
Color lithograph
Printed by: Charles W. Beck, Jr.
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C.


Sunday recovery runs are the best. I feel great today after yesterday’s 20 miler. We did just 4 easy miles, all in Zones 1 and 2, and my legs feel fresh. The gal with me is one of my best buddies and ran all 20 with me yesterday. 

I can’t believe my half iron is only 16 weeks away! I don’t have any time goals for this 70.3. I put it on the schedule so that I would make sure to fit biking and swimming into my schedule in a structured way. Every time I have done a 70.3 previously, I’ve been either training for an Ironman or training with the 70.3 as my main race. I won’t be having that type of focus for this race, but I’m still excited about racing and training. 

The rest of the day is going to be spent helping our rowing crew transport their boats out of storage and to our lakeside location. Of course it’s supposed to thunderstorm. Hope the lightning stays away when I’m walking with a 30 foot rowing shell over my head!

Nobody trains for second place. Especially when it come to rowing. Justify yourselves, rowers- You spend your spring break up at 6 am and spend every afternoon exhausting yourself. It all comes down to a six minute race. Are you going to prove yourself? If you’re not willing to give everything you’ve got, then go home!
—  A wise person who is yet anonymous

The boat is put to bed and so is this cycle of marathon training! Yesterday, Mike and my coach helped me get my rowing shell from the lake to the house and then hoisted up to it’s winter home- dangling from the ceiling of our garage. Every time I walk out the back door, I’ll be greeted with inspiration for winter training. 

I had been faithful with weight lifting for 5 years. In the second season of Ironman training. I just couldn’t keep up the volume, weight lift and recover well. It’s been two years since my last Ironman and I still haven’t returned to my previous schedule. I’ve had some spurts, but the last spurt was at least 3 months ago. Time to get those upper body muscles back! The minute Marine Corps Marathon is over, I’ll be a gym regular. 

Yesterday was also my last training run! Just two miles and honestly it felt kind of crappy. I tend to get stiff and running in the morning helps me move better all day. When I don’t run very much, I feel creaky and sore. No worries- 26.2 miles is plenty of time to warm up. And warm may be the operative word. Every time I look at the forecast it’s a few degrees warmer for race day. Whatever! I’m excited about the race and I’m excited for it to be over.