rowing shell

Nobody trains for second place. Especially when it come to rowing. Justify yourselves, rowers- You spend your spring break up at 6 am and spend every afternoon exhausting yourself. It all comes down to a six minute race. Are you going to prove yourself? If you’re not willing to give everything you’ve got, then go home!
—  A wise person who is yet anonymous

This summer, I decided to do something new that was totally out of my comfort zone. I wanted to meet some new people and I have always thought that rowing looked like a good balance between difficult and fun. In May, I joined Long Lake Rowing Club, signed up for lessons, and joined Masters Rowing. This week, I achieved my season goal of competently rowing my racing shell!!  I still have a lot to learn and will hopefully transition from learning to training by the end of the season. I absolutely love my Filippe racing shell and am so glad that I took the leap to buy it when I had the chance. My coach likens me learning to row in it like a teenager learning to drive in a Ferrari. I might be going in first gear but it sure is a lot of fun.

If you don’t like your life, then do something different! Maybe you can’t change your job or a home-life situation that you don’t like, but pick just one thing to do that‘s different and see what happens. It may give that feeling of control or excitement or accomplishment that can change how you feel about yourself or the rest of your life. And when you get tired of that thing, move on to something else! There are so many fun things to do. I still love running and biking- but having something different to do makes them feel fresher and more fun.

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how about the blue shell au for makorin since makorinweekly thing is video games.

tadaaah!  short but sweet(ish)

It’s not the shell that does it.  Or the fact that he’s lost the last six races.

No.  It’s the giggle.

The giggle that’s usually reserved for cute kittens and fluffy bunnies slips from Makoto’s lips just before Rin is once again slammed with that damn spiky blue pain in the ass shell.

He slowly turns his head, eyes widened in surprise, and drops his controller to the floor.

“You.”  Makoto finishes the race with a grin.  As pleased as can be at his seventh victory in a row.  “You blue shelled me.  Again.”  Makoto turns that brilliantly cheerful smile on him and Rin has to steel himself against the onslaught of fuzzy warmth and sunshine and happiness that threatens to overwhelm him.  Because he is not happy.  He is not warm and sunny.  He is frustrated and a little hurt.  “You blue shelled me.  And giggled about it.”

Makoto hums.  “Yeah.  I did.”  He brings up the racing menu and gives Rin a questioning look.  “Want to play again?”

Rin’s mouth drops open and he blinks in shock.  The jerk had just won seven in a row, blue shelling him each time, and still had the nerve to ask if he wanted to race again?  With that smile?  When Makoto nudges his knee he snaps out of it and returns his grin.

“I’ve got a better idea.”

Before Makoto can even respond Rin launches himself into Makoto’s lap and slips his fingers under his shirt, digging in along his sides where he knows Makoto is the most ticklish.  A high pitched squeak slips out as Makoto tries to move away, dropping his controller and knocking it under the bed, and only manages to fall onto his back with Rin sprawled on top of him, fingers still tickling away.

“Rin,” he whines, eyes squeezed shut, “no fair.”

“You blue shelling me at least once in each race isn’t fair either.  Suck it up.”