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Dream Daddy Does Not = Game Grumps

Hey guys and gals friendly reminder that Game Grumps are NOT the creative team behind Dream Daddy. The creators are completely different people. If you have qualms about Arin and Dan and their involvement in the game I have good news for you: They didn’t write it! They aren’t directing it! All they are doing is voice acting and publishing the game. 


Let’s make one thing clear, Taylor Swift fans are not livid over tour tickets, they were merely initially confused by this new pre-sale system. With time and research we’ve come to understand it better. The boosts were adjusted to increase fairness and this is not something worth a news article. It was a short misunderstanding and I don’t want to see it in the headlines.

the white crib (saints row IV)

hey, it’s me, DJ, your local overanalyzer and video game environment enthusiast. if you follow my twitter you’ve probably seen me gush about the environment design in saints row 2 a whole bunch, but i think some of the unique environments in saints row iv - i.e., the ones that weren’t just recycled wholesale from saints row: the third - are pretty interesting, too! unfortunately you only get to see some of them briefly or in specific contexts, so through the magic of game mods i wanted to revisit some of them for a closer look.

first up: the white house crib from the beginning of the game. for most of the time you’re here you’re either stuck on a single track or fighting off aliens, so there’s not a lot of time to look around. using mods or plain ol’ glitching, you can also get outside the white house and have a look around the game’s rendition of washington, dc. here we go (image heavy under the cut!):

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From Anime News Network: Voltage Establishes Anime, IP Department

Its been a while since i had a chance to blog and i am using my precious coffee break to write this so mind me if the caffeine/ fangirl excitement /study fatigue affects this messy rojak post!

Quick Summery from the site:

‘The Japanese romance app game company Voltage Inc. announced on Thursday that it established a new “Anime and IP Division” on May 1. The company established the division to capitalize and expand on the company’s existing properties in terms of selling merchandise, creating stage play and anime adaptations, releasing publications (such as manga or novels), and hosting events.’


Yessss!!!! Voltage is gonna make me poorer than i already am for your otome trash merch joke!!!!

There are a lot of otome games being adapted into anime like utapri (probably the most successful i can think of and gosh the live shows looks so good!!!) to most recently Kenka Banchou otome so it makes sense for Voltage to capitalised on this trend.

Also it will be great since with games like Love Scramble and SCM, where they got some of the well known VAs to voice some of our beloved voltage characters to reprised their roles if any of this games get an adaptation. Heck if they adapt SITS and release character CDs + soundtrack i’ll be preorder ready!!!!

Either ways, hopefully this is a win-win situation for us as more content whether it be games/anime/drama cd/plush toys (i want a Yuriko plushy from TLSL lolll yah that dead game is not gonna happen) etc but also for voltage this branch out will benefit them business wise!!!

Supercorp Headcanon #547

Kara has known about Lena for years. In Midvale, she’d followed every story about Superman and Lex Luthor, and researched Lex to exhaustion, hoping to find some information that could help her cousin bring him down for good. She never did, but she did read about Lex’s little sister Lena.

Despite the fact she was a few years younger, Kara couldn’t explain the connection she felt when she watched the press releases where the 13 year old girl stood behind her family and listened to her family make excuses. She shouldn’t feel anything at all for her, but…

Lena was adopted. She was smart, brilliant even, by Earth standards. And always, her brother took the majority of any spotlight they shared. Kara could relate, in ways she couldn’t articulate when Alex asked her why she was watching the annual Metropolis chess competition for the third year in a row.

When the news breaks that Superman finally brought down Lex Luthor, Kara’s first reaction isn’t pride– it’s sadness, for the girl who’s lost another piece of her family. And even though her research isn’t necessary (it never was), Kara continues to follow Lena in the news.

From her undergrad at MIT to her graduate program in Oxford, Lena’s brilliance continues to shine. The chess takes a backseat to engineering and physics, but even those are incredible too. When Lena joins a start up researching a cure for cancer, Kara smiles. She’d always wondered if the youngest Luthor was more Lena than Luthor, and now she has her answer, or so it seems. She watches Lena’s TEDtalk with rapt attention, thinking all the while that Lena would feel right at home in Krypton’s science guild. She fantasizes that they met in the guild, became friends– as close as Astra and Alura were.

That bubble bursts a few years later when it’s announced that Lena will be taking over LuthorCorp. Kara tells herself whatever parallels she saw back in high school were imagined. She would never feel a kinship with someone who chose family profit over cancer research. But when she walks into LuthorCorp’s brand new executive suite on Clark’s heels, Kara can’t help feel a little… star struck.

Lena Luthor is beautiful, and while not necessarily warm, she’s far from cold. There’s an earnestness in her that Lex always seemed to lack, even in press conferences and print interviews where he oozed charm and confidence all over the page.

As their friendship deepens, it’s easy for Kara to believe Lena is different from her family. It’s easy for her list off Lena’s accomplishments as proof, and easier still to say “I know you, Lena. Of course you would never do this.” Or that or any of the other myriad accusations lobbed in her direction.

It’s a little bit harder to explain the shoebox full of decade-old newspaper clippings she still keeps from her sleuthing days. The one that has the article she first found that mentioned Lena– the one she still adds to, when the papers finally get something right and highlight Lena’s altruism. But she does explain, and when Lena wraps her brain around it… she thinks it’s kind of cute.

Saints Row 2 Free As Saints Row IV And Gat Out Of Hell Arrive On GOG
Saints Row 2 Free As Saints Row IV And Gat Out Of Hell Arrive On GOG

Today GOG has announced that they are releasing Saints Row IV and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell onto their marketplace today. This means that GOG users will now have access to every Saints Row title through their service, DRM-Free. Saints Row IV continues the story of the Saints gang now that…

I hate lies so I hope that Harry isn’t the one who’s lying

Cause it’s just disgusting. The whole situation. How H tells Nick he doesn’t know Camille Rowe and was “dating” Tess just a few months ago and then Camille’s mom says they’ve been dating for a year. Someone here is clearly lying and I hope it’s not H cause I’d be very disappointed 😔

I just want to trust him.

I hope this whole Hamille thing is just a temporary pr. Not because I dislike Camille (I don’t) but because it’d be the least disgusting explanation
Perspective | Support grows for small agency with big reach on Trump’s budget death row
The Institute of Museum and Library Services, slated for elimination by the Trump administration, supports education and cultural resources around the nation.

You can spell out the Institute of Museum and Library Services, but the recognition won’t be much better.

Yet this small federal agency has extensive reach across the country, supporting educational and cultural activities for people who will never know how those experiences are funded.

They should enjoy them while they can.