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you’re fishing up a storm you’re fishing up a storm you’re fishing up a storm

so that timed quest

Listen I get this whole “Ohhh your possible future as Batman is bad because it’s so dramatic” cautionary tale thing and all but I get so offended every time they make Tim a bad/evil Batman? Like Tim would be the BEST Batman out of all the Robins. He’s the most like Bruce out of all of them, he’s probably the best version of what Bruce was trying to get in a successor regarding balance of characteristics. He’ll do a GREAT job as Batman. It’s a small thing, but it’s another reminder to how underrated Tim is.


…remember when DC didn’t mischaracterize their own character?

Little Tumblr Things I Love

a non-comprehensive list of things that happen on tumblr that always tickle me:

  • when you get a nice anonymous message, reply to it, and then OTHER PEOPLE LIKE THE POST. like… other people just like this compliment and my gratitude!!! does this mean they agree with the compliment? do they want to re-read this? why?? IDK but i love it.
  • when it is clear that someone has a tag for your writing– you go to read the tags and they mention you!! by name!! and its like… they know who you are. They have a tag! like they might want to find all your stuff later!!
  • when it is clear someone has just GONE THROUGH YOUR BLOG and either liked or reblogged a shitton of stuff all in a row. they liked your blog long enough to stay on it for a while!
  • when someone follows you and you pop over to see their blog and they have NONE OF THE SAME INTERESTS (at least on their blog) like… they are a hannibal blog and you don’t post ANY hannibal but they are following you anyway! that’s always p freaking awesome. 
  • when people you haven’t had the chance to chat with still reply with nice comments on your posts or ask you things when you post ask games like… i am so shy about doing that but NICE PEOPLE JUST DO IT! AND ITS AWESOME!
  • when people reblog your post and add @s for their friends. like direct recommendation to their friends. thats awesome. 
  • when you assume people are only following for the fic (or art or meta; for me I assume fic) but then you write a personal post about how you have been in the hospital or are sick and you feel bad for being personal on your blog but then PEOPLE ARE NICE ABOUT THAT TOO and reply or like the post and stuff. that’s pretty cool when you think about it. 

look there are more, i’m sure, and obviously there are the big ones like “straight up send nice messages” and “reblog with long, rambling, nice tags” but these are the smaller things that always make me smile and so just… if you have done any one of these: THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have made my tumblr experience better and I hope I have somehow done the same for you.